Survey’s That Pay


Everyone asks if you can really get paid to take survey’s and the answer is YES!!! Most time’s the way it works is you sign up, provide information about yourself and your life, and the provider will send you survey’s that you qualify for. Now keep in mind, you often get paid based on the length of the survey. Most times it’s $1 for every 10 minutes. Its not a lot of money, but if you really need extra cash, you can do this vs playing candy crush.

Also, you have to wait for them to send you survey’s so its great to sign up with a few different providers, you just want to make sure they are legit ones!!

My favorites are: ((click the survey name to sign up))

Survey Savvy 

Paid View Point


Ibotta  (discounts and cash back on groceries at your choice of stores!)

Inbox Dollars

Fusion Cash

One of the great things is you can usually do these from your phone, and you can also share them with other people too!!!

Another thing I love is Survey Savvy usually has an opportunity for you to participate in a study program. For instance right now, by letting them monitor your shopping habits for 6 weeks, you can earn $150. That’s a nice chunk of change just for letting them watch what you buy (as long as you dont buy illegal things online lol).

Now Swagbucks is a tad different in that you get paid for doing surveys, taking polls, and other tasks. Also for shopping!!

Go sign up for these, especially Survey Savvy right now so you can participate in their Holiday Bonus!!!





10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

Having your own business is exciting! But it also can be scary and a bit overwhelming. I know I still sometimes feel over my head and I’ve been doing this for years! As a Mom, you have to take care of the house, the family, etc but now you also have this business you need to build, develop, and nurture. How do you manage everything?? One of my best tips is a good planner, and prioritizing things. Another thing I do, is find ways to easily promote my business that doesn’t require much work on my part! Here are 10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business that might really help you have some time freedom.


10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

1) Send Out Samples : Now, make sure you do not waste money and just send them to everyone! I only send these to people who I know are very interested, and they have already learned everything about my company. I also send samples to people who are going to refer customers to me, so they can have a good opinion on the products. Another way I send samples is if people will try them, and then share about them on social media or with close friends….in that way, my sample is bringing me a lot more contacts!

2) Leave Business Cards On Bulletin Boards (doctors office, banks, dentist, vets office, etc) : If you look in many local businesses, they have places where you can leaves cards or catalogs or things. Most small business owners are happy to support each other and won’t mind you leaving things. Places where parents go often are good choices too (Karate, dance, gymnastics, etc).

3) Have a label on your car : This might not work for everyone and every business, but it could be good for you! When I was a kid, my dad and grandfather owned a construction business. They stayed booked all the time by word of mouth! They had a label on their cars, and put one up in the yards of houses they worked on. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to build your customer base!

4) Have a Google Ad : If your budget is tight, this might not be for you. If you have extra money put aside to build your business, then this could be great! I personally have used them a few times with great results.

5) Leave Post Cards everywhere you go (Starbucks, Restaurants, etc) : When I eat out, I usually leave my business post card with the tip! If you ask, many stores won’t mind if you leave a few on the table too for the next guest! (always ask first!)

6) Offer incentives for referrals : Every once in awhile I will do a free gift for people who send referrals my way! This is a great way for me to get a lot of new contacts…without much effort on my part. Plus, when it’s a friend of a friend, people are more likely to show interest.

7) Embrace Social Media…in the RIGHT way : Over 70% of people get on social media at least 5 times a day! It’s a great way to meet people, promote your products, get new business partners, customers, etc. But, it has to be done the right way! People are tired of scrolling through social media and seeing “buy this, buy that” all the time. Either do it as a page or group, it is actually against most social media polices to sell things on your personal page. A social media class can be a great way to learn the basics. Many of these are scams I’ve found, so always make sure they personally have a good following (how can they teach you to be successful, if they aren’t?) and look for a lot of success testimonials from people they have trained. Many will allow you one free class to see if you like it before enrolling.

8) Participate in Fundraisers : School, charities, events, festivals all look for sponsors! Especially around the spring, summer and fall. Also places where kids put on performances and have programs. Another one is school gyms, many will allow you to hang a banner for a fee.

9) Look into local advertising : Local advertising can be a great resource! Many towns have magazines, websites, social media pages that keep people up to date on the town, but also offer special deals!

10) Have customer appreciate nights where they win prizes for bringing a guest : Make your customers feel appreciated, and not only will they keep coming back but they will bring others! Do a fun night to thank them for shopping with you, and offer a gift if they bring some friends.


Remember, owning a business can be tough, but following a few of these simple rules will allow your business to keep growing! And one of the best ways for your business to grow is by word of mouth!




Christmas Shopping Catalog

Christmas is coming!!! For many people that can be a stressful time of the year as you have to find time to SHOP! I don’t know about you, but shopping with 3 kids is no easy task! I’d much rather spend my time making cooking or checking out Christmas lights. And I’m sure many busy Moms are just like me! Soooooo, I found a way to help people save time on their Holiday Shopping, AND support small business owners at the same time!

For the past few years, I’ve had the honor of helping small business owners over the Holidays with getting their products out to more people! Last year we did a Christmas Shopping Catalog that was viewed by over 100,000 people!! This year Christmas Advertising will be even bigger and better!


This was special to me because not only did it help busy people with their Christmas shopping, but it also encouraged people to shop from small business owners. And they could easily share the catalog with all their friends and family too!!!  My goal is to encourage more and more people to shop from small business owners, instead of a large corporation!

2017 (3)

When you shop from a small business owner, you are helping a Mom be able to stay home with her kids. You are helping a family take a vacation. You are enabling parents to start putting money aside for their kids college education. You are helping people not stress about spending extra this Christmas season. It’s so important to help small businesses be successful as that puts more money back into the economy!! I encourage everyone to shop for at least one item from a small business owner this Holiday Season. And encourage your friends and family to do the same.


Our Christmas Catalog will help with that! It will be emailed out to all our website and facebook followers starting in November! You also have the option to join our online group and post in there during November and December (must purchase a full page ad, or the group add on option below).

Want to be listed in our Christmas Catalog???

  • You can receive a quarter ad, half sheet, or full sheet ad to broadcast your products/business!
  • You also receive FREE Advertising In Our Private Group If You Buy A Full Page Ad! (Over 9,000 members!)
  • Only two reps per company will be allowed (Only one rep if they get a full page ad!)
  • The Christmas Catalog will be shared in multiple groups, websites, and social media sites every day during November and December
  • Christmas Catalog will be viewed by approximately 15,000 viewers from our website, 56,000 viewers from our Facebook Page, 9,000 from our private group and 20,000 viewers from our Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter Followers and multiple other social media sites.

Choose your ad size below, and after checking out, make sure to email us ( ) ASAP to confirm your spot!



Ad Size

Want To Advertise JUST In Our Private Group?

Advertise your Holiday Deals During November and December to over 9,000 members in our private group!

Only two reps per company allowed for Christmas Advertising.


Company Name And Email Address







Email with any questionsfull-page-ad




Do’s and Don’ts Of Direct Sales

When someone mentions direct sales in conversation, I see people cringe! That is crazy to me as Direct Sales Companies have been around MANY years and are such a great way to earn an income. Yet the reason people cringe… media has gone direct sale crazy! Every time I scroll through my newsfeed, I see a gazillion posts claiming people are earning great money posting online, or have a magic product to solve all your needs. That is why people cringe! Or the best….when you get a friend request from someone you haven’t seen in 10 years, and they instantly ask you if you want to buy something from them. AWKWARD!

Do’s and Don’ts Of Direct Sales


I personally have worked in direct sales for 5 years. It has allowed me to pay off my school loans, buy a beautiful home, send my kids to extra curricular activities, go on vacation, buy a fence for our yard, build a HUGE back deck, even pay off my car!! The list goes on and on! Needless to say, I love direct sales!!! But to be successful in it, you have to do it the RIGHT way! That means getting off social media, getting outside your comfort zone, talking to people, and building relationships. One quote I have always loved, is “sell the problem you solve, not a product”. This is so true! Stop trying to sell things, and start listening to what people need!

Do's and Don'ts Of Direct Sales


One reason I have this blog is because I’m a firm believer in not everything works for every person. I make a really good income in my job, but I don’t poach my friends and bug them to do this with me! I have friends in many other direct sales companies and we all respect each other, and our businesses! Yes we help each other out and buy from each other, but we don’t spam, don’t bash other companies, or pressure people. I think one of the main things you need to be successful in a work from home business is class. It goes a long way! Here are a few more of my Do’s and Don’ts of direct sales.


Things NOT to Do…..

Spam People This is such a big way to lose potential customers! A few things that make it spam…messaging someone asking them to buy/host a party/share a post. Friend requesting a person and immediately asking them to try your product, or adding them to your group. Joining a group and posting “buy my products” non stop. Posting about your products on social media multiple times a day. All this is spamming. Direct sales is about sharing and advertising in a respectful and classy manner.

Be Fake Gotta love when that person you haven’t talked to in 10 years invites you to their online party, you shop from them, then never hear from them again. Or the first time you reconnect with an old friend on facebook, they message you with “hey, you have to try my magic product…” Or the best! “lets meet for coffee” and then they pull out their inventory for you to shop on the spot. No No No No!! Be sincere! If you are reconnecting with an old friend, don’t you dare mention your company! If they ask what you do, share in a few words then move on. If they want to know more, they will ask YOU! I may eventually (like months after we have reconnected if the relationship is in a good place

Tell Lies This is another I see often in direct sales. Many people live with the motto “Fake it til you make it” No, just NO! Be honest!!! If your business is just getting started, don’t say you are making tons of money. Say “I’m just getting started but hope to earn a great, full time, income one day!” Or another is “get paid to post on social media”….yep that’s another no no! Unless you are really getting paid, by social media, then don’t say it like that! Say “sell products and get paid” because you really only get paid when the products sell! Or “my team is growing like crazy” when in reality they have one person who is REALLY working the business side.

Do's and Don'ts Of Direct Sales

No income claims, no fake lifestyles…that can hurt people if they think they can quit their job and earn big bucks right away. Be honest, have integrity, and always remember to present yourself and your company in a positive and truthful way. ((You can also get in SERIOUS trouble from your company for doing these things. It’s against the policies of the Federal Trade Commission))

((Always ask to see what someone has earned for the past year! I found many people will show you their biggest check, but not their smallest. Or even their average for a year! Always ask. I got tricked myself because of this so make sure you see what they are truly earning before doing business with them. It also shows you if they are a truthful person or not!))

Be Rude You think this would be common sense in life…but nope! Be respectful to people! If you just start a new business, do not right away message every person you know! I’ve been a work from home Mom for 5 years and I always find it funny the people who have NEVER supported my business, but are the FIRST to ask me to buy from them. Karma people! Also, kindness is just something we need more of! In every situation, use kindness! If someone doesn’t want to work with you, that’s ok! If you ask someone for details on what they do, always respond even if it’s to say “no thank you”. Remember to treat other business owners how you would want to be treated!

Company Jump Yes it can be hard to find a good company to work for, but what I see all the time is people jump from one to the other to see where they can make a big buck fast. It can take 5 years to build a successful business, and each time you jump, you lose potential customers! I personally don’t buy from people who do this, nor would I ever sign up to be a business partner with someone like that. The reason is, they are supposed to train me, but what if they jump to another shiny new company? I’m left all alone! Build a reputation! Build it slow and steady. Be the type of person people trust and want to work with.

Don’t Work For Multiple Direct Sales A few reasons behind this and a whole blog coming on the topic. One reason, it’s not allowed! Just about every company out there has a policy on it if you take the time to research and learn. Some do allow you to work for more than one, BUT you can’t post them both on your social media accounts, or have products that are similar. Many also do not allow you to recruit business partners if you work for multiple companies. The reason is, your time would be split training two teams and people would be neglected. It also tells people you aren’t making a good income if you have to work two jobs. Most people don’t want to work two jobs! Pick one!! The more time you work toward building it, the more successful you will be!


Things To Do….


Share what you LOVE. This is what can be amazing about direct sales! You get an inside review from people you trust! The other day I was thinking of buying something, so the first thing I did was ask my friends for their opinions on it! Direct sales gives you a chance to buy an amazing product, from someone who loves it enough to sell it as their job, and you also can show support of your friend, instead of a giant corporation where the CEO could care less if you shop from them. Share your products, why you love them, why other people love them, why you choose to sell them, why you love the company. Share, don’t sell!

Do's and Don'ts Of Direct Sales

Utilize social media respectfully. Starbucks make over a million dollars in one day with their unicorn drink being posted on social media. That shows you social media is a powerful tool! If used the correct way. People were sharing the drink, what they thought of it, how it truly tasted….none of them were trying to sell it! Remember that, when you share something, it work’s much better then selling. A few tips on social media (I’ll keep it short as I could go on all day about this!)…

Don’t over post! Social media experts recommend 1-3 times a day to post. Too much and it’s seen as spam and less and less people will actually see your posts. Too few and you aren’t relivent.

Use the 90/10 rule. 90% of my posts never have anything to do with my business. It’s just my life! 10% might be about my work, or the lifestyle I’m thankful for. It’s better to do less business otherwise people will unfollow you, then they will never see a single post!

Present yourself in a positive manner. If you are using social media to find customers or business partners, make sure your social media presence is uplifting, positive, respectful, and drama free. Try not to complain (yes life is tough but you can share in a good way such as “I had a rough day but I’m thankful to know tomorrow will be better”). Try to focus on the positive in every situation. People do NOT want to work with those that complain all the time, it will bring them down to! Create a social media presence that other people would want to be a part of. Social media gives you an inside peak in someone’s lives, so it lets them know if that is a life they want to be apart of. Make sure your pictures

Invest in your business A lot of time I hear from people who say they want a job that won’t cost them a dime, and that is just NOT realistic. Especially if you are building your own business! I first started working from home as a personal trainer, and every 2 years I pay a hefty chunk to renew that certification! Most jobs do require some type of costs, and that’s ok as it’s an investment! Just make sure it is a realistic investment. I see a lot of work from home jobs that charge you $500-$1000 or more to join….that is NOT very relastic. One thing I always ask those people is how long did it take you to make that back? Ask that questions, request proof! Don’t just throw down your credit card. Things I do encourage….small thank you gifts for customers. It could be as simple as just a card, but something to show you appreciate them. Also, offer fun deals if it helps you get close to your goal! For example, one of my friends sells jewelry and was close to a $500 bonus. She offered each purchase over $50 a free ring. It cost her $25 to do that, but she got her bonus so yes she was out a total of $100, but she pocketed $400 in her bonus plus more from commission. That is a good investment! Also things like social media training’s (make sure you use LEGIT ones, the new popular thing is for people to claim to be a social media expert and teach you how to succeed when in reality they themselves aren’t successful), networking events, ways to advertise your business, those are all good investments!

Set Long Term and Short Term Goals This is something I highly encourage with people I work with! Decide each month what your goal is, but also set a long term goal. For example if you are brand new with a company, your short term goal might be 10 customers your first month. Your long term goal for a year from now might be 50 customers plus 5 people to work with business with you. The short term goal helps you focus each month, and the long term goals gives you something to keep pushing for plus lets you know what your progress is. I also recommend sharing your goals with something so they can help hold you accountable and can give you tips and a push when you need it!

Be Realistic Work From Home jobs are NOT get rich quick jobs. In fact, they often take more take to start pulling in a good income. BUT! What if you worked hard for 2 years, and then for the next 40 years, you are your own boss! Wouldn’t that be worth it??? I think so! This summer my family took 3 different vacations! Each day with my kids, we did whatever we wanted! I have that flexibility not because I am lucky, but because I’m willing to work harder than anyone else to hit my goals. That is what is takes to be successful working from home….hard work! You also need to be able to see the long term benefits. Many people focus on instant gratification and don’t think about where they could be 2, 5, or 10 years from now!

Use Manners You would think this is common sense, but nope! In the past 5 years, I have encountered it ALL! People standing me up, asking for free stuff then pulling a vanishing act, asking for information and then never responding, even people asking me to buy from them, but never once asking what I do….you name it, I’ve seen it haha. It still shocks me so one thing I tell everyone, treat others how you would want to be treated! Yes I am always happy to help someone in a new business, but please remember to do the same! Treat social media the same as talking in person! If someone messages you, don’t ignore them, just say no thank you. Never ever ever bug people. If they say no, respect them and walk away! Manners will get you so far! Be classy, don’t start drama, be negative….be so positive that people want to be around you all the time! Trust me, how you act rubs off on others!


Remember direct sales are a wonderful way to earn an income, if you do them the right way!


And for everyone who dislikes direct sales, still support your friend! You never have to buy from them to support them1


10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil

If you have followed my blog for awhile, then you know health and wellness is one thing I am very passionate about! It started years ago after I battled an eating disorder and learned I’d rather be healthy and strong, then skinny. Many years later, I am so thankful I learned that lesson as one of the joys of an autoimmune disease can be weight gain. No matter what you do. Funny part is though, that no longer bothers me. 10 years ago? Oh yes!! Big time!! But now my battle is on a deeper level as I work every day to keep my body from giving in to this horrible disease. It’s kinda crazy how such a bad situation, can help you focus on what really matters!


As I work each day to help my body fight this disease, I’ve come across many interesting way to use natural ingredients to improve your health. One of those is coconut oil! I heard of it a few years ago, mostly when people talked about “oil pulling” but when I began to be very careful with what I eat, I discovered coconut oil was a great alternative for butter and oils! The more I used it, the more I found other benefits it had!! At first, I wasn’t sure I could use it as I can’t stand coconut, but it doesn’t have that strong of a taste to me and blends well with foods!

10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil

10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil

One of the top benefits I learned coconut oil has is with heart health!

“Coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats. Saturated fats not only increase the healthy cholesterol (known as HDL cholesterol) in your body, but also help convert the LDL “bad” cholesterol into good cholesterols. By Increasing the HDL in the body, it helps promote heart health and lower the risk of heart disease.”


“Coconut is full of diverse health benefits from protecting against heart diseases to preventing tooth decay! … Protect against heart disease by increasing good cholesterol and lowering the ratio of bad and good cholesterol. Helps treat malnutrition because it is easy to digest and absorb.”

10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Some of the other top benefits of coconut oil are:

  • Balance Hormones
  • Burns Fat
  • Improves Cholesterol
  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Improves Energy
  • Better Digestion
  • Boost Immune System
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Reduces Hair Loss And Damage


Those are a lot of benefits just by using coconut oil! Its easy to add it into your daily use, not very expensive, and you can use it in many different ways! My person favorite is I cook my meats and veggies in it! I don’t use butter anymore, but really this tastes much better to me! Plus it has so many healthy side effects. Here are some other suggestions on how you can use it….

  • Cream for your coffee! I know this sounds weird, but a spoonful of coconut oil along with a little vanilla extract….tastes AMAZING!
  • Sautéing your foods using coconut oil! I also spread some of it on a baking dish when I cook fish or chicken in the oven!
  • Smoothie- add a tablespoon or two to a smoothie!
  • Toast- I make gluten free bread from time to time and I learned that coconut oil actually tastes better on it then butter!
  • Sweet Potato Topping- 1 Tablespoon coconut oil plus some cinnamon goes great on a baked sweet potato
  • Popcorn- Most people put butter on it, but you can also do coconut oil instead!
  • Cooking- When a recipe calls for oil, you can substitute it for coconut oil instead!
  • Lip Balm! You can find recipes online on how to make homemade lip balm using coconut oil!
  • Homemade Toothpaste- I’m not a fan of making stuff myself (not enough time) but with coconut oil, if you have the time, you can make just about any of your personal care products!
  • Oil Pulling- This is a very popular one as it helps improve the health of your mouth just by swishing coconut oil! You do have to do it for awhile though…..
  • Energy Pick Me Up- a spoonful of coconut oil and some chia seeds make for a great afternoon energy increase!


As you can see, coconut oil has a ton of benefits and can be used in many different ways! Of course if you don’t like any of those, you can always just eat a spoonful of it and call it a day! My favorite place to buy coconut oil is Aldi’s! Its cheap, organic, and right around the corner from my house! If you don’t have an Aldi’s near you, more stores are beginning to carry it! Just look for an organic or natural brand, and compare prices! Thrive Market online is another place you can get a good quality one, or stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Here are a few I like…10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Viva Natural Organic Coconut Oil

Simply Nature Coconut Oil

Sky Organics Coconut Oil

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil



Give it a try and see what you think!