15 Ways To Earn Cash For Christmas

As the Holiday’s approach, many parents get stressed over HOW they will pay for presents! I hate to hear that because the Holiday’s are supposed to be about joy, and fun….not stress!!! One tip I recommend to parents, put away money every month to prepare for Christmas! Just $25 a month would be $300 come Holiday Season!!!


Another tip I recommend is shopping year round. I know that sounds weird, but coming from the retail world, often times stores will up prices around the Holiday’s because they know you are going to buy!!! I keep an eye out year round for sales on things and then have a big box in my closet I can store little gifts in! We also try and stay realistic at the Holiday’s. I don’t know if you are like me, but I want to buy my kids tons of stuff!!! I have to remind myself they don’t need a lot of things, and most of it will be ignored after a few weeks anyways! I let them make a list of some things they really, really, really, REALLY want, and then a list of things they would just like to have. That allows me to weed it down! I also keep a list of things they have asked for during the year and I’ve said “No” you have to wait haha.


At the end of the day, remember the best gift you can give your kids is being there for them, being happy and stress free, and having FUN! My kids love going to look at lights, having a fire and smores, and camping out in our living room! They also LOVE making hand made gifts for family members. Things that don’t cost money, are usually things they love the most!


If you know the Holiday Season will be stressful, start planning now!!!! Don’t wait til the week before to shop and stress over how to have money, prepare ahead of time and have an easy Holiday Shopping Time!!

Earn cash for Christmas

Take Online Survey’s To Earn A Few Bucks!

These do not pay a lot, but if you start now and do a few a week, you can have some extra spending money come Christmas!

Survey Savvysurveys

Paid Viewpoint



Ibotta  (discounts and cash back on groceries at your choice of stores!)

Inbox Dollars

Fusion Cash

Phone Apps

Here are a few phone apps you can download and get paid when you use them!


Check Points

Make Money




Other Ways To Earn Some Money….

Amazon MTurk: Complete tasks and get paid for them! Each task will pay you thanks to Amazon!

Clickworker: similar to MTurk in that you complete tasks and get paid for them. Tasks vary from data entry, surveys, image captioning and more.

Humanatic: You listen to calls and place them by their importance for the company.

Field Agent: Allows you to make money by completing short tasks

GigWalk: Mobile workforce that allows individuals to use their smart phone to perform and get paid for tasks

Viggle: With this app you can get paid when you check in for watching TV shows, commercials, or ads!


Or start your own business!! It’s easy, it’s fun, it gives you a great income, and you are your own boss! You have tons of choices!!! I personally work for an online grocery store, but you can do things like share makeup, nail wraps, workout programs, food, jewelry etc. Check out our Work From Home Directory for more options




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