Why Do You Blog??

Why do so many people blog??? A few reasons we will talk about. One is it’s a good income, though for most it takes years! Another reason is it’s a great stress reliever! It’s also fun way to share your ideas. And many people can test products for free if they write reviews for them!why blog


The first thing that shocks people is they can get paid for it. Yes you can, but keep in mind for most people this takes 1-4 years time as you have to build up followers. Most companies require 10,000-100,000 followers for a 6 month period before they will put ads on your page.  My blog hit that range within 60 days, but I worked my butt off during that time.

can you get paid to blog

The first thing to do if that is your goal, is NOT to focus on money. Instead you need to be yourself, have a plan on what you would like to talk about, and be consistent with your blogging. Before you publish your blog, go ahead and write out 3-12 articles. Make sure you have engaging pictures to go with each one. Once you have that done, you can publish 2-3 a week your first month and spend time focusing on networking.


Join blog parties each day if you can and share your articles, plus check out other bloggers with great content. This is a great (although time consuming) way to get followers from people you don’t know. Each time you publish an article, make sure you also share it on social media. Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter are the best ones to use. Utilize hashtags that describe what you are talking about.


Once you have a good following, you can start doing product reviews. Remember not to “sell out” and keep most of your blog fun! Talk about your week, share funny stories of things your kids did. Share recipes or crafts. Most important, remember to be yourself!! Blogging should be a fun way of talking about life, and if it beings in an income, that is a huge bonus 😉


Stay The Course And Achieve

People tell me all the time how I am “supermom” and I have it all together. Well, that is so not true!!! I struggle just like everyone else, but I have found ways to push through the rough days to achieve my goals and enjoy my day!


unnamed (1)Every Mom understands how mentally and physically exhausting being a parent is. It’s not like a normal job where you can fire your employees for not listening haha. Kids don’t listen on a daily basis and that drains you! I have no solution for how to make kids listen, BUT I so have a solution for not letting it ruin your day!!


Instead of letting that drain me, I have a talk with my kids about the good times they listened during that day and how proud I was of them for those times. We then agree to strive toward those good listening times again and when I notice one, I reward with lots of praise! I remind myself its just part of them being kids!! It doesn’t make me a bad parent, or them bad kids! It’s normal and it’s ok!!!


We also get lots of activity in and find new ways for them to have fun. Kids love new things!!! I alternate some of their toys and puzzles and craft items too so they feel like its “new” and they have more excitement to play with it!!!


unnamed (4)When I have a rough day, my first instinct is to Netflix binge watch when the kids go to bed. That’s my work time so I have to choose, relax or work! And I’m not going to lie, lots of days I go for the Netflix haha. On a day that is looking rough, I start making my list of things that HAVE to get done that day. I also prioritize them by which is the most important and I stick that list by my computer. I don’t open facebook, pinterest, email, or any other distracting tabs that will keep me from my work. Once I cross one thing off my list, I go to another!


Cutting the distractions, having a list, and knowing I get to relax at the end help me stay focus! I also remember my goals and how hard I have worked! Right now my income alone is paying for our new house closing, plus appliances, moving expenses, and new things for the house. That is a good motivator right there!!!


Remember we are all humans and parenting is tough! Working from home is tough! Combine them together and you are an amazing and hardworking individual! Stick to your goals and remember to cut yourself some slack. Netflix, wine, and chocolate are needed by everyone sometimes.