2017 Goals

When the New Year arrives, a very popular trend you will see is people setting 2017 goals. But the reality is, most those goals are punishment and not something you look forward to doing! Losing weight, cleaning your house, being more organized….YAWN and BORING! The point of goals is to motivate you to improve your life and be happier. Not dread the goal so much that you are actually happy you failed it!!!

2017 Goals

2017 Goals

This year, work on goals that are good for you, but also you will enjoy doing! If weight loss is your goal, make it fun! Join a class with a friend, learn to cook healthy recipes that taste good, get outside while you exercise, make it something that is not miserable! Life is short, you don’t need to make yourself miserable to live a healthy life! If you are improving your finances, take a class to learn how to do it with a friend! Get creative on how to save and reward yourself with free to do activities (there are so many in most areas, you just have to look!).

Find ways to make yourself happier in 2017. Drop people that are negative and toxic! Even if they are family members, life is to short to have people around you that suck out the joy. It’s a freeing feeling to say BYE BYE to the negative nellies! Look for ways to help others. Give back where you can! Find a fun hobby you can do that will make you happy.

Life is short, make 2017 the best year yet and leave the miserable resolutions in the past!

5 Types Of Goals To Set For 2017
1) Something that will improve your health
2) Something that will improve your finances
3) Something that will make you happy
4) Something that will allow you to help others
5) Something that will be fun

2017 Goals


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