Fab Hair For Mom’s

Mom life usually means you are running in a gazillion different directions, on little sleep, with lots on your mind. Gone are the days where all you had to worry about was going to the gym after work, or going out with your friends. Now, I have a to do list in every room so I can remember all that has to be done! With all we have to do, there is little time left for US! I don’t know about you, but in my house, the kids get new clothes multiple times a year while I still wear stuff from before having kids! (I won’t even tell you how old my kids are so you won’t laugh at the age of some of my clothes!!) And let’s not forget the Mom bun! Most of us are pros at rocking that look! I don’t mind most of the time, but if I could find an easy and cheap way to look put together in 5 minutes, I am all for it!

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom’s

My good friend Brittany contacted me with a perfect solution! She works for a company called Lilla Rose which is amazing hair accessories! Items ranging from fancy bobby pins, to clips to headbands. A little of everything! Their goal is to help people have put together hair pretty quickly……and it looks super stylish! I was excited to do a product review as most Mom’s are always throwing their hair up in a rushed, messy, bun. For me, whenever I do that, I always notice hair falling out with the hair-tie, or hair getting broken. What’s a Mom to do though?!?! We can’t spend time everyday styling our hair! These great hair accessories take all the work out!

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom's

The one I am reviewing is called the Flexi Clip! It can be worn in multiple different ways from a half ponytail, to a full ponytail, a braid, even a bun! They come in 6 different sizes….which means they are also perfect for kids!! It definitely takes the boring ponytail, and gives it more LIFE! It also was super easy to do! Just brush your hair and stick  it in! They even have a whole section on their website with VIDEOS to show you how to size, different styles, and how to do your hair!! I don’t know about you, but when something is that easy, and looks that great, it’s a must have for me! Plus, no more breaking of your hair, no more pulling your hair out, no more popping hair ties when you put them in, and it gives you a more put together look! I also love these as I am NOT a hair and makeup person, but my 6 year old daughter loves looking girly! Thanks to those videos, I have a ton of new ideas on how to do her hair, and they are all super easy! I recommend everyone giving these a try….especially if you are a busy Mom like me who doesn’t have much time on your hands. And if you have girls who love having their hair done!


Fab Hair For Moms

Fab Hair For Moms

There is also a great business opportunity for anyone looking for a little extra cash. They have three different price point options for you to get started with that all include things like catalogs, hair accessories, business cards, style sheets and more. Of course what you get in your kit depends on which kit you buy but what I thought was really cool, was you get at least 20 different hair accessories which is over 50% off! So even if you just wanted the product discount, the business kit is a good deal!

Fab Hair For Mom'sHere are some awesome benefits from working with this company:

  1. Free Personalized Website
  2. Starting Commission of at Least 30%
  3. Beautiful Ready, Set, Style business kit with a value of $300 in accessories, business materials, start up guide and Stylist Manual.
  4. No minimum sales requirement to begin earning.
  5. No Fees
  6. No Inventory Requirement
  7. Yearly sales requirement of only $30 to remain active.
  8. Free Weekly Training Calls
  9. Responsive and Supportive Home Office
  10. Supportive, Helpful, Highly Active Stylist Facebook Groups


22751927_10214240929287818_1542564104_nHere is a little about my friend Brittany and why she picked this company to work with….I love her story!


“I became a stylist for Lilla Rose in December of 2013, with encouragement from my mother in law who was a stylist and thought it would be fun to do together. She has given me a Flexi clip, and I quickly fell in love with it! I’ve never been great at doing my hair, so having pretty clips that were comfortable and easy to use was perfect for me. I could do a simple hairstyle with a gorgeous Flexi and it looked cute with minimal effort! The flexies didn’t break my hair like elastic bands did, and they were way more comfortable than my plastic claw clips. My mother in law and I did lots of craft shows together and it was SO much fun. Over the years I’ve grown to love all of the other accessories and the business part too. Since having my first baby in January, my little business is helping me be able to work from home and be with my son. He comes with me to craft shows and home parties, and he’s usually on my lap for live videos on my Facebook group. He’s my adorable little sidekick!”

How great is that? A fun job where you can take your kid with you to work!

Brittany has been so kind as to offer a FREE Flexi Clip to one of our followers! Here are the steps to enter to win!

Join her private group HERE

Fill Out this form HERE

And pick which style is your favorite from her website HERE and post it in her group!

Follow those steps and you will be entered to WIN!

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom's

Fab Hair For Mom's


Survey’s That Pay


Everyone asks if you can really get paid to take survey’s and the answer is YES!!! Most time’s the way it works is you sign up, provide information about yourself and your life, and the provider will send you survey’s that you qualify for. Now keep in mind, you often get paid based on the length of the survey. Most times it’s $1 for every 10 minutes. Its not a lot of money, but if you really need extra cash, you can do this vs playing candy crush.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Also, you have to wait for them to send you survey’s so its great to sign up with a few different providers, you just want to make sure they are legit ones!!

My favorites are: ((click the survey name to sign up))

Survey Savvy 

Paid View Point


Inbox Dollars

Fusion Cash

Cash Crate

Phone Apps That Pay:

Dosh (cell phone app for discounts and cash back on purchases. Link your credit card to get cash back right away)

Ibotta  (discounts and cash back on groceries at your choice of stores!)


One of the great things is you can usually do these from your phone, and you can also share them with other people too!!!

Another thing I love is Survey Savvy usually has an opportunity for you to participate in a study program. For instance right now, by letting them monitor your shopping habits for 6 weeks, you can earn $150. That’s a nice chunk of change just for letting them watch what you buy (as long as you dont buy illegal things online lol).

Now Swagbucks is a tad different in that you get paid for doing surveys, taking polls, and other tasks. Also for shopping!!

Go sign up for these, especially Survey Savvy right now so you can participate in their Holiday Bonus!!!





10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

Having your own business is exciting! But it also can be scary and a bit overwhelming. I know I still sometimes feel over my head and I’ve been doing this for years! As a Mom, you have to take care of the house, the family, etc but now you also have this business you need to build, develop, and nurture. How do you manage everything?? One of my best tips is a good planner, and prioritizing things. Another thing I do, is find ways to easily promote my business that doesn’t require much work on my part! Here are 10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business that might really help you have some time freedom.


10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

1) Send Out Samples : Now, make sure you do not waste money and just send them to everyone! I only send these to people who I know are very interested, and they have already learned everything about my company. I also send samples to people who are going to refer customers to me, so they can have a good opinion on the products. Another way I send samples is if people will try them, and then share about them on social media or with close friends….in that way, my sample is bringing me a lot more contacts!

2) Leave Business Cards On Bulletin Boards (doctors office, banks, dentist, vets office, etc) : If you look in many local businesses, they have places where you can leaves cards or catalogs or things. Most small business owners are happy to support each other and won’t mind you leaving things. Places where parents go often are good choices too (Karate, dance, gymnastics, etc).

3) Have a label on your car : This might not work for everyone and every business, but it could be good for you! When I was a kid, my dad and grandfather owned a construction business. They stayed booked all the time by word of mouth! They had a label on their cars, and put one up in the yards of houses they worked on. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to build your customer base!

4) Have a Google Ad : If your budget is tight, this might not be for you. If you have extra money put aside to build your business, then this could be great! I personally have used them a few times with great results.

5) Leave Post Cards everywhere you go (Starbucks, Restaurants, etc) : When I eat out, I usually leave my business post card with the tip! If you ask, many stores won’t mind if you leave a few on the table too for the next guest! (always ask first!)

6) Offer incentives for referrals : Every once in awhile I will do a free gift for people who send referrals my way! This is a great way for me to get a lot of new contacts…without much effort on my part. Plus, when it’s a friend of a friend, people are more likely to show interest.

7) Embrace Social Media…in the RIGHT way : Over 70% of people get on social media at least 5 times a day! It’s a great way to meet people, promote your products, get new business partners, customers, etc. But, it has to be done the right way! People are tired of scrolling through social media and seeing “buy this, buy that” all the time. Either do it as a page or group, it is actually against most social media polices to sell things on your personal page. A social media class can be a great way to learn the basics. Many of these are scams I’ve found, so always make sure they personally have a good following (how can they teach you to be successful, if they aren’t?) and look for a lot of success testimonials from people they have trained. Many will allow you one free class to see if you like it before enrolling.

8) Participate in Fundraisers : School, charities, events, festivals all look for sponsors! Especially around the spring, summer and fall. Also places where kids put on performances and have programs. Another one is school gyms, many will allow you to hang a banner for a fee.

9) Look into local advertising : Local advertising can be a great resource! Many towns have magazines, websites, social media pages that keep people up to date on the town, but also offer special deals!

10) Have customer appreciate nights where they win prizes for bringing a guest : Make your customers feel appreciated, and not only will they keep coming back but they will bring others! Do a fun night to thank them for shopping with you, and offer a gift if they bring some friends.


Remember, owning a business can be tough, but following a few of these simple rules will allow your business to keep growing! And one of the best ways for your business to grow is by word of mouth!