Free Worksheet For Kids!

As a busy Mom, I’m always looking for things that will help my kids but are quick, easy and fun. is one of my favorite sites as they have so many tools to help our kids learn, but do so in a fun way! I’m that Mom that makes my kids do a little learning work each day, even during long breaks and summer. Because of that though, when the school year starts, my kids normally test ahead of their grade level!!! They also love learning and seeing their own progress get better and better! Here is a great worksheet to try, provided by the awesome team at! Enjoy!!

Free worksheet for kids

Free Worksheet For Kids!

Word tracers are a great way for kids to practice their letter formation and word recognition skills. This one from includes number words, so it gives parents an opportunity to also work on counting. For even more educational resources that your kids will love, check out

Numbers Word Tracer Sheet

Answer Sheet