Christmas For Kids

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but for many people it can be very stressful! Christmas for kids is much easier, they just worry about presents. But for the adults, they worry about buying presents, will the kids like the presents, will they play with them, what if that present sells out etc etc etc. When you ask people about the Holiday’s, stressing over finances and presents is one of the first things that comes to their mind. I’m guilty of it myself! I forget the real reason for the season and worry about what to buy my kids!

Christmas For Kids 

This Holiday, I decided to do things a bit differently! My kids are 6 1/2, 5, and 2 1/2 so they understand the fun of Christmas. The truth is though, they have tons of toys. They have toys in each of their rooms, toys in the living room, toys in their playroom, toys in my office, toys in the basement, toys in the garage….toys EVERYWHERE. I decided they could get one toy, and then we were going to focus on things they needed, things to wear, things to read and crafts! Luckily my kids love crafts and I don’t buy them toys all year round so getting just one of two, was ok by them!

Christmas For Kids

Christmas for kids should be about more than just toys. Don’t get me wrong, getting toys is great, but I want my kids to know it’s also about the birth of a baby, family, being together with those we love, and excitement!! The joy on their faces when the tree goes up. Or when we drive around to look at lights. The excitement when we watch the parade and they wait for Santa to come. The happiness when we bake cookies and take them to friends.


This year I encourage everyone not to stress over presents. The truth is most the time kids play with them for a few days then forget about them. But the memories you create, the fun you have, those things will last a lifetime! Christmas for kids should be about memories and a lifetime of feeling loved!


Christmas for kids






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