5 Easy And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

If you are like me….then breakfast time with 3 kids is chaos! That has been our biggest struggle with back to school! We have to leave our house by 8 am, 3 kids have to be fed, dressed, and clean, 2 puppies have to be walked multiple times, and one Mom must do it all while making coffee haha. And of course my kids like to eat breakfast very slow. Like slower than a turtle eats!

This proved to be a problem as we were all getting stressed in the mornings and rushed! I found the easiest route was to do a breakfast food that required no prep time so they would have more time to eat. Because let’s just be honest here….you can’t force a kid to move faster when they are just determined to be slow haha. My favorite is freezer muffins and smoothies! Those are the ones we usually have during the week and things that all 3 of my kids like! Because nothing is harder than trying to please 3 children who all have drastically different taste buds!!


Here are our top 5 favorite foods to have for breakfast. All of these are things I freeze (minus the smoothies and yogurt) and then I can just pop them out easily for the kids!


Breakfast Muffins 

Our favorite is chocolate, banana muffins! We also switch it up and do blueberry from time to time, but chocolate is the favorite for my kids!!

Protein Pancakes

These are one of my favorite foods before I had to go to boring gluten and dairy free! Luckily my kids can still enjoy them and they are easy to make and freeze!


This is our favorite! I use a chocolate  mix from my favorite online grocery store that is packed with over 22 essentials vitamins and nutrients…the highest of any kids shake in the world! And it tastes like chocolate milk! I also throw in a banana and some yogurt and then they are good to go!!

Yogurt With Granola

This is so easy, let so good! I use greek vanilla yogurt and then an organic vanilla or blueberry granola from my online grocery store. Its an easy meal that is ready in seconds, healthy, and delicious!

Frozen Egg Wraps

This is one of my favorites for myself and my husband! It’s easy to do, delicious, and you have so many options on what you put in your wrap!


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