5 Qualities Of Successful People

Do you ever look and some people and wonder “How are they so successful?” I know I do!!! As a busy Mom of 3, I struggle to get everything done, keep my house clean, my children in line, AND build a successful business! It’s a lot of work!!!! I won’t lie, many times you will find dishes in my sink, my hair in a bun, and not a stitch of makeup on me. I’m too busy trying to keep up with other things haha.

5 Qualities Of Successful People

cozy-christmas-1But what makes some people successful, and some people not? I interviewed a few work from home Mom’s and came up with 5 Qualities Of Successful People after learning what they do in their businesses. Being a work from home Mom takes a lot of work as many of you know! Our work hours are usually at night once the kids are in bed and we are exhausted. That alone makes it difficult as you have to motivate yourself at a time of day when all you want is sleep. Plus many work from home job’s require constantly trying over and over and not getting discouraged when you have a rough month…or a few rough months. And if your kids get sick, you have company visiting, or you get sick….your business is put on hold! It’s hard!!!


Yet some Mom’s make it look easy, and they key is these 5 Qualities Of Successful People. These qualities are things we can all work on to help make ourselves more successful, and things that also apply to live in general!


  1. They don’t quit- working from home is HARD and it takes a lot of time. The average is 2 years to build a successful business. Yet I see many people quit within their first 3 months. To be successful you have to have a no quit attitude no matter how hard it gets. Quitting just sets you back even further.
  2. They are creative- you need to think outside the box. Come up with new ideas. Keep trying new things to grow your business. You have to be willing to evolve!
  3. They are trainable- when you start a new business, you have to first learn the proper way to do it! You wouldn’t make a grande skinny latte with an extra shot of espresso your first day on the job. When you work from home, you need to keep plugging into training’s and ask for help! Keep learning always!
  4. They are optimistic- working from home is HARD (notice how many times I’ve said that because it’s true) but if you look for the positive, it helps you keep going. If you dwell in the negative, you won’t move your business forward. Plus if you work with a team or customers, they need to see a positive attitude. No one likes a downer!
  5. They set goals- Every business should have goals. Short term and long term. These goals help keep you on track and ensure you are putting in the work to get where you want to be. Always set new goals. They can be an income goal, or a goal such as helping 3 families be debt free.

5 Qualities Of Successful People

Working from home is hard! In the 4 years I have done so, I have seen people quit over and over and over again. It takes work, a lot of work. But if you keep trying, refuse to quit, and work on personal development….you will get there! Try seeing if you have these 5 Qualities Of Successful People, and if you don’t make a few changes and see how your business develops over the next few months!


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