5 Things Not To Do If You Own A Home Based Business

I love owning a home based business! It  gives me the freedom to take my kids to school, pick them up, work a few hours here and there, and have the rest of my time for my family!! It truly is the best job! Especially since I work an average of 5-10 hours a week and make way over a full time average income. So to me, when people say they would rather work 40+ hours a week and earn 1/4 of what I do, while also getting limited time off…it boggles my mind!! But that is each person’s choice and I would never bug someone to work with me. And yet on a daily basis, I get the same from others!! Best part is when I’ve been in my business AGES, yet someone who has never shown interest in what I do, they join a business and right away ask me to buy from them….hmmmmm, yep, NO! Support others, and you will get the same! Ignore them until you need them, and they know better!!

5 Things Not To Do If You Own A Home Based Business

There are so many ways to work a business without annoying people! A few of my pet peeves…tagging me in posts about your company, posting stuff about your company on my facebook (delete and unfriend!), adding me to your group two seconds after I accepted a friend request, pestering me over and over and over after I have already said NO (this won’t make me change my mind, it will do the opposite and If I ever was interested, I wouldn’t buy from YOU!), posting non stop every day about your company (people unfollow for this and then they NEVER see your stuff!)…just to name a few.


I personally love work from home jobs, BUT it’s so important to do it the right way! I’m happy to support all my friends who work from home! I’ve used products from Thirty- One, Jamberry, Younique, Beachbody, Isagenix, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Moji Life, Monat…just to name a few…and they are some of the BEST products ever! Just make sure when you start your business, you do it the RIGHT way, and don’t drive people away.

Here are tips on 5 Things Not To Do If You Own A Home Based Business! Hope you enjoy, and remember, its all about the RIGHT approach as these products are awesome!!


5 Things Not To Do If You Own A Home Based Business


1. Don’t bug people!! 5 Things Not To Do If You Own A Home Based Business

This is what gives many work from home jobs a bad name, when you bug people non stop. I get it often, and many when you say no thank you, leave you alone. But. But. But….you will find people that no matter how many times you say no, they keep asking!! It’s beyond annoying and if you do this, you can actually get your social media account closed, and your account with the company!! Don’t be like that! If someone is interested, they will tell you. And if they say no, leave them alone!!

2. Don’t let your business become your life!!

We all know the people we dread talking to, because the moment we do they will start throwing their business at us. Don’t be like that! You had a life before your business and remember some people will never be interested, don’t lose friends over your business!!

3. Don’t over post on social media.

Everyone has seen this happen! Your friend joins a work from home company and now they post about it 10 times a day. It’s annoying, it’s spammy, and eventually you unfollowed them so now you never see any of their posts. To avoid this, remember to keep 90% of your social media about YOU! For example, if you post 3 times a day, only 1 of those should be about your business.

4. Don’t sell a product, show a problem you solve.

I’ve seen it over and over, people selling products, posting pictures of them, but they don’t actually use them themsevles. Don’t be one of those people trying to make money only, have integrity and show you using the products and what they do for you. If you are just looking for money and not in love with your products…it shows!

5. Don’t be disrespectful

Making fun of other products, bashing other companies, pushing someone to join your team or buy from you…all this stuff is a big no no!! Use manners, be respectful, and support other people! Your company could close tomorrow, but how you treat others is something that never will go away. Work your business with integrity!


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