5 Things To Do When You Have Spare Time

We all have those days. We know we have tons to do, BUT we can’t remember! So instead of wasting your time scrolling through social media, start planning ahead! Here are a few tips on what you can do when you have spare time on your hands!

5 tasks to do when you arent busy picture

5 Things To Do When You Have Spare Time


  1. Write Some Extra Blogs to have on hand for when you are busy
  2. Research some new recipes you want to try
  3. Network- get to know new people whether by Blog Hops, on Facebook, or on Instagram. Building relationships is key to building your business
  4. Plan ahead- Make sure you know what your goals are for the coming month, and write down what you need to do each day to accomplish it
  5. Send out Thank You notes to your customers, friends, and followers who have supported you

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