5 Tips For Raising Healthy Kids

As a personal trainer AND mom, teaching my kids to be healthy is very important to me! But it’s also hard!!! Kids are picky eaters at young ages so getting veggies in can be a trick! For me personally, I have 3 kids and they all like totally different things! My daughter loves broccoli, my oldest son likes fruit, and the baby hates both those. My key is starting them out young, but also sneaking those fruits in! We have a daily smoothie with kale and spinach and fruit. Even if they hate veggies, I still win by getting them in their body.


12049250_1048285918538207_3309233857384547622_nHere are some more tips for raising healthy kids:


1) Keep healthy snacks on hand. They won’t eat the junk food if it’s not in the house.

2) Teach them balance, one treat a day type of thing.

3) Give them fruits and veggies, some kids learn to love them!

4) Teach them about foods that are good for us and help us grow.

5) Sneak veggies in if your kids won’t eat them.




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