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treskinrx-logoI’m not one of those people with beautiful glowing skin. Instead, ever since having my kids, I’ve dealt with horrible skin issues. I have tried every face product out there and most just make my skin even worse! The popular acne products dry my skin out and make the breakouts worse. The smell good products cause more breakouts. The normal products make my skin oily. I just can’t win!

I did finally find a great product that is all natural and put my breakouts at bay!


It is called TreSkinRX. My sweet normal-sample-kit-BIGfriend Michelle sent me some products to try and see how they worked for me. I explained to her about my skin problems and she was very helpful in making sure I got something that wouldn’t further aggravate my skin. The trial pack is GREAT for anyone wanting to give this a try before committing long term. The face wash in gentle and has a great smell to it and leaves your face feeling soft after. it also has an awesome exfoliate that doesn’t dry your skin or make you feel “over polished” after using it. My favorite was the night cream! It helped my skin stop feeling so dry and left me silky smooth the next day!


I highly recommend giving these products a try if you have searched high and low for a good skincare line! Feel free to contact my friend Michelle as she will be happy to assist you and get you started with a sample pack, or tell you more about the business opportunity! Thank you so much Michelle for allowing me to test your products, it was a great experience!

Michelle Krasicki-Aune



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