Are You A Good Leader? Or A GREAT Leader?

I get asked all the time “How Do I Create Leaders In My Business?” And the truth is, you have to first be a great leader to create one! Now, I don’t think of myself as a great leader. I think of myself as someone willing to work hard to hit my goals, and someone who will work hard to help others do the same!! I think the keyword is someone willing to work. Many times you find leaders who rely on others to do the work for them, but a GREAT leader has no problem getting down to work.


I come from a management background before working from home so I think that allows me to give a good opinion on what makes a good leader! But again, these are just my thoughts on what is needed to make a GREAT leader 😉

  1. Be An Example. For me this is one of the most important things! I’ve worked with people before that will ask me to do things they aren’t willing to do. I think great leaders need to set an example for others to follow! If i ask my team to do something, I do it right there with them! A great leader shows them how to become great, and does not just dictate.
  2. Communicate. Many times leaders will sit on the sidelines and watch people work. I believe to be a great leader you need to be involved with those you work with. Say HI to them, make them feel important, and reach out to help them. It’s a great feeling when you are new, and a leader reaches out to you and offers support.
  3. Training. I use this example to my team all the time….if you got a job at a coffee shop, you would have to learn how to make the drinks before stepping up and making a customer a Grande Decaf Skinny Mocha with an extra shot of espresso. The same goes in ANY business! Before you start working, you need to be trained. And a good leader makes sure they have lots of training themselves, but a GREAT leader makes sure you get trained too! ((now keep in mind, they can offer you the training but only you can do it and follow it to have success))
  4. Be Consistent. Many people come and go, but a GREAT leader stays the course no matter what obstacle gets thrown in there way. Trust me, for every excuse you have, a GREAT leader has encountered that too but they chose not to let them stop you. My most successful month working from home we had our house flood, had to buy a new car, got our bank account hacked, and they found a nodule on my thyroid! But I showed up to work each day. Consistency is what builds success.
  5. Be Honest. No great leader is born that way. We all struggle and we all have different problems we face. I am very shy if I don’t know people, I don’t like to be the center of attention, and I hate to receive recognition publicly. But I push past those things….sure with lots of nerves and sweating, but I’m honest about these things! That shows people you are human and we all face obstacles, but a GREAT leader doesn’t let those things stop them.


There is no exact script on what makes a GREAT leader. I think at the end of the day what truly matters is that you care about seeing other people succeed, and you try as hard as you can. That is my goal when being a leader, to keep trying and learning and be the best I can to help others!


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    I think that is some very good advice for people to recognize what constitutes a good leader versus a great one, thank you for sharing your content Dana.

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