Being A Work From Home Mom….is HARD!

Yesterday I encountered a super sweet Mom of two kids at the park and we got to chatting. She is a stay at home Mom, and I’m a work from home Mom. When we got on that topic, she kindly told me I was crazy and she had no clue how I could balance a job on top of chasing kids all day long. It was very funny, as I hear that all the time!!!


7 years ago, before having kids, my plan was to return to work once I did have kids. I was kind of a workaholic. At many times, I even worked two jobs at once. In fact, before getting married I was a manager at a high end womens clothing line warehouse, waited tables at night and on weekends, and helped my Mom with cleaning houses. See, I kinda have a bit of an issue with always doing something haha.


But back to being a work from home Mom…yes it is very hard!!!! The reason is, many people assume you are working all day long. Nope! As my Mom friends know, when you are home with your kids, you are watching/playing with them all day! Especially if they are young like mine are. So when does a Work From Home Mom actually work? Bedtime!!!! That right there is what makes it so difficult for many Mom’s. At the end of the day, we are TIRED! We have fed others, changed them, played with them, chased them, put them in time out, and had no time for ourselves. Come 8pm once they are asleep, the option is work, or relax. And most sane Mom’s choose to relax!!!!


I think that is what makes its so hard for Mom’s to work from home and why many quit not long after getting started. I know myself, even doing this for 4 years, still wants to crash in the evenings!! I figured out that I work MUCH better in the morning so many times I get up a few hours before the kids. Come bedtime, I am usually braindead so being able to write a blog, respond to emails or talk on the phone is a lot harder for me. But many times I still do it!!! My trick is, write down EXACTLY what you need to do. That way you don’t get distracted and can get done faster. Another tip is exercise for a few minutes. I know that sounds crazy but a few jumping jacks, squats and pushups can wake you up and get your brain going again.


It is so hard trying to work when you are exhausted, but my BEST tip is to remember why you are doing this. For me, I’m doing it so my kids can have a better future. I know I’m going to be tired for a little while, but being able to control my future and have time freedom is totally worth it!!


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  1. Sherry says

    Great for you that you are able to work from home!! Did you see the article in today’s USA Today?

    It was about the new YOUEcomony, sounds like you!

    Enjoyed your blog!

  2. says

    I’d love to hear more! you’re a big role model of mine. I run my own business from home now for three years and I can’t quite put into words the type of strain it is on a person. Love your blog <3 keep up the great work.

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