Call Me Extreme Mom

Do you ever feel like you go to the extremes as a Mom? Call me extreme Mom….cause I do it all the time haha. Like, making sure your kids have nice clothes, while you are wearing pants from before they were born. Or making them a healthy balanced meal with organic foods while you munch on leftovers. And being over protective even about the things YOU personally did as a kid. Any other Mom’s like this??? I am!!! When it comes to the health, happiness, and well being of my kids, I go to the extremes. I just couldn’t imagine not as my love for them is so great, I want the best for them always!

Call Me Extreme Mom

Call Me Extreme Mom

Recently I started seeing a new doctor, and when I told her my reason for switching (she isn’t covered by insurance so very expensive) doctors was because of my kids, she asked why. I know as a Mom, I want to be the BEST version of myself possible. When I am sick all the time, I’m not the Mom I want to be. Of course I know having an autoimmune disease is not my fault or something I can control, but I want to do everything possible to be as healthy as I can for my kids.

So when we discussed a strict meal plan that I dislike with passion, I agreed to do it. It’s called the autoimmune protocol diet (details with links below) and it’s specifically for people with autoimmune diseases. It helps to remove inflammation in your body by taking out foods that may irritate you. It’s a very strict diet! No coffee, no eggs, no white potatoes, no rice, no peppers….along those lines. And we all know I love my coffee!! I guarantee I would be less sad about the meal plan if they gave me coffee haha. I have 3 kids under the age of 6, I need caffeine!!

Call Me Extreme Mom

I’ve done the plan before and that was why I had a poor attitude (and still do a bit haha) as I knew for me, I didn’t enjoy it. Some people do it and have amazing results and stay on it for months and years. Not me!! I did it for 6 weeks and hated it, plus felt worse during it. One of the main reasons that is, I did not prepare. I didn’t have enough recipes, or snacks on hand so I would be hungry a lot. I also ate way too many fruits and veggies which I found upset my stomach really bad. I was probably the only person ever to gain weight on that meal plan haha. Thus when it was suggested, I was not the least bit excited.


Again I’ll do it though because I’m willing to go to the extremes for my kids. I know this plan may not help me, but it also might make me feel loads better! I’ll have the energy to take my kids on fun activities on the weekend! I’ll be able to spend more time with my husband in the evening before falling asleep. I’ll be a better friend to those I’ve been too tired to keep up with. All those things push me to give it a try again.

Call Me Extreme Mom

And to take a gazillion supplements a day.
And get vitamin injections.
And say good bye to all my favorite foods.
And change my favorite workout routine.

When It comes to being the best Mom I can be, I will happily go to the extreme!!! So call me extreme Mom if that’s what it takes to get healthier.

Remember if you have a chronic illness and are NOT getting the help and support you need, it may be time to change doctors. My previous doctor is great, but since she did not specialize in autoimmune diseases, she didn’t know how to help when my condition kept getting worse. Look for a functional medicine doctor, or naturopath. Usually they do not accept insurance but they will work very hard to use natural approaches to get you feeling better quickly!! And feeling better is what we all want!

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