Calm Mom Who Can Juggle Life

Recently I had a lot of company over and they were making me blush with the compliments on how I balance life! They laughed that I’m always juggling multiple things while talking to my kids, and keeping track of the household. The truth is, it just comes with being a Mom!!! But I also think having the right outlook on life can make for a better, and more peaceful, day! Here are a few of my tips to be the “Calm Mom Who Can Juggle Life”.


  1. Have YOU Time! I know that sounds crazy since I’m a Mom of 3, but it is so important and enables you to keep your cool. For me, I get up an hour before my kids and I get a workout in and do my devotional at that time too. Sure I hate getting up, but I know I’m a much better, and happier Mom, when I have a little time for me each day.
  2. Focus On What Matters! I do NOT clean my house every day. I do NOT stress about the toys on the floor. I do NOT worry about looking my best every moment. I enjoy having fun with my kids! Sure they are getting older so we work on chores and THEM picking up, but some days I would rather get an extra cuddle and read a book and that is ok! The mess doesn’t matter, we are busy making memories!
  3. Be You! I am not a master chef, and I don’t try to be! I know tons of Moms who make these amazing meals, but I learned not to compare myself! I do the best I can, and I don’t worry about the rest! My kids are happy and healthy and sure we might have PB&J for dinner but it’s all good!!
  4. Prioritize Your Relationships! When I became a Mom, I lost some friends. We were just at different places in our lives and that’s ok! My kids are my WHOLE world and my number 1 priority, and thus its hard to be friends with someone who ignores them. I learned long ago not to force it, to say goodbye and focus on the good! As a Mom, you want the best for your kids and if someone is toxic to you or them, its time to say BYE!
  5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff! My kids are running around my house screaming as loud as they can and throwing pillows at them. Yet I’m writing a blog and don’t care because they are having fun! Sure a pillow might break, but its raining outside and they are indoors having fun! I learned to pick my battles and noise and chaos is just part of it!


The truth is, we all parent differently and what works for me, might not work for you! At the end of the day, find what works for you! And just embrace the crazy, it’s part of thei beautiful messy life!


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