How To Be A Social Media Success

Last week I talked about the do and do not’s of social media, and that brought in a load of questions!!! So today I’m going to elaborate more on how to have success on social media!




First lets talk about your profile. People who are interested in working with you, are going to research you!! When they go to your page, you want them to see someone that is successful, happy, positive, and would be a great mentor. The first thing they see is your profile pictures and cover picture. Keep it professional, clean, and friendly. Ask a photographer for some head shots, or if you can’t afford that, ask a friend to do it! Aim to do it outside if you can as the outdoor lighting is great and you don’t have distraction in the background of your picture.  I personally use a family photo for mine, but you can do one of just you if you prefer! I just think my kids are so adorable that helps people want to work with me 😉 (KIDDING!!) Remember with your pictures of yourself, you want people to chose you!!!! If someone approaches me selling makeup, but their pictures of themselves are all without makeup, I’m going to wonder if they truly love the product. People are going to join your company because of YOU, and their belief in YOU and your success. And if you don’t have success yet, don’t lie, but show people you are working hard to get there!


Next let’s talk about what to do on Facebook. Scrolling through your newsfeed is fine when you have time to kill, but it will NOT build your business! You need to engage with people and meet new people! I suggest going through your friends list and re-connecting with at least 7 people each week. Do NOT message them about your business! Simply try and catch up and get to know them better. If they ask what you are up to, share, but don’t sell!!! If they are interested in your business, they will ask!! Build relationships, people want to work with those they trust!! Join groups. Not to talk about your business, but to engage with people and meet new people! You can find tons of fun groups in your area to join!


11141180_10153078114179576_3521282344485357203_nStop scrolling through Facebook! If you are a busy Mom like me, you have very limited time each day to work and Facebook is a distraction if not used correctly! The first thing I do when I get online is check my messages and notifications and answer those. Then I post in my private groups, check in on business partners and customers, and then see what I need to do to grow my business. I keep a list of what I need to do each day by my computer. For example, three days a week I work on blog articles.  Two days a week I participate in network parties for blogs. Four days a week I work on growing my business. Keeping a list of what needs to be done, helps me work faster and more efficiently.  I save the scrolling through Facebook for when I do my morning cardio, as it is not a beneficial way to grow my business.





Growing your reach is important! Some people chose to use Facebook, others chose to meet people face to face. Either is fine, but to be successful you need to be growing your reach of people every week! Using a facebook business page is a great tool also, but keep in mind many times you have to pay to promote those. Find free groups to join, or pages you can network on. Find local Mom groups in your area! You have tons of options, but you need to work at it each week!!! If you aren’t talking to people, then your business isn’t growing!


11Get your product and company out there, without annoying people!!! Facebook does not show every post to every person, so when you start a new business, it is hard to let everyone know about it! You can contact people directly to let them know and see if they will support you, but remember, don’t spam them!! Sharing about your new business on Facebook is fine, but remember to share why you are excited about it, and don’t be a sales person! Be real, be true, and be YOU! When you first start your business, you do need to post a lot about it. On average, I recommend once a day IFFFFFFFF you are active on social media.




Remember to make the RIGHT type of posts on social media. You don’t want to drive people away so make sure you never over post. The average posts you do should tie in to how many friends you have. If you have less than 400, one post a day. If you have around 1000, 2 posts a day. If you have over 1000, 3 posts etc. Too much posting will make facebook think you are spamming people (notice how if you post 10 times a day you get no like or comments? That is because they stop showing your posts to your friends), and it annoys people so they unfollow you. When that happens they NEVER see anymore of your posts!

You can post your items without ever selling them! Remember sales is hard, but being a SHARESPERSON is easy!! Just share what you love about your product and company. Leave the money and sales out of it! People will trust you for sharing what you love and being honest. And have fun with your posts!!!! If you are bored and hating it, people can tell!! Make sure to also use your own personal pictures. Copying other people’s posts is not a good idea. Using stock photos is not a good idea. The best posts include a personal picture. You also want to save your business posts for the busiest time on social media, which is after 8pm!


One important thing to know about Facebook, the more people who engage with you on your posts, the more people who will see it!!! Tag your friends if you know they won’t mind, or ask them to help by commenting and liking. Each time someone comments, make sure you reply to them too. The more comments and likes you have, the more Facebook thinks your post is important so they will show it to more people!



At the end of the day, remember that being successful is about balance, hard work, fun, and dedication. When I first started in direct sales over 3 years ago, I didn’t make hardly anything my first paycheck!!!! That company had a horrible approach and I quit within 6 months as I was not having fun! This year I joined a new company and I knew that to be successful I had to have balance, hard work, fun and dedication. You have to be willing to work every single day, but you can’t let it consume you!! And never give up, as your dreams are worth chasing!!!







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