Online Tutoring

How do you find the perfect work from home job? The key is finding something you enjoy, that pays well, and works with your schedule! One popular job I’d love to show you today is online tutoring!

Many people choose to work in direct sales because of the flexibility it offers, yet thats not the perfect fit for every one. Other people choose customer service jobs thanks to the set income, yet those set hours don’t work for moms with little kids at home. Being a virtual assistant or getting certified to do billing are other options. One I’ve heard a lot about lately, and is a newer program, is online tutoring!


Online Tutoring

This program is called Vipkid and focuses on teaching kids in China, how to speak English. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply for this job!!! What really appeals to Mom’s looking for some income, is the fact you can pick which hours you work, and how many hours you work!

Online Tutoring

According to Betsy, a teacher working with VipKids, each class is 25 minutes long, and you can do different classes based on how much you want to work! Thanks to the time change with the USA and China, many Mom’s are able to work in the early morning around 6am before their family even wakes up!! Or you can choose to work evenings if you are a night owl! For most parents, working early morning or evening is the BEST option as that is when our own kids are asleep! Which means some peace and quiet while we work!


Online Tutoring

You get paid in a few different ways with Vip kid. For each class you teach, you earn $7-9. You also earn $1 for finishing the class and $1 for leaving feedback within 12 hours of teaching the class. Let’s say you work 6-8:30 each day, for 5 days. That puts you earning around $200 a week!! Not bad at all!!

The company also has training’s where you can learn how to tutor better, and what thing’s they are looking for.  They also work with your schedule, which we all know is important as a Mom! They have great reviews online too from many people who enjoy the income they earn with this job. The only complaint is people wish they could work more, and that benefits were offered. But for Mom’s looking to earn some extra income from home, this seems like a great fit!!

If you are interested in working with VipKids, please contact Betsy for more information!

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Online Tutoring


Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

The moment every parent dreads….the stomach bug!!! If your kids have not been in school or exposed to other kids much, you are lucky!! Nothing is worse than the horrible stomach bug, especially when your kids are little! My family has been very blessed in that my kids have mostly gotten sinus problems or random sickness that was NOT the stomach bug. It has really only hit my house 3 times in almost 7 years of being a Mom so that is really good! But as all parent’s know who have experienced it…one time is one time to many! But I’m excited to say I finally found a way to stop it in it’s tracks!! This is how you can stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal!!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

Let me start out by saying, kids get sick all the time! Especially when they are young as they don’t understand germs, washing their hands, covering their mouths, etc. Some people are born with an amazing immune system that can combat anything, but others get sick when they have those lovely germs rubbed on them. I talked to a few teachers and they all agreed that under 3rd grade, they constantly have kids out each week sick (One school in my area had over 75 middle school kids out with a stomach bug). They sneeze on each other, hug each other, share snacks and drinks, come to school sick, touch the same school supplies…it’s germ central! As a parent, you can try and boost your child’s immune system, but most the time the first few years of school are just rough. And for some parents, it’s year after that! My poor Mom did all she could to keep me healthy yet I would end up in the hospital from stomach bugs pretty often. So parent’s, if your kids are constantly getting sick….don’t beat yourself up! I know kids with super healthy parents and lifestyles who are sick all the time. I know kids who eat junk food at every meal and never get sick. Each child is different but after talking with multiple Mom’s, Teachers, Nurses, Registered Dietitian, and a Physicians Assistant the general conclusion is kid’s will get sick often when in elementary school!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

Of course there are a few things you can do to help. Healthy eating and exercise is key! Avoid processed foods, foods high in sugar, and junk food. Fruits and vegetables are hard for kids sometimes but you can sneak them in smoothies, spaghetti sauce, and soups! My kids do a smoothie for breakfast, a sandwich, yogurt, and organic fruit snack for lunch, and popcorn and fruit when they get home from school. Along with healthy foods, you also can give kids probiotics which help boost their immune system. Here are a few helpful articles on probiotics, plus some good ones to pick.

Probiotics For Kids



I personally also use an immune boosting essential oil blend. That has been such a huge game changer for my kids! For example, last December my oldest son was sick an entire month, and then passed it to my two younger kids. This December, my daughter got a stomach bug at the beginning of the month (Yay PreK Germs!) that lasted two days….and that was it!!!! We survived December with just that one tiny bug, and thanks to the immune boosting oils, it didn’t go to my boys! Parent’s of multiple kids, you know how hard it is NOT to spread germs from one kid to the other haha, so this was a big accomplishment! Earlier this month, my husband got strep (he works at a hospital so comes in contact with many germs!) We didn’t realize it was strep and by the time he got diagnosed, but the boys got it too! I rubbed the essential oil on myself and my daughter (hers is diluted!) plus had it going in all our diffusers. Now, I need to mention in case you don’t follow my blog often, I have an autoimmune disease. I also found out recently my immune system is pretty much not working at all (Very low sIgA) so of course I just assumed I would be getting the strep too….NOPE!!! My daughter and I both managed to not get it!! Thanks to the power of an immune boosting essential oil!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

I also recently discovered another great home remedy….activated charcoal! I had heard in the past that you can Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal, but also that it was a good detox in case I ate gluten. I bought it, then never ended up using it! I finally got a chance though! My oldest son came down with a high fever, and said he felt very tired. He rested all day, went to bed early, and I hoped he would feel better the next day. NOPE! About 30 minutes after going to bed, he came downstairs and threw up. Now, panic mode set in for me as he had a 103/104 fever all day and with throwing up, he wouldn’t be able to keep the medicine down! After he threw up the second time about 30 minutes later, I started looking up “at home remedies for the stomach bug” and what I came across was the activated charcoal. I read a ton of reviews from others who had used it, plus called my husband to have him ask about it (one of the small benefits of him working at the hospital at that time). Once I finally figured out a dosage, I decided to give it a try as Will had thrown up 5 times in less than 2 hours. I was sure he would throw it up (I mixed it with water and ice) since he hadn’t stopped getting sick….but an hour passed and he kept it down! And his fever was lowering!! I sent him to bed still doubtful and thinking we would be up soon with another trip to the bathroom, but I was wrong! He slept good the entire night and was so excited he didn’t throw up again, he came bounding in my room at 6am to say he wasn’t sick anymore!

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

I also took some myself as my stomach began to feel queasy…I’m not sure if I was getting the bug, or just lack of sleep and nerves from him being so sick. But after a day I felt better so I was able to Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal in myself and my son! Plus thanks to my essential oil immune booster, neither of my other kids got it. Again, Mom’s of multiple children you know how rare that is haha. My 2 year old even drank out of big big brothers cup!! I will definitely be keeping it on hand for the future as it stops that stomach bug right in it’s tracks! Activated charcoal works for stomach bugs because it adsorbs the bacteria responsible for the bug, helping you to then treat it and hopefully prevent it from spreading…but don’t just take my word on it, look it up and you’ll see this is a must have item! (100% grape juice is a good prevention method for the stomach bug as the acid in it coats the bag stomach bacteria…prevention though, it won’t work if you are already throwing up).

Stop Stomach Bugs With Activated Charcoal

Those are my tips on stopping yourself from getting a stomach bug, or what to do help once it starts! Remember kids get sick, so Mom’s, it’s not your fault!! Just do the best you can, try a few different things, and when in doubt, ask your doctor for tips on boosting their immune systems!


*This is not medical advice, just sharing things that have worked for me after consulting our own doctors. Always check with a medical provider first before giving yourself or children any supplements, or holistic medicine*






I Choose ME!

68.5% of people are not enjoying their jobs

76% of people are living paycheck to paycheck

68% of people do not have a retirement fund

80% of people have some type of debt

i choose me blog long pic

Recently I was talking to a few friends about saving for our kids college, and I was surprised when they said they hadn’t started yet! The more we chatted, the more I learned that they reason they hadn’t started, was because they couldn’t afford it! The scary thing is, they are not alone!! And it’s not because they spend tons of money on frivolous things, it’s because so many people are living paycheck to paycheck and praying for a raise or promotion!


We have to get out of that mindset though of waiting and praying for change! I’m a firm believe in God providing, but I also believe he gave us skills and brains and wants us to use them. Instead of waiting, choose to promote yourself! Choose to invest in yourself. Choose to believe YOU can make it happen.



A few years ago, I did just that! My husband and I were living paycheck to paycheck and with two young kids, I would be spending an arm and leg putting them in daycare so I could return to work. I did something different than most people. I chose ME! I chose to believe I could be successful working from home. I chose to be my own boss. I chose to put my future and my families, in my own hands!!


Yes its hard, but I don’t worry about losing my job each day. I don’t feel bad when I have to call out due to a sick kid. I don’t worry about missing out on school activities or milestones with my kids. I choose to believe in myself and that if I want it bad enough, I can make it happen!!!


Life is too short to wait for that promotion, choose to promote yourself! Choose to be your own boss. Choose to have a job you love. I choose me!!! Do you???




Essential Tips For Newly Pregnant Mothers

Essential Tips For Newly Pregnant Mothers

by Julia Jones


If you have just found out about your pregnancy, you probably know already that staying healthy for both you and the baby is a real adventure. It is basically a challenge that you have to go through over nine months. A pregnancy will affect every aspect and field of your life. It does not just mobilize all the chapters of your life, but it also changes your body to adapt to the miraculous phenomenon. As if all these were not enough, you will drain all your sentimental, mental, physical and emotional resources as well.


Just keep in mind that the healthier you are, the healthier your little one will be too. Put the right ingredients into this recipe as well – love, hope, food, health, regular medical analyses, happy people around you, tolerance and no stress. Now, what are the first things you should do as an upcoming mother?


Get in Touch with the Gynecologist


Ideally, you should do it before even remaining pregnant. You should make sure that your body is healthy enough to take a pregnancy. If there is a problem, solve it right away, regardless of how insignificant it seems. Whether it comes to urinary infections, pelvic infections, candidiasis or other vaginal bacteria, polycystic ovary or blocked tubes, any small issue can become quite severe in the long run.


Look for Pregnancy Pillows


Pregnancy pillows are more useful when your belly is already large. Why would you buy one so early then? Easy! You need to get used to it. Plenty of women just cannot sleep on one side. They will have to get used to it. This is when pregnancy pillows kick in. Their main goal is to relieve pressure, but also to keep the back straight and prevent all kinds of painful sensations. There are plenty of models in commerce, so choose something with your needs in mind.


Change Your Diet


It is imperative to change your diet right away. If you used to rely on junk food, quit it today. Even if you had a healthy diet, you still need to make some changes. The secret stays in diversity. Come up with as many healthy foods as possible. Focus on fruits and vegetables, but do not overlook protein rich foods either. The more varied your diet is, the healthier and easier your pregnancy will be. Plus, your baby will thank you later.


Start Exercising


Start moving early if you want to stay fit during the pregnancy. You will still gain some weight, but then, it is highly indicated to exercise before pains kick in. If you start when you are already in the third trimester, physical activity will cause a lot of trouble. But if you do it early, adjusting will be piece of cake. Furthermore, physical activity reduces the risks of pregnancy loss.


With these ideas in mind, the pregnancy is not something to worry about, but something to be proud of. Congratulate yourself for it and make sure that you do your best for a quick delivery.

Contact Julia for more amazing tips!


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Monday Musings January 4th

Happy Monday!!!! I love Mondays as they are a new start to a week, and kinda like a fresh slate! If last week wasn’t great, well you can start over today and have an AMAZING day! Plus this Monday is extra special as its the first Monday of a NEW YEAR!!! I’m not going to lie, 2016 is going to be a scary year for me, but my word for the year is “Faith” and I intend to have faith that it will all work out ok. And that I will stay sane haha.


My husband starts back to school this week, which is the main scare for this year!!! I’ve got to find a whole new level of balance as we will basically just see him one day a week. I have to re-work my whole schedule as to when I work, when I clean the house, and doing family activities without him. It will be tough at first and most likely for the next few years, but I have faith its for the best and that I can handle it!!! Now just to get back to my 5am wake ups so I can get things done haha!!!


993572_10153407349859576_2630059546048021178_nLet’s talk things that are HAPPENING!!! I have an amazing deal for anyone who is ready to work from home and make a good income!!! My company is having a $1 sign up right now AND you can earn a free Kindle Fire, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro!!!! I don’t sell products, maintain inventory or do parties….I simply help people switch where they shop, save money, and get non toxic products in there home. If that sounds like something you would enjoy doing, send me an email at I’m taking on FIVE people to train this month and learn how to make a 6 Figure Income From Home!!!




Monday.………Do you scroll through facebook on Sunday and Monday and see all the posts about people hating going back to work?!?! I saw at least 10!!!! Its crazy how many people hate their jobs!!! If you see that, reach out to them!!! Offer them suggestions and let them know, that is NOT their only option. So many jobs that can be done from home, no one needs to be miserable!!!


This week, I’ll be sharing about how to do medical transcripts from home thanks to information that was sent to me by an online school! I’m excited to research it more and see how this would help Moms wanting to work from home!!

Also, how to start your own blog and WHY you should blog!!! Blogging is one of the best ways to build a following for your business, plus its an amazing way to meet new friends and share thoughts and ideas!!


Featured Job Of The Week-——-want to be the featured job next week?? Send me an email with what you do, why you love it, and how it has changed your life!


Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!!! Here is to a fabulous and fun week!!!