Online Teaching With EF Education First Online

With more and more people looking to work from home these days, when we find a great opportunity, we have to share it!! One of the biggest things we see from people is wanting something with a flexible schedule, no selling of products, and the chance to make a great income. Well, we have something that fits all those needs. Online teaching with EF Education First Online!

Online Teaching With EF Education First Online

Being an online teacher is a wonderful opportunity as it allows you to make a good income, but also impact other! Plus, with the kids being in China, this job is done in the early mornings or evenings which makes it perfect for busy Mom’s!

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EF Education has been around since in 1965! They have schools, offices, locations all around the world and are a leading source for ESL. Numerous programs allow them to reach more people. Their online division was launched in 1997 and with the EF Online and EF English First, they are able to reach more people wishing to learn English!


To be an educator with them, here are a few requirements

  1. Candidates must live in the U.S. or U.K and be a native English speaker.
  2. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field. A diploma or official transcripts are required. (if you are finishing your degree, you may apply once finished)
  3. Background check is required.
  4. 40 Hours of TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) certificate
  5. Headset, personal computer, access to wired Ethernet Connection (wifi is not compatible)
  6. Be able to work the hours agreed on


Schedule options include working between 4am EST- 8:30am EST Monday- Friday.

Or, Friday night 8pm EST- Saturday morning 8am EST.

And Saturday night 8pm EST- Sunday morning 8am EST.


A few more fun things! Parents can book you up to 6 months which means you get to see and help the same students plus have an income you can count on! Classes are about 25 minutes long. The kids range in age from 6-10.

Starting pay is $13 per hour and there is an opportunity to earn more based on things such as bonuses for repeat booking, completing lessons during weekday “peak times” and can earn up to $19 per class! That’s a great income for a work from home job!


Get started and see if this might be a good fit for you! Apply at :


Free Worksheet For Kids!

As a busy Mom, I’m always looking for things that will help my kids but are quick, easy and fun. is one of my favorite sites as they have so many tools to help our kids learn, but do so in a fun way! I’m that Mom that makes my kids do a little learning work each day, even during long breaks and summer. Because of that though, when the school year starts, my kids normally test ahead of their grade level!!! They also love learning and seeing their own progress get better and better! Here is a great worksheet to try, provided by the awesome team at! Enjoy!!

Free worksheet for kids

Free Worksheet For Kids!

Word tracers are a great way for kids to practice their letter formation and word recognition skills. This one from includes number words, so it gives parents an opportunity to also work on counting. For even more educational resources that your kids will love, check out

Numbers Word Tracer Sheet

Answer Sheet




New Year Goals

The New Year is HERE, and with that, New Years Resolutions!! For many small business owners, this is a time to evaluate how your business did over the past 12 months, and what your plans are for the coming 12 months. In order for your business to be successful and thrive, set goals for yourself! Start out small, but make sure you are growing your business every month. Whether it’s by adding 3 new customers, or by adding a new business partner, you need to grow monthly and stay consistent!

new year

New Year Goals

If you are struggling to grow and find your business going down hill each month, put a stop to it!! Take stock of what you did that works, and what didn’t work. Stop relying on social media to build your business, and get out in your community!! Pass our flyers, leave business cards around, and offer samples! If you aren’t talking about your business, then its not growing!


You can also search out craft fairs in your area, most have them in the Spring and these are a GREAT way to get your product/business out there to a new market. Be creative with these, offer free samples, prizes and incentives. You can find some great ideas for events on Pinterest. Make sure to get get people to sign up for your newsletter, this way you have their contact information even after the event is over.


And if you don’t have a newsletter, start one NOW. This is a great way to let your current and past customers know about new deals, plus ways to offer them incentives if they refer friends or host a party. Keep in touch and show them you appreciate their business. A happy customer stays around and refers their friends to shop with you too!


Remember in order to be successful, you have to put in the work! Some people can get by with just a few hours a week, but most of us require a few hours each day of work! Especially if you just started a new business, it takes people 7 times being exposed to a product to be ready to buy!

New Year

Here are Five Tips To Help Your Business Be Successful
1) Always be the hardest worker in the room! I never ask others to do thing I personally won’t do and because of that, I lead by example.
2) Be consistent. Nothing is worse than having business partners that stop, start, stop, start over and over again! Be known as someone who is always consistent.
3) Have an accountability partner. It’s always great to have someone you can share ideas with, and who will call you out if you aren’t doing your work.
4) Plug In To Training’s! A lot of time the things you struggle with, someone else has been there and overcome it! If you plugin, you can learn.
5) Drop the excuses! Everyone can find an excuse why things won’t work. Don’t even bother with them. Make this the year you succeed, no matter what!


Do you have some tips for being successful this year? Feel free to share them with me!!!



Christmas Catalog

As the Holiday season approaches, our goal at Work from Home Mom’s, is to educate everyone on what a difference can be made when you shop more from Small Business Owners!  We can help you accomplish that with the Christmas Catalog!

Christmas Catalog

Christmas Catalog

Did you know that over 17 MILLION Americans work in direct sales businesses???? That’s a lot of people!!! We as Americans spend an average of $603 BILLION during the Holiday Season. Now imagine if that money was going toward the average, normal family instead of a CEO buying his 5th vacation home!


That money could be helping a family afford presents for their kids!  54% of the Holiday Buying is done online anyway, so do it through a small business owner! Use our Christmas Shopping Catalog to help you with your shopping and find a great gift for everyone on your list!!!


I encourage everyone to buy from at least one small business owner this Holiday Season, and ask your friends and family do the same!! To make it easier for you to find them, here is a great list of some of the amazing products you can get!!! Feel free to share this amazing Catalog with everyone you know! The more people who buy from small business owners, the more money goes back into our economy. A win for everyone this Holiday Season and easy to do with our Christmas Shopping Catalog!

Christmas Catalog 2018


 Please share this article with others so we can encourage more people to shop small businesses this Holiday!

Christmas Catalog


“You Don’t Look Sick”

I am so much more than my sickness….

People always comment on my clothes, my hair, my makeup, my shoes, etc. How I always look put together and presentable. No one can guess I’m sick and that’s my exact goal! It may seem silly, but for me, its important for people to see ME and not my sickness. The first time I meet someone, I want them to notice the small things, like how I always smile. Or the fact my eyes are a funky color. Not the fact my hair is falling out, I’m missing parts of my eyebrows, and my body is covered in bruises. “You don’t look sick” is what I hear all the time and that is GREAT! Who wants to look sick?!?!

“You don’t look sick”


This disease controls so much of my life from the gazillion doctors to the fact I can’t eat my favorite foods. It has even taken away a lot of my favorite activities! Every where I go, and everything I do I have to be careful not to over do it, think about germs, and make sure I get rest. That is not the most fun at all! I need some control to be in my own hands, and making sure people can’t tell I’m sick, is something I can control! That allows me to tell people when I’m ready, and if I don’t want people to know, that choice belongs to me too! When I’m having a bad day, the last thing I want is pity so I normally keep it to myself. Sure my hair and makeup look great and I’m rocking new clothes, but underneath that I’m miserable and in pain. But for a few minutes, I’m able to forget the pain. I can pretend I’m normal when people treat me like I’m normal! I can’t stand when everyone looks at me with pity and expects me to explain in front of all my friends how horrible I feel. That’s not me!! I know it’s important to share, but it has to be on my terms. I don’t want everything the defines who I am as a person, to know define a person with a disease.


This isn’t temporary, but something I have to live with for the rest of my life. That is what many people do not understand about an autoimmune disease is that there is NO cure, NO getting better, NO remission, NO end in sight! This is a lifelong disease that causes many people to become severely depressed on top of being very ill because it’s a miserable way to live, being sick EVERY day. Most days are bad, but others are just downright scary and you pray you will make it through the night. At only 29, and with 3 young kids under the age of 6, I prayed that many nights. It caused major anxiety!

IMG_20180802_090442_134 (1)

Weird and alarming symptoms come out of no where, especially on your few and far between “good” days. A check in at the doctor turns into hours and lots of tests. This is my new normal and what I have to endure for the rest of my life. Autoimmune diseases are not temporary, there is no cure, and for most people they just get worse over time and you get MORE autoimmune disease. It’s one of the top ten leading causes of death, and yet there is hardly any knowledge, research, or attention brought to it.


So yes, my hair and makeup are always done these days, even when I’m super tired. No, I’m not shallow or high maintenance. I’m just a person fighting a disease that is destroying my life and trying to find the person I use to be before I got sick. I want THAT person to be the one the world sees first!