Christmas Shopping!

Christmas is coming!!! For many people that can be a stressful time of the year as you have to find time to SHOP! I don’t know about you, but shopping with 3 kids is no easy task! I’d much rather spend my time making cookies or checking out Christmas lights. And I’m sure many busy Mom’s are just like me! Soooooo, I found a way to help people save time on their Holiday Shopping, AND support small business owners at the same time!
Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

For the past few years, I’ve had the honor of helping small business owners over the Holidays with getting their products out to more people! Last year we did a Christmas Shopping Catalog that was viewed by over 100,000 people!! This year Christmas Advertising will be even bigger and better with over 200,000 people being shown the catalog….and that number grows DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Catalog is very special to me because not only did it help busy people with their Christmas shopping, but it also encouraged people to shop from small business owners instead of a giant corporation! Not to mention you can easily share the catalog with all your friends and family too!!!  My goal is to encourage more and more people to shop from small business owners, instead of a large corporation! Trust me, when you support small businesses, they truly appreciate it! A giant corporation doesn’t know the difference from one customer or another!


When you shop from a small business owner, you are helping a Mom be able to stay home with her kids. You are helping a family take a vacation. You are enabling parents to start putting money aside for their kids college education. You are helping people not stress about spending extra this Christmas season. It’s so important to help small businesses be successful as that puts more money back into the economy!! I encourage everyone to shop for at least one item from a small business owner this Holiday Season. Or all of them!!! And encourage your friends and family to do the same.
Christmas Shopping
Our Christmas Catalog will help with that! It will be emailed out to all our website and facebook followers starting the week of Thanksgiving! You also have the option to join our online group and post in there during December (must purchase a full page ad, or the group add on option below).

Want to be listed in our Christmas Catalog???

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  • The Christmas Catalog will be shared in multiple groups, websites, and social media sites every day during December
  • Christmas Catalog will be viewed by approximately 25,000 viewers from our website, 105,000 viewers from our Facebook Page, 15,000 from our private group and 55,000  viewers from our Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter Followers and multiple other social media sites.

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Advertise your Holiday Deals During November and December to over 12,000 members in our private group!

Only two reps per company allowed for Christmas Advertising.


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Fetch Rewards

You all know we love to share when we find something great, so here is a wonderful opportunity! It’s called Fetch Rewards! It’s so easy, it would be silly not to take advantage of! Here is how it works! You just take a picture of your receipts and you will earn points of participating products and special offers.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards

How simple is that?? No cutting coupons or scanning a barcode. You just shop for your normal items, and if a participating product is on the receipt, you will earn points based on the cost of the products.

 Fetch Rewards

They even have ways to earn more points!! You can check out the Special Offers and find ways to earn bonus points on top of the regular points you get.

You also can earn more points by referring a friend or family member! You will each get 2,000 bonus points when the first receipt is scanned. You can refer as many people as you want, no limit!!

Fetch Rewards

Once you have a certain amount of points (as little as 3,000) you can redeem them for all sorts of things! Like gift cards to Best Buy, AMC Theaters, Game Stop, Fitbit, Old Navy, Target, Outback and many more!!

We also have a special deal for you! Use code FETCH2K to receive an extra 2,000 points (note: at the time of writing, 1,000 points = $1, so that’s $2)

Try it out today, we know you will love it! Get started at


The Secret To Balance

Balance is important for every single person! Especially as a parent, when you are pulled in multiple directions. Add on also working from home, and dealing with a chronic disease, and you might feel like you want to pull your hair out some days. Welcome to my life! It’s chaotic, a giant mess, always a rush, but filled with so much love! I’ve been a stay at home/work from home mom for about 7 years now and while it’s not easy, I also wouldn’t trade it for the world. It gives me balance, a career for myself, allows my family to be debt free and have a wonderful life, plus I never miss a moment. It does take some figuring out, so I’d love to offer a few tips. Now of course keep in mind, what works for me and my family, might not work for you. Sometimes you have to try a few different things.

The Secret To Balance

The Secret To Balance

I first learned how important balance was 9 years ago when I decided to finish my college degree, with a newborn. At first, it wasn’t so bad as he slept a lot. Plus,  I got him on a good sleep schedule early on. I’m a planner, so for me, I needed something to allow me to balance Mom Life and being a full time student. So imagine my surprise when I learned I was pregnant with baby number 2. Not part of the plan, but definitely such a beautiful blessing!! My oldest two kids are 16 months apart. One huge key to balance is knowing what you can, and can’t handle. Because I know that about myself, I decided to take 2 semesters off from college. I was bummed BUT I knew if I exhausted myself, I wouldn’t be able to be a Mom, or a student. Know yourself, know what you can handle, and know when something is just too much. Notice I didn’t quit, I’m very big on not quitting at things as we want to set an example for our kids. I took some time off, and still was able to graduate early!

After I finished college, I decided to get certified to be a personal trainer, and then a certified sports nutritionist. The key for me, was balance! With 2 young kids, it was hard, but not impossible. I had a few days where I did house work while they napped, and the rest of the week I used that time for school work and studying. Also, when they went to bed at night. I didn’t watch TV for about 2 years, but it allowed me to accomplish my goals. Plus, the TV was there when I finished. Sometimes we need to be willing to make a short term sacrifice for a long term goal.

The Secret To Balance

When I decided to work in marketing from home almost 4 years ago, I found myself struggling for that balance again. Now I had 3 kids, a thriving fitness business, a spouse who worked full time and went to college, plus I began having serious health issues. This time around, the balance was VERY hard. I had to have a little chat with myself and decide what was most important to me. It was being around for my kids. I knew it would be exhausting and hard to find balance, but my kids are worth it. The life I want them to have is worth it. The short amount of time my kids are little, it’s worth it not to miss out! One of the keys to finding balance is deciding how badly you want it to work. My dreams of a wonderful future with my family, is much more important to me then a little TV time, relax time, reading or the other things I was doing in the evenings when my kids went to bed. I knew what worked best for me was devoting a few hours and giving my self a schedule and a list. I blocked off about an hour/ hour and half 3 evenings a week once my kids went to bed. Yes, I was a little tired, but that set schedule and time allowed me to hit my goals.

The Secret To Balance

My schedule did not stay the same. The thing with balance is sometimes you have to try a few different things to see what works for you. As my business grew, I needed more normal hours and not evenings. My kids were 5, 3 and 1 so not very quiet during the day. My husband was off work and school on Wednesday, so I switched to that being my work day. I worked that entire day and found it made things less stressful for me. I did lose time with my husband as that was his only day off, but it was only for about 6 months! By the time summer came around, my income was great and I was able to transition to a few hours in the morning and evening again. I also hit the income goal I needed, so less stress on me and my family. As you can see, a short term sacrifice can pay off big time!

Now, my kids are in school during the day so my work schedule is a little easier on me. For those parents like me with kids gone, make sure you treat those hours you have alone as work hours. I do enjoy going for a walk and having lunch with friends, but I also make sure I have plenty of time to get my work accomplished. I don’t turn on the TV, do laundry, clean the house etc. I treat my at home job, the same as if I worked outside the home for set hours. I also don’t make excuses, that aren’t REAL. I always see people make crazy excuses and my first thought is, “would that fly in a 9-5 job with a boss, or would they laugh at you and fire you?” That is so helpful for me! I respect myself too much to make silly excuses. Now, being in the hospital, having pneumonia, having surgery, those are all things that you would be excused from at a job outside the home. Being tired, wanting to relax, going to the gym, catching up on tv shows and housework….those are not things you could say to a boss as an excuse for not working. It may sound silly, but this mindset was very helpful for me. The great thing is an at home job gives you flexibility, but you have to EARN it. You can’t take off for weeks, when your business is in the baby stage. Once its solid and at a place that is steady, then you have earned that flexibility. But in the beginning, you have to put in the work consistently, find balance to make it happen, not make excuses and treat it as a real job.

The Secret To Balance



You will notice a few things from these tips. You have to decide how much you want to succeed. I can give all the tips and help in the world, but if people don’t want it bad enough, they will make an excuse. The hard truth is we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some of us are busier than others, but right now, someone MUCH busier than you is chasing their dreams. Why? Because they want it more than you do. Have that discussion with yourself, your family, friends, support team. Figure out if this truly matters, and if it does, you CAN find a way. I’m living proof of that. In the past 4 years, my life has gotten MUCH busier. My kids are all in after school activities, my husband is in an accelerated program to be a Nurse Practitioner, I’ve had multiple hospital visits and procedures, my business has grown like crazy, yet through everything I have found a way. The reason being, because this is very important to me. It allows my kids to do those activities, for me to not miss a moment, and my husband to chase his dreams, while we stay debt and stress free. This week, my kids and husband have fall break and we have so many fun activities planned. I get to be there with my family making memories. I have no stress or fear of being able to afford things. I don’t worry about putting something on a credit card (We don’t have any actually ha!) or paying a bill. We just get to have fun together!! And that right there, is why I worked hard and found a way to balance! It’s worth the hard work to never miss a moment!!!


Online Teaching With EF Education First Online

With more and more people looking to work from home these days, when we find a great opportunity, we have to share it!! One of the biggest things we see from people is wanting something with a flexible schedule, no selling of products, and the chance to make a great income. Well, we have something that fits all those needs. Online teaching with EF Education First Online!

Online Teaching With EF Education First Online

Being an online teacher is a wonderful opportunity as it allows you to make a good income, but also impact other! Plus, with the kids being in China, this job is done in the early mornings or evenings which makes it perfect for busy Mom’s!

web square 02

EF Education has been around since in 1965! They have schools, offices, locations all around the world and are a leading source for ESL. Numerous programs allow them to reach more people. Their online division was launched in 1997 and with the EF Online and EF English First, they are able to reach more people wishing to learn English!


To be an educator with them, here are a few requirements

  1. Candidates must live in the U.S. or U.K and be a native English speaker.
  2. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field. A diploma or official transcripts are required. (if you are finishing your degree, you may apply once finished)
  3. Background check is required.
  4. 40 Hours of TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) certificate
  5. Headset, personal computer, access to wired Ethernet Connection (wifi is not compatible)
  6. Be able to work the hours agreed on


Schedule options include working between 4am EST- 8:30am EST Monday- Friday.

Or, Friday night 8pm EST- Saturday morning 8am EST.

And Saturday night 8pm EST- Sunday morning 8am EST.


A few more fun things! Parents can book you up to 6 months which means you get to see and help the same students plus have an income you can count on! Classes are about 25 minutes long. The kids range in age from 6-10.

Starting pay is $13 per hour and there is an opportunity to earn more based on things such as bonuses for repeat booking, completing lessons during weekday “peak times” and can earn up to $19 per class! That’s a great income for a work from home job!


Get started and see if this might be a good fit for you! Apply at :


Free Worksheet For Kids!

As a busy Mom, I’m always looking for things that will help my kids but are quick, easy and fun. is one of my favorite sites as they have so many tools to help our kids learn, but do so in a fun way! I’m that Mom that makes my kids do a little learning work each day, even during long breaks and summer. Because of that though, when the school year starts, my kids normally test ahead of their grade level!!! They also love learning and seeing their own progress get better and better! Here is a great worksheet to try, provided by the awesome team at! Enjoy!!

Free worksheet for kids

Free Worksheet For Kids!

Word tracers are a great way for kids to practice their letter formation and word recognition skills. This one from includes number words, so it gives parents an opportunity to also work on counting. For even more educational resources that your kids will love, check out

Numbers Word Tracer Sheet

Answer Sheet