Try, Try, Try, AGAIN!

I Can’t Be Successful Working From Home……

I have heard this a million times, a million different ways, with a million reasons why. Many people have tried and failed and are scared to try again. They think they weren’t successful once, so they never will be. Or they think all companies are the same. But as we teach our children, “at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again”.  Some of the greatest people in history, are only known because they kept trying and did not let failure define them! Will you let it define you, or will you keep trying? I will always try as I want to pass that lesson on to my kids, keep trying!!!


Why are some people successful working from home, and some are not? It boils down to a few things!

  • Your Work Ethic- some people do really good with motivating themselves, while others need people to constantly remind them to stay on track, and give them tasks to do. If you can motivate yourself, then you are already on the right track!
  • Your “WHY”- this is huge! “Why” do you want to work from home and be successful? I challenge each of you to sit down, really think about this, and then write it down. Stick it where you can see it each day and so you will be reminded “WHY” you need this and want it! For me, it’s a better future for my kids! I want to be able to pay for them to do activities, go to college, take vacations, and yet still be home for them each day. They motivate me and push me to be better!
  • Your Determination- this is another huge factor! I have heard every excuse, and I’ve made them myself!!! What keeps you going is NOT making excuses, but finding reasons to make it work! I’ve moved 5 times in the past 5 years, across states, and lost contact with so many people. I don’t know many people where I live now, so I’ve used social media to build my business! Where there is a will, there is a way to be successful!
  • Your Schedule- when working from home, you have to set your own schedule! For some people, this is easy. But for others, when it comes time to work, they don’t. But this is the key, to be successful, you have to WORK! You can’t post one thing on facebook each day and expect that to make you $1,000 a month. If that really worked, every one would do it!!! Some people do have a large following and can be successful that way, but for most people, we have to build relationships, we have to share our love for our job, we have to spend hours talking to people and showing them the great opportunity! If you are spending 5 minutes a day and not finding success, its time to really work!! Figure out what time you can work each day. For me, I get up before the kids and then I also stay up usually an hour or two after them. That is my work time! I write down during the day what needs to be done during that time, and I don’t relax until its accomplished. To build a successful business though, you need to WORK!
  • Your creativity- you need to find new ways to get a customer base, to grow your network, to reach people! Be creative! Ask other small business owners how they do it, try new things, and get outside your bubble! Take post cards around to local businesses, host a “networking” dinner for other business people In your area, go to events and get a booth, give a prize for referrals….there are so many options!!!

try try try again

I’ve been told I’m successful because I have a large network or a lot of friends or I got in at the start of the company. None of those are true haha. I’m successful because I put in the work! When I first started working from home, I was a senior in college and my kids were 1 and 2 ½. I got creative, I worked each day, I had success….and then I quit!!! That job was not for me, and it was a bad experience, but I didn’t let it get me down. I kept searching until I found the right job, and I tried again!!! For a few people, success comes easy, but for some, it takes years of hard work! But isn’t the hard work for a few years worth it to own your time???


Your success is determined by YOU! Do you have what it takes to keep going and never give up? I believe in you! After all, us Mom’s are some of the strongest people in the world. Keep going!!!!!




Monday Musings January 18th

I’m so thankful today is Monday!! I know, you are reading that and probably thinking either I had too much coffee, or not enough sleep….or both HAHA! The truth is I love Monday! I love the fresh start to the week, I love setting goals, and I love a new chance to rock the week! Especially after last week!! Last week was crazy for me! I got a nice surprise that my website was down and it took days of waiting “patiently” for it to be fixed. I have limited work time now thanks to my husband’s new schedule, so having no website on the day he was off, put a huge damper in my plans haha. But it worked out as that gave me time to get some other things off my to-do list!! Plus, I thought I was having company so I super cleaned my house. The company ended up not coming, but I have a nice clean house which is always a good way to start the week haha. And I got some projects done! Or in the process….I’m very excited about the playroom wall I’m working on! I’m not very crafty, so when a project comes together, I get very excited about it!



Ok so let’s talk happenings!!! If you have not applied to the new ambassador program Miss Boss, you need to do so quickly before the spots fill up!!!! This program will teach you how to be the boss of your life and ranges on topics from being healthy, to working from home, to starting a blog. We will have tons of great resources and training’s so make sure you apply as the spots are limited!!! APPLY HERE



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This week’s Mom Boss is a very special person, one of my best friends, Molly Ritterbeck!!!! This lady is an amazing Mom to 3 young girls, works from home, and believes in empowering all women!! She is also one of the leaders of the Miss Boss Ambassador Program!!

“I found that I cannot sit back and let people determine what my future and my paycheck would look like. They would always want theirs to be more if they were telling me what to do.  I never wanted to tell people what to do, but I did want to help people! I found I was able to do both of these things with a home based business or two.  I joined up 1975144_10152325775939312_2077813139_nwith like minded women who also were wanting the same things as me. We shared what was working, and then tailored them to the businesses we were in to make them work for each of us individually.  It was amazing what we could do while uplifting others!

I was once told that the average millionaire has seven streams of income, so I knew I would have to diversify what I was doing to reach the goals I wanted. I began with Younique. I knew that some people found confidence behind makeup. I realized that building strong women behind that was even more powerful. Now I have a strong team of women who are confidente enough in themselves that they are helping other women find the same along with some added glamour in their lives! Along with that I joined Premier Designs, an amazing faith based Jewelry company that could compliment the the spectrum between costume and high-end fashion. Bonus for those who purchase a piece – it can be worn many different ways, so its cost per use is minimal. Everyone wants to look good, don’t they? I am currently working on a blogging course to allow those first time bloggers to take the proper steps to ensure the decisions they make can help them turn their  blog into a money making venture if they so choose! Lastly I have partnered with Purely Essential Oils. This company has rebranded from Simply Aroma to match their product more closely. They have even provided their starter kit to those for all but free (you pay taxes and shipping – roughly $25) so that everyone can have a chance to better their life with the products and potential income.  How amazing is that? I would love to talk with anyone who would love to take a step to the freedom of choice in what they do daily. I love what I do and I love helping others do it to!”
Contact Molly at or on Facebook at Miss Molly!



Want to be the next Mom Boss? Send me an email as to how your job has changed your life!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!! Make sure you have subscribed to the page so you never miss an awesome post!


Musings On A Thursday

Ok so full disclosure, I wrote this post Monday Morning before realizing my website was down! So after this, my day went a bit downhill haha. I thought It was down because my hosting payment was due on the 16th, so I went ahead and paid that. Still was down! So I emailed and found out the company who hosts my website, had had a cyber attack! YIKES! Hundreds of people had their websites down this week, but RFE Hosting worked hard to get them all back up and running for us as quick as possible. Thank goodness!!! So here is My Monday Musings….just a little late hahaha!

Most people dread Monday, but I actually love it! It’s a brand new start to a week and a chance to get back on track haha. The past few months have been crazy in my house so I’m very excited for a normal week! Or as normal as can be with 3 kids under 6, a husband who works crazy hours and is back in college, and myself working from home!!!

My goal this week is to find a few more crock pot recipes that are quick, easy, and healthy! My husband basically has an hours between the time he wakes up in the afternoon and the time he has to be in to work so having him around to watch the kids while I cook doesn’t happen anymore! It wouldn’t be a big deal except my 19 month old doesn’t play with toys….instead he likes to find ways to take apart my house, or to see how high he can climb!

Let’s talk happenings!!!

Miss Boss

I’m very excited to let yall in on a brand new ambassador program which focuses on teaching women to be the BOSS of their lives!!! It will be run by some of the top names in social media/direct sales and will focus on many different areas. We will have some sharing social media tips for those wishing to master social media, someone teaching how to be successful in direct sales, someone teaching about fitness, and many other great topics!! For those looking for a fun place to fit in, this is!!! For those looking for free help working from home successfully, this is it!!! For those looking to find friends and a great network of women, this is it!!! Spots are limited though so go fill out the online application today!!!






I’m very excited to introduce this week’s Mom Boss, my good friend, Angela!!! She is an amazing, hard working Mom, and a huge supporter of other business owners!!


“My name is Angela Larraga and I have been a Le-Vel Independent Promoter since July 2015. I was at a point in my life where I had no energy, no motivation to get things done, brain fog, had extra weight that wouldn’t come off and body discomforts. I tried many things but nothing seemed to work. I kept seeing posts about Thrive on Facebook. After some quick research, I ordered my 30 day Thrive Experience. Day One, I noticed I had more energy. By Day 5, I had more mental clarity and by Day 10, I I knew I found the products that would change my life. I had energy, I slept great at night, waking before my alarm clock and excited to start the day. I played with my kids again, my body discomforts were improving. I also lost several inches & some pounds because my sugar and carb cravings were reduced. The best day was when my kids said “Mom, it’s so awesome to have you back. You’re the mom you used to be again” I love helping people feel their best and live the life they deserve. More information is available at”




Coming This Week

*5 Unique Ways To Make Money From Home

*Skinny Potato Soup

*Mastering The Selfie


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Remember if you would like to be the Mom Boss of the week, send me an email at and share with me how working from home has changed your life!


Come Work With Me!

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Get PAID To Test Websites

More and more companies these days are turning to the World Wide Web as a way of finding new customers. It allows them a larger reach, plus its more convenient for the consumer! But before they go live, many companies like to have their website tested! They want to know if it’s user friendly, are the links working, are words spelled correctly. And to do this, they need people to test it for them!

get paid to test websites

This is a great option for all us busy Mom’s who can’t commit to working set hours each day! Most of these tests take about 20 minutes so you can fit a few in before the kids wake up, and a few in the evening when they go to bed!


Most of these companies do require you have a computer with a microphone (they record you talking about the site as you test it), good internet connect, a paypal account for payment, and a few ask you have a web cam too.


Check out this list below of some companies I found who will hire you to test their sites for them! If you work for any of these, let us know in the comments what you think!!



Userlytics- Earn $10 per testing websites (average time is 20 minutes). Must have a computer with good internet speed and have a paypal account.


UserTesting- Earn $10 per each test (average time is 10-20 minutes). Must have a computer with a microphone, be 18 years of age, and have the ability to speak your thoughts. Payment is through PayPal


YouEye- Earn money for participating in panels. You must be 18, be willing to share information and have a computer with a webcam and microphone.


WhatUsersDo – Earn $8 or more per test (average time is 10-20 minutes). Must have a computer with a microphone and internet access. Test websites and talk about your thoughts on them into a microphone. Good testers can earn $100-$200 per week. Pay is by PayPal

To sign up as a Tester, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “become a tester”


Analysia- Test websites and surf the web and share what you think about them. Get paid $10 for 10-15 minutes of website testing.


StartUpLift- Test websites and earn $5 and up per test. Payment is every Monday via PayPal. Must have a computer with internet and web browsers.


trymyUI- Test websites and apps, provide your honest feedback and earn $10 for each test.


Enroll- Test websites and apps and help make the web a better place. Pay varies per job.


TestingTime- Earn money testing digital products via Skype or in person with clients. Pay is $50 per test.


Looking for more jobs you can do from home? Make sure to check out our Work From Home Directory for other great options!!