Monday Musings

“I must break the routines and become a person who becomes productive every Monday. I must break the mindset of unhappiness and turn myself into a happy magnet for Mondays.” Leggy Saul


I love Monday!!! It’s the start to a brand new week, a fresh slate, and it gets me back on a schedule. Which I love. I’m a schedule person through and through! I also love it as its time to feature a new Mom Boss and I truly love hearing about all the amazing women out there who are rocking the business world and raising families! This weeks Mom Boss is my beautiful friend Stephanie Mize. She owns a very successful business, and is a wife and Mother! Check out her amazing story!



“When I started with Monat, I wasn’t looking for a business opportunity, I was just looking for great hair! I’m married with two small children and work 50-60 hours per week in corporate America, so I literally had no time for anything extra. But, God had bigger plans for me! After using Monat products just a few short weeks, people started asking me what I was doing differently to my hair, and I thought, this stuff sells itself! I slowly started sharing our naturally based haircare with everyone with a head and my business exploded. Everyone has a story about their hair, whether they love it or hate it, and people pay crazy amounts of money for hair products that don’t deliver on their promises. But, let me tell you, Monat does deliver and the results are literally hair changing! I’ve come to realize that great haircare is about so much more than vanity. I’ve been able to help people with hair loss due to stress, chemo, alopecia and more. Monat products have literally changed their lives!

Taking a chance on Monat has not only changed others lives, but it’s also changing my families future! Being in the gas and oil industry, I had to take a 25% pay cut in 2015 and Monat more than made up for the loss of income. This year, I am faced with another 25% pay cut and Monat is giving me the ability to remain financially stable and provide income for my family. Not only has Monat given me the ability for financial stability, it’s allowing me to help others do the same. To realize dreams they never knew they had. I have people on my team paying off large amounts of debt, buying new cars, taking vacations they’ve always dreamed of, putting their children through private school, and even becoming stay at home moms with their children, while still having the ability to contribute to their families finances.

I always say, the products are hair changing and the business is life changing, but the people are the BEST part. I get to work with a team of motivated, passionate and inspiring people each and every day. People that truly want to see me succeed and who cheer me on every step of the way. We have a team across the US and Canada full of men and women changing lives and we love to help others do the same. Monat is all about helping others to succeed! Monat’s Founder and Chairman, Luis Urdaneta states, “To be truly successful, you need to invest in the success of those around you” and I couldn’t agree more. I wholeheartedly believe that I will find true success when I help others to achieve success.

So, what is Monat? Monat is a brand new, Miami-based social selling company that is taking the industry by storm. We’re the only company in the direct sells industry focusing on naturally based hair products. We’re changing lives every day by helping people experience more of what they need, and looking and feeling great while doing it. Healthy hair is the new sexy, so if you’re curious to see what all the commotion is about, I would love to share more information with you!”


Contact Stephanie by her Facebook Business Page: or Website:


Want to be next weeks Mom Boss? Send me an email at


Coming up this week on the blog…..87 Calorie Peanut Butter Chocolate Muffins! These are so good you have to hide them from your kids! Or just make triple, because double is not enough!

And- how to pick the perfect work from home job!


Have a blessed week!!!!


25 Companies That Have Work From Home Positions

When it comes to working at home, the same thing does not work for everyone. Some people prefer to be their own boss and set their own hours, while other people prefer to be told what to do and when to work. You have to find what works for you! Customer service jobs are a great option for those people who need a boss. The hours are set and the pay is set. This is a great option if you need a set income each week.

25 customer service jobs

For these type of jobs, you do need a quite space to work in with no interruptions and can expect to be on the phone most the day. This is perfect for Mom’s who no longer have kids home during the day. This is a list of 25 different companies that will hire you to work from home. Click the name to contact them directly to apply!




ACD Direct




American Support






Aspire Lifestyle




American Express






Call Center QA


Century Link




Direct Interactions




Expert Planet


Great Virtual Works


Hilton Worldwide


Home Shopping Network


Live Ops








Talk 2 Rep




USA Contact Point


Ver a fast


Working Solutions


1-800 Flowers


Looking to be your own boss and have flexible working hours? Make sure to check out our Work From Home Directory!






Skinny Nachos

My husband is a big fan of Mexican food, but not many of those recipes are healthy. Plus with me having to go gluten free last year its been even more of a struggle finding recipes we both enjoy. And we all know I would much rather save my calories for a brownie after dinner (I’m all about dessert!!!). So the hunt began for a recipe we both liked that wasn’t high in calories and the kids would eat too. It took a few tries but this is the one we love!



1 Lb Lean Ground Turkey

1 Can Black Beans

Corn Chips (or any type of chips you like)

1-2 Cups Mexican Cheese (I use 2%)

1 Cup Corn

2 Cans Rotel Tomatoes (You can use 1 but I love tomatoes so do 2)



Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Saute your ground turkey and add spices or seasoning you like. I put taco seasoning on mine. While it cooks, put foil on a baking sheet and cover with your chips. I do one thin layer of chips and make them overlap. Next rinse the black beans and sprinkle half of them over the chips. Next add the corn and half of the rotel tomatoes. When the turkey is done, drain it and then spread over your chips. Top with cheese. You can do light cheese here, or more, its totally up to you. On the top I add more rotel tomatoes and more beans. You could also add onions and black olives if you like! Cook for approximately 10 minutes or until the cheese is all melted. Serve with salsa, guacamole or light sour cream! Enjoy!!



Monday Musings

its_mondayHappy Monday!!! I have to say I’m so excited for this Monday. The past two weeks have been crazy in my house with company, illness, and a serious family scare. I feel Monday is the perfect day to restart and have a fabulous week! And my oldest is off school all week so I’m excited to spend time with him. It’s crazy how much you miss those wild ones once they start school haha.


Plus a week with him means a week away from his school germs. Since he started in October, he has been sick every other week! Not fun especially since he passes it on to his sister and brother and then to me! I’m planning to start using essential oils to try and keep everyone healthier as I’m so tired of the sick germs haha. If you have some good tips on using essential oils to improve immune systems in kids, feel free to comment below or email me with them! I’ll be happy to feature you if they work! As long as it’s safe and healthy, I’m game to try ANYTHING at this point for a healthier home!

unnamed (4)

So if you noticed, the page was down most the month of January due to the company I was hosting with having issues. I’m excited to say I found a new host provider and they have been a joy to work with and such a HUGE help! I’m behind on a lot thanks to that, but plan to play catch up over the next few weeks! I tried three recipes off Pinterest last week and they were all huge fails. Don’t you hate when that happens?!?! But the good news is that means I have more new things to try this week to share with everyone haha.


This week’s Mom Boss is someone very dear to me. She is head of a non-profit organization, a Master Trainer for Train Dirty Fitness, a Mom to the most wonderful little girl, and the owner of Fit Mom Glam Life! Meet Stephanie Powell!!!!! Read her amazing story below!


1620525_10154084817996091_3695717556594518647_n“2 years ago I didn’t realize how badly my family needed the Younique opportunity. I thought that life was supposed to be a constant struggle, with little time to do what we really enjoyed. It wasn’t until I committed myself to change that I realized we needed this time freedom more than anything. I love that my paycheck can’t increase until I am helping others, but once I help others, the possibilities are limitless!”

Want to learn more about Stephanie? Go follow her on facebook or visit her website. You will love chatting with her!

Facebook: Fit Mom Diaries

Website: Fit Mom Glam Life


Want to me the next Mom Boss? Send me an email about how your job has changed your life!


Coming up next week….Jobs that are ALWAYS hiring! This list will help those people looking for a set income job with set hours! And for those looking for a job with flexible hours, I have one for you too! “Can I Find A Job With Flexible Hours?” this will include the scams to watch for, the legitimate jobs you can find, and the many questions people have about these types of jobs. Tune in this week, and make sure you subscribe to the page and our newsletter so you never miss out!



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Have a blessed day everyone!


Try, Try, Try, AGAIN!

I Can’t Be Successful Working From Home……

I have heard this a million times, a million different ways, with a million reasons why. Many people have tried and failed and are scared to try again. They think they weren’t successful once, so they never will be. Or they think all companies are the same. But as we teach our children, “at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again”.  Some of the greatest people in history, are only known because they kept trying and did not let failure define them! Will you let it define you, or will you keep trying? I will always try as I want to pass that lesson on to my kids, keep trying!!!


Why are some people successful working from home, and some are not? It boils down to a few things!

  • Your Work Ethic- some people do really good with motivating themselves, while others need people to constantly remind them to stay on track, and give them tasks to do. If you can motivate yourself, then you are already on the right track!
  • Your “WHY”- this is huge! “Why” do you want to work from home and be successful? I challenge each of you to sit down, really think about this, and then write it down. Stick it where you can see it each day and so you will be reminded “WHY” you need this and want it! For me, it’s a better future for my kids! I want to be able to pay for them to do activities, go to college, take vacations, and yet still be home for them each day. They motivate me and push me to be better!
  • Your Determination- this is another huge factor! I have heard every excuse, and I’ve made them myself!!! What keeps you going is NOT making excuses, but finding reasons to make it work! I’ve moved 5 times in the past 5 years, across states, and lost contact with so many people. I don’t know many people where I live now, so I’ve used social media to build my business! Where there is a will, there is a way to be successful!
  • Your Schedule- when working from home, you have to set your own schedule! For some people, this is easy. But for others, when it comes time to work, they don’t. But this is the key, to be successful, you have to WORK! You can’t post one thing on facebook each day and expect that to make you $1,000 a month. If that really worked, every one would do it!!! Some people do have a large following and can be successful that way, but for most people, we have to build relationships, we have to share our love for our job, we have to spend hours talking to people and showing them the great opportunity! If you are spending 5 minutes a day and not finding success, its time to really work!! Figure out what time you can work each day. For me, I get up before the kids and then I also stay up usually an hour or two after them. That is my work time! I write down during the day what needs to be done during that time, and I don’t relax until its accomplished. To build a successful business though, you need to WORK!
  • Your creativity- you need to find new ways to get a customer base, to grow your network, to reach people! Be creative! Ask other small business owners how they do it, try new things, and get outside your bubble! Take post cards around to local businesses, host a “networking” dinner for other business people In your area, go to events and get a booth, give a prize for referrals….there are so many options!!!

try try try again

I’ve been told I’m successful because I have a large network or a lot of friends or I got in at the start of the company. None of those are true haha. I’m successful because I put in the work! When I first started working from home, I was a senior in college and my kids were 1 and 2 ½. I got creative, I worked each day, I had success….and then I quit!!! That job was not for me, and it was a bad experience, but I didn’t let it get me down. I kept searching until I found the right job, and I tried again!!! For a few people, success comes easy, but for some, it takes years of hard work! But isn’t the hard work for a few years worth it to own your time???


Your success is determined by YOU! Do you have what it takes to keep going and never give up? I believe in you! After all, us Mom’s are some of the strongest people in the world. Keep going!!!!!