Black Friday Deals

This Holiday Season, I encourage everyone to shop from small business owners and help more parents be able to afford Christmas for their kids!! Many people chose a home based business as a way of paying off bills, saving for their kids college, or allowing themselves to spend more time with their families!!! Instead of rushing to the store on Thanksgiving, you can grab some great deals online, from parents!!! Here are some awesome deals to check out! For more deals all Christmas long, make sure to download our Christmas Catalog! Thank you for helping small business owners be successful!!! I know my family appreciates YOU supporting me <3





Jamberry- We have lots of great deals going on this Holiday! Shop with us on Black Friday and you can get a FREE sheet of nail wraps when you spend $50! Order over $75 and you also get FREE shipping! We are bringing back 12 retired designs plus offering a brand new gel polish color that you can only get during our deals! And to make it even better, a percent of sales goes to Toys For Tots!! With nail wraps, nail lacquer, gel polish, and hand care, we truly have something for everyone! Shop HERE!




Health and Wellness (Dana Wikoff)

Learn how to save money on your groceries each month while getting all non-toxic products! Plus you can earn up to $100 to shop, extra 15% off, and more!!! You are going to brush your teeth and wash your clothes, so why not save money when you do it??? Contact me for more information at Or read a bit more HERE Open an account by November 29th and be entered to win a FREE lotion AND a FREE $30 Visa Gift Card!


Revive Academy With Crystal Honeycutt

In the past 5 years, hundreds of women have learned to live their best life now through my professionals training program. With my training, these women have been able to create multiple streams of income. They have been able to get themselves off public assistance, buy homes, pay off mortgages, purchase reliable transportation, pay off debt, pay off student loans years ahead of schedule, take family vacations, provide for their children, start their own businesses, and even open up fitness studios. While all of those things are great, those amazing accomplishments aren’t what I look for in the success of my professional clients. I look want to teach each of them to be the #MomBoss of her life, wear self confidence like it’s a shiny new diamond on her finger, be married to her spouse instead of her job, and #BeHereNow with her children. It is my goal to teach every women how to build her own empire, to leave a legacy for generations to follow, and to hold her head high no matter what comes her way. Use code “blackfriday” to get 25% of this program until the 29th!




Young Living- A free bottle of Christmas spirit essential oil with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living Essential Oils. Check out


Younique (Molly Ritterbeck) – Join my private group to learn about our deals and every purchase placed gets a prize!


Simply Aroma (Molly Ritterbeck)- Free bottle with every $50 purchase!


Kyani (Jennifer) – If you order 1 month of the Kyani Triangle of Health from my website, I will personally mail you a free 7 day pack that you can keep for yourself or give the gift of health to a friend!


Adornable.u (Stacey Porritt) – We have some FUN Black Friday Specials running now through the 28th! Plus, when you buy one of our necklace/headbands, you get the matching bracelet/hair tie for FREE!12226956_10153755086713739_6480467224547459110_n

Premier (Molly Ritterbeck)- Buy one get one at 40% off! I also will have other things happening in my group so make sure you join to see the deals!




Younique (Ashley Hartmann) –  Younique will also have a corporate special for black friday as well as more deals in my group! Join to be one of the first to hear!


Jewelry In Candles (Wendy Yellowknee) – Honora Pearls, Chrysalis and Waxing Poetic added to the Naughty and Nice Tart and the JIC Body Butters.  The ability to choose which charms you get and the color of bangle in the Chrysalis line.  The the release of the extremely popular eternity bands in an even more popular Rose Gold color and the addition of 4 more Christmas Scents to the Pink Flame line up.  Wow!  It’s been an exciting week!




Thrive (Angela Larraga )- Black Friday Special! Purchase 30 day Thrive Experience and receive 7 days free! Give yourself the gift of health!


Tyra Beauty (Renee Tanner) – 40%OFF on bundle looks for new


It Works (Belinda Hazlett) Free wrap or facial with any order for the rest of the month.




Monday Musings November 2nd

Life can be crazy sometimes can’t it?!?! A few months ago I started “Monday Musings” where we chat about popular topics from the past week, but with homeschooling, moving, and getting back into a schedule….it fell off!!!! But here we go again!!! Cause you know, at first you don’t succeed, try again haha!!!

monday musings


This week I have gotten a lot of emails about legit jobs vs ones that are scams. It can be really hard to tell the difference, so always do your research! The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start, but you can also google the company name plus the word “reviews” to learn more.  This article also gives you more tips.

Remember to never give out personal information unless you are POSITIVE the company is not a scam!

There are MANY great companies out there so don’t be scared to look! Just be safe!!!


Christmas is coming and the biggest time for most direct sales companies. Our online event launches November 9th so please attend and support other small business owners. I highly encourage everyone to buy from at least one small business owner this year! If you need suggestions on gifts, our Christmas Catalog is also a great place to look!!




No! it is never too early to get ready for tax time!!! You need to stay organized and make sure to always keep track of what you spend vs what you earn. I keep a detailed spreadsheet plus every receipt just to be on the safe side. If you are going to hire someone to do your taxes, make sure to start looking into that now!


Featured Business of The Week!11078190_1093354360682081_3658394774086938190_n

Perfectly Posh With Christie! I’ve known Christie a few years now and she is an amazing Mom and Business Woman!!! She teaches people how to have fun with their business and enjoy what they are doing. Her creativity and passion for her products has launched her team into all types of amazing opportunities! Go visit her page on facebook and send her a message. You will absolutely love talking with her as much as I do!!!


Perfectly Posh With Christie






This week I’m working on “5 Tips for Sharing Your Business Successfully on Social Media” AND “How To Grow Your Blog” AND “Why You Should Blog”. If you have something you would like to learn more about, send a request to

Have a wonderful Monday!!!



5 Tips For Raising Healthy Kids

As a personal trainer AND mom, teaching my kids to be healthy is very important to me! But it’s also hard!!! Kids are picky eaters at young ages so getting veggies in can be a trick! For me personally, I have 3 kids and they all like totally different things! My daughter loves broccoli, my oldest son likes fruit, and the baby hates both those. My key is starting them out young, but also sneaking those fruits in! We have a daily smoothie with kale and spinach and fruit. Even if they hate veggies, I still win by getting them in their body.


12049250_1048285918538207_3309233857384547622_nHere are some more tips for raising healthy kids:


1) Keep healthy snacks on hand. They won’t eat the junk food if it’s not in the house.

2) Teach them balance, one treat a day type of thing.

3) Give them fruits and veggies, some kids learn to love them!

4) Teach them about foods that are good for us and help us grow.

5) Sneak veggies in if your kids won’t eat them.




Christmas Catalog

Christmas is coming!!! For many people that can be a stressful time of the year as you have to find time to SHOP! I don’t know about you, but shopping with 3 kids is no easy task! I’d much rather spend my time making cooking or checking out Christmas lights. And I’m sure many busy Moms are just like me!


christmas catalog 2015Last year I hosted an online event with over 2,000 members to bring Christmas shopping right to your computer! This event was special because not only did it help busy people with their Christmas shopping, but it also encouraged people to shop from small business owners. This year I’m taking it up a notch! Not only will I be hosting the Online Christmas Bazaar starting in November, but I will also be creating a Christmas Catalog filled with products from small business owners!!! My goal is to encourage more and more people to shop from small business owners, instead of a large corporation!


When you shop from a small business owner, you are helping a Mom be able to stay home with her kids. You are helping a family take a vacation. You are enabling parents to start putting money aside for their kids college education. You are helping people not stress about spending extra this Christmas season. It’s so important to help small businesses be successful as that puts more money back into the economy!! I encourage everyone to shop for at least one item from a small business owner this Holiday Season. And encourage your friends and family to do the same.


Our Christmas Catalog will help with that! It will be emailed out to you starting in November and you also have the option to join our online Christmas Bazaar to learn more about the products being offered. To sign up to receive the Christmas Catalog and be notified when the Bazaar is open, go HERE


Want to be listed in our Christmas Catalog???

You can receive a quarter ad, half sheet, or full sheet ad to broadcast your products/business!

You also receive a FREE spot in our Online Christmas Bazaar

Only two reps per company will be allowed

The Christmas Catalog will be shared in multiple groups and on our Facebook Page

Christmas Catalog will be viewed by approximately 15,000 viewers from our website, 40,000 viewers from our Facebook Page, and 10,00 viewers from our Instagram Pinterest and Twitter Followers.

Email with any questions


half page








Full Page Ad





Ad Size

Want to learn how you can start your own business? Visit our Work From Home Directory!


Pinterest for Business

As Facebook has recently changed its rules on allowing people to advertise, more people are looking for other avenues. One great way to advertise your business is through Pinterest! People spend more time each day on Pinterest than Facebook, plus they have the intent to buy and are willing to spend more! Here are a few other fun facts about Pinterest:pinterest-for-business
 69% of people on Pinterest make purchases vs only 40% from those on Facebook.
 Pinterest is the place to buy, or find inspiration on things you want to buy.
 People spend DOUBLE the amount of money on products they find on Pinterest vs on Facebook
 Food and Drink is the most popular category on Pinterest, followed my Home décor, followed by art and design.
 Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites
 Pinterest has users of all ages
 People spend MORE time on Pinterest than Facebook

So how do you utilize this to grow your business? It takes time, but more and more business, especially large brands, are coming to Pinterest! Start small by getting your boards organized, have good descriptions, and make sure your pins are linked back to your website. Here are some tips to make Pinterest successful for your business.

 *Convert your Pinterest to a BUSINESS account. This gives you analytical information such as the number of clicks, the number of repins, etc and with that feature you can see which pins are helping your business.
 *Fill out your ABOUT section and use details as to what you do and what your website is about
 *Make Your Boards Organized. Have board names that are easy for people to recognize and know what it is that category. Have a fun and engaging picture set for each board. Have lots of boards that cover wide topics.
 *Make sure your boards have detailed descriptions and use SEO keywords and relevant hashtags.
 *Have Group Boards. With these, other people can post to the same board which means you reach their friends and followers PLUS your own!
 *Have engaging and enticing pictures. Pinterest is very visual so make sure your pictures can catch someone’s eye
 *KEYWORDS! Have keywords that will help people find your post. When someone goes to google, and types in “work from home jobs for moms”, you want them to be able to find your post right away. To do so, you need to make sure to use keywords that describe exactly what your post is about or what you are promoting/selling/taking about. Take time and think about who you are trying to attract and your audience. Keywords are very important for getting new people to your site. One way to know which keywords are most popular is by typing in what your post is about in the Pinterest search bar. That will bring up the most searched words related to your pin.
 *Make sure your Pins are linked back to YOUR website and not someone else’s.
 *Add a Pinterest “Pin It” Button to your website so people can easily pin your posts/pictures/articles
 *Have boards devoted to your business
 *Make sure your pins are 80/20. 80% need to be non business related, and 20% business. That will keep followers from getting bored and help them to engage with you more.
 *Incorporate hashtags to describe your pin and business
 *Aim to have about 10-20 pins put up a day. Have ALL of them go to your website to boost traffic.
 *Follow other people interested in what you are selling, and often they will follow you back.
 *Quality pins are way more important than having a lot of pins.
 *Follow other boards, especially large boards that have a similar interest to the market you are trying to reach
 *Share your Pins to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (make sure to shorten the url before posting to Twitter)
Remember it takes time to build a following on any social media account and to start getting sales from it. Be consistent each day and you will get there. One way to get started is set apart a time each day just for Pinterest. That way you won’t forget to do it!