Amazing Skin Care

treskinrx-logoI’m not one of those people with beautiful glowing skin. Instead, ever since having my kids, I’ve dealt with horrible skin issues. I have tried every face product out there and most just make my skin even worse! The popular acne products dry my skin out and make the breakouts worse. The smell good products cause more breakouts. The normal products make my skin oily. I just can’t win!

I did finally find a great product that is all natural and put my breakouts at bay!


It is called TreSkinRX. My sweet normal-sample-kit-BIGfriend Michelle sent me some products to try and see how they worked for me. I explained to her about my skin problems and she was very helpful in making sure I got something that wouldn’t further aggravate my skin. The trial pack is GREAT for anyone wanting to give this a try before committing long term. The face wash in gentle and has a great smell to it and leaves your face feeling soft after. it also has an awesome exfoliate that doesn’t dry your skin or make you feel “over polished” after using it. My favorite was the night cream! It helped my skin stop feeling so dry and left me silky smooth the next day!


I highly recommend giving these products a try if you have searched high and low for a good skincare line! Feel free to contact my friend Michelle as she will be happy to assist you and get you started with a sample pack, or tell you more about the business opportunity! Thank you so much Michelle for allowing me to test your products, it was a great experience!

Michelle Krasicki-Aune



Big Changes

GAA few months back, my husband made the decision that he wanted to return to school and get his Masters Degree. Only problem was, in the area we live in, he didn’t have a place to do his required clinical hours. So in order for him to return to school, we would need to move. And thus began a very scary and life changing decision…where should we move?!?! We had only been in Virginia a few years, so we weren’t very attached to it, plus snow is not my favorite thing. We knew we wanted to be close to family as its hard having 3 kids, a husband who works long hours, and no one around to help when we need it. A date night would be nice too if we had a family/friend to babysit. Its been almost 2 years since our last date night haha!!!


So we narrowed down our search to GA, TN, and FL. I didn’t have anything pulling me towards FL so we crossed that off quickly. TN was crossed off next as although its pretty and further south, we aren’t the least bit familiar with it. GA was the best and obvious choice. I was born and raised in the Atlanta area and still have a lot of friends and family there. My husband was raised in south GA, but the job market and housing market is not great there for him, plus that holds bad memories as he went through a lot in that area. So Atlanta area was the winner!!!


Back in November, we began the process of my husband applying to jobs. He had to have filled out our 50 applications, but we weren’t hearing anything back! He has lots of experience, has gotten rewards at work, and has a higher degree than many people in his field, but no one was calling! We went ahead and started fixing up our house to sell, we painted a few rooms, sanded our back porch, and removed the dated wallpaper in the laundry room. And began de-cluttering!


Then we got a call in February.  It was for a part time job, but it was at the hospital my husband REALLY wanted to work at. If you are familiar with the Atlanta area, then you know it is very busy and has a lot of traffic. Both things my husband wanted to avoid. BUT it was super important to us to be in a good school system and close to my family members which meant we were praying hard for this one hospital to call. And they DID!!!! Out of over 50 different applications he put in, the one we wanted the most called to schedule an interview!!!!


The interview went great, but the only problem was the job was not full time hours which meant a pay cut. We did the math and with my income, we knew we could make it work. We decided to go ahead and put our house on the market so if the job came through, we would be ready. And then we waited. We heard nothing back for over a week. During that time, THREE more calls came in asking my husband to set up interviews. Another week went back and no call back from his dream job. We were disappointed, but we knew God had it in control. Then, out of the blue, over two weeks after his interview, they called and offered him a FULL TIME job at the hospital he really wanted!!!! One week later, our house was under contract!


This whole process has been exhausting, stressful, and nerve racking, but it helped teach me again how important it is to trust God and not to make plans because it is all up to him! Now we are in serious packing mode as we leave in a little over a week!!! Luckily, my AMAZING in-laws are coming up from south GA to help us move and get settled in. The drive is going to be rough though as its 9hrs and my oldest son gets badly car sick and my youngest son hates the car. Plus, the baby is still nursing and REFUSES a bottle so we are going to stop often so I can nurse him. At least my daughter loves the car and hopefully leaving super early will make things a bit easier.


Needless to say, my life is a bit crazy right now. I won’t be taking on any new personal training clients/nutrition clients or hosting any Jamberry Parties for awhile. I have also put a hold on advertisers on this website and the facebook page ( ) starting this Friday until May. I’m so sorry for any trouble this causes anyone. If you need a personal trainer, I have a few great ones I can recommend until I’m back to working again.


If you have traveling and moving tips to share with me, please please please post them below! My kids are 4 1/2, 3 and 9 months so I’m happy to have any tips to make this process easier!!! For those in the Atlanta area, I can’t wait to meet you all in person and thank you so much for following my blog! I’ll be renting in the Conyers area, while looking to build in Walton County. Share your tips with me on home building, finding schools, finding churches, and fun kids activities in that area!! I’ll try to keep everyone updated as best I can. Thank you for your support and baring with me during these big changes <3



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Blog Link Parties

11404_10205621130676317_4834179443480644860_nHappy Monday!!! Call me crazy, but Monday is actually one of my FAVORITE days of the week!! I know, I know, I’m weird haha. The reason is though my family has a flipped schedule from everyone else as my husband works Fri-Monday. And night shifts! So he sleeps all day, works all night. Come Monday I’m so excited because it means I have help putting the kids to bed!! Let me tell you, putting a 4 1/2, 3, and 7 month old to bed by myself would make for a fabulous episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Especially on nights like last night where it is super windy so my oldest two did not want to sleep. Extra coffee for me today!!!

I’m using my coffee time today to mingle on some great blogs!! I highly suggest everyone go check out these fabulous blog link parties!! It’s a great way to spend your Monday Coffee Time!!

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