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I’m back!!!! I can’t believe how long it has been since I blogged! My life has been a bit chaotic the last few months and one thing you know if you’ve followed me long is I teach how important it is to have balance and prioritize things. For me, I had to step back a bit from blogging while I adjusted to a new schedule. I’m still working on that to be honest but I’m hoping come summer it will be a bit easier!! So…..what’s been going on?!?! Here is the crazy that is my life!
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In January I started experiencing sharp pain right above my heart. Found out I had a left atrial enlargement so ended up in the hospital and getting a lot of tests done. First guess was early stages of heart disease. After a few weeks the pain went away and I haven’t had it again, thank goodness!! I also had extremely high blood pressure during that time and I normally run low!! The best we can figure is my thyroid medicine wasn’t high enough and it caused inflammation along with me missing a few doses of that and my amazing vitamins that reduce inflammation. I’ll never make that mistake again as it was extremely scary! Right now I’m in the clear and don’t go back for a few months to get it checked again!

Of course that’s not all though….right when that first happened, my husband got accepted into Nurse Practionier school at Emory University. Amazing right!?!? It’s a dual program so he’ll get a Bachelor’s Degrees in nursing (yay for having 2 Bachelors degrees lol) and then go straight into the Graduate Program! It will take 3 years and he goes to school all day every day. He was excited……I was terrified!! Now, I know God never gives us more than we can handle, but I think sometimes God has me and Wonder Woman mixed up!! I’ve been doing ok just handling life, work, kids and multiple chronic illnesses but now add in me being the only parent around and having to do EVERYTHING for 3 years?!?! Ya, I’m still terrified by it haha! The only thing I was a bit happy about was he would start in August so at least we got a fun summer and all the kids would be in school so I’d have more time to get things done…..ya we were wrong and he actually starts in MAY!!

In the middle of dealing with my chest pain, my husbands nurse Practionier program we got another hurdle….he lost his job!! Totally unexpected and completely ridiculous but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. The good thing was I have an amazing job that paid all our bills and we live in an area where his type of job is pretty easy to find! It was a huge ball of added stress I didn’t need though and ended up making me horribly sick which was super bad as we had lost our insurance!! God always had a plan though and he found a great job where the hours work perfect with his school. In fact his work is a 10 minute walk from his school so he can go in right after class!! And it was a big pay increase!! Plus, he had some quality time with us before being gone for school the next few years!


The hard part has been the new schedule. He works in downtown Atlanta and we live about an hour away. Add in rush hour traffic and he was gone from 5:30am-7:30pm Monday- Friday. I ended up learning what it would be like when he was in Nurse Practionier school a whole lot sooner than I thought….and it’s hard!! Even for a healthy Mom, being the only parent around for homework, dinner, bath, bed time, after school activities, breaking up fights etc is HARD! Now add in a chronic illness… say I’ve been exhausted is the understatement of the century haha. My health was doing ok, but since this change I’ve gone downhill. My body starts running a fever when its struggling and that happens occasionally but not much in the past 8 months. Since this new scheduled happened? At least 3 or 4 times per week my body goes into flare up which means its attacking itself…..very very very bad!!

It’s a learning process for sure and I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make my life easier. Luckily my job is super flexible so I cut my hours back a bit. I’m also hunting for a good babysitter to come help me out once or twice a week and learning to cook super easy meals! Plus once summer hits in 4 weeks, I won’t be spending 2 hours a day driving kids to and from stuff which will help a ton! Then in the fall, all 3 will be in the same school and I’ll have 6 hours to myself to fit in all the crazy stuff I’m doing in 2 hours, 4 days a week! And I keep reminding myself this too shall pass!! The older they get, the more they can help and hopefully I’ll find someone local to help out too!! On a huge plus, my Mom is coming down for 2 weeks in a month to help me out!!


Through all this crazy though, I have found a few positives such as we were able to start going to Church again!! Not to mention I appreciate my job more than ever. I learned so many people live paycheck to paycheck and if they lose their job, they will be in major debt. Or even lose their house!! My husband was without a paycheck for 2 months and we were fine! Sure it was stressful and of course during that time we had a ton of extra expenses, but we survived! No extra debt or getting behind on any bills! Plus, I always have the option to work more or less so when he lost his job, I worked more and got a bigger check! Now that he is gone and my time is limited, I’ve worked less but haven’t taken a pay cut! How great is that?!?! Even for those with a wonderful job, I really encourage everyone to have a Plan B as you never know when life with throw you a curve ball. Try and have 6 month’s of bills in savings, pay off all debt, and get started on college and retirement accounts. If you don’t have any of those things……..I can help 😉



Dot Dot Smile Review

Recently I got the honor of reviewing a product that I have to say, is one of the BEST ever! Not only is it a good product, but something that makes sense to sell and share with others! I always tell people, when looking for a job you can do from home, you need to find a product people are going to buy over and over again and clothes for kids is the PERFECT option! Clothes for kids is perfect in my opinion because kids are always growing and keep needing new things! Plus, as parents, I find we prefer buying stuff for our kids more than we do ourselves! So not only a perfect product in that it’s so good, but a perfect option for those looking for a job they can do from home!

Dot Dot Smile Review

Dot Dot Smile Review 

The company is called DotDotSmile and is a company that focuses on kids clothes! They carry things like cap sleeve dresses, tank dresses, ballerina dresses, leggings, shirts, shorts and more! My daughter is 6 and loves dresses, but finding ones that are good quality can be so hard! Not only are these GREAT quality, they are also super cute, long lasting (no shrinking or color fading!) and affordable! That’s a win in my book. But of course, I had to let my 6 year old put them to the test! She loved them because they are longer than most dresses we find for her so she didn’t have to wear leggings with them! She also LOVED the twirly dress, it’s name should describe why haha. She twirled around all day in it! The colors are so bright and come in many different options of dresses and other clothes. It was perfect for a day at school, playing outside and even fancy enough for Church! Mom and daughter both approved on this line of clothing!!

Dot Dot Smile Review

The dresses were a hit for sure and I highly recommend them! I also decided to do some digging on the business side to see if this would be something ANY Mom could do…and should do. Here is what I found about the company….


It was started by a husband and wife with 3 kids in 2013 who wanted to be around for their children more! I personally love that it was started by a family and not a big corporation! Their goal was to encourage their kids to keep dreaming and find their passion and thru this, they are helping other families do the same! That’s a mission I can whole heartedly support!!

Dot Dot Smile Review

To join you need a sponsor ( I recommend April) and it costs $50 per year for your website and free shipping. Your first order has to be 25 personal volume which is around $425. Not bad since most other clothing companies cost in the THOUSANDS to join! Do keep in mind there are a few extra expenses such as business cards, racks, hangers, and shipping supplies but from what I found on google, you can get all that for pretty cheap (not to mention its all a tax write off!!) You can just sell the clothes to make an income, or chose to sponsor others too!


In my personal opinion after researching work from home jobs for the past 6+ years…..this is a good option! The clothes are high quality and something most parents would enjoy buying for their kids since they last! It’s also a unique company! I don’t know any other work from home company that carries such high quality and wonderful prints so the competition is VERY low! It’s also still a new company so you do not have an over saturated market where you would have to compete for sales all the time! And it’s something you could easily get more customers for by doing vendor events, home parties, online parties or just word of mouth! I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a fun job and enjoy clothes! Here is more about April and why she picked this job! Make sure to get in contact with her for any questions, to shop, or to start this business!

Dot Dot Smile Review



12987200_10208088543548243_7977836371338327323_n “My why….is pretty simple really! I’m a SAHM mom of 4 boys – yup a boy mom selling twirly dresses! I found DotDotSmile by accident while researching something fun to do for myself while contributing to my family financially. It’s turned into a blessing and a fun adventure for me both personally and professionally! I love being able to help support my family again and I get to buy all the pretty little girls things I will never get a chance to buy! The best part, however, is seeing the smiles and confidence these dresses bring to my little customers! I’ve enjoyed owning my own business, setting my own hours, growing professionally through a new opportunity and supporting my family with DotDotSmile!”

Shop From April HERE

Follow Her Facebook Page HERE


Email April with any questions, she is wonderful to chat with!


Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes

A few years ago I became very interested in the toxins in our products. My son had asthma and I had an autoimmune disease and the more I researched, the more alarmed I became. What I found out was scary, but the most important thing I learned is there is NOT one making sure our products are safe, it’s up to us! I learned that the UK regulates the toxins in there products and has banned over 1400 ingredients…..the US has banned less than 100. The ingredients banned in the UK are because they are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, asthma, allergies, eczema, and many other conditions. In fact, the UK is much healthier than we are because of these precautions! Another fun thing I learned was that Johnson and Johnson has a non toxic line for the UK, and a toxic one they send to the US. How bad is that?!?! Our babies are using those products!! Recently I learned that Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes!!!

Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes


Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes

For a few years now I’ve been on a non toxic kick and I won’t even tell you how many people have laughed at me. But I learned not to care! Some parents have the mindset that “everything will hurt oh so oh well” (yes someone actually said that to me) but me personally, I think when we know better, we need to do better! I don’t beat myself up for using toxic products in the past cause I didn’t know better! But now that I do, why would I put something on my child that has been PROVEN to hurt them?!?! One reason I love sharing about non toxic products is because so many people don’t know! By sharing, we are helping more people get educated and better protect their families! I’ve seen myself how well it works to switch. My son missed over 30 days of school one year as he had so many issues with his asthma. After going non toxic, he missed 2!! (I will say we also used the best kids vitamin on the market plus a REALLY good probiotic). It also reduced my headaches big time!!Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes


But don’t just take my word for it……


A few weeks ago a friend sent me a news article talking about how it had been proven that if you use cleaning products in your home for 20 years, that does the same damage to your lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day! YIKES!!! This was proven thru a scientific study, no he said/she said word of mouth but legitimate facts and proof! And the best part is news stations all over the country are now sharing it trying to get the word out! This is especially important for anyone who owns a cleaning company, has asthma, is around a lot of cleaning (daycare owners), stay at home mom’s, etc. Here is some more information on the study so you can learn about it yourself and educate your loved ones!Brunch Bowls iPhone Layout (3)

Cleaning And Lung Function

Cleaning Products As Bad For Lungs As Cigarettes 

Impact Of Cleaning Products On Your Lungs


Now that the proof is there showing toxins in our cleaning products are bad for us, it’s time to start learning about safer options! And of course sharing this with everyone you know so they too can go non toxic. Trying something new can be hard at first, but trust me, going non toxic is easy and where I shop, I actually save money each month! Feel free to contact me to learn how to go non toxic and save money. Here are a few stores I recommend that carry good non toxic lines! (Tip, look at where the products are made and stored! You want an item that is FRESH! Products that are made overseas are going to be around 12 months-24 months old before they get in your house. If they are made here in the USA, they will be much fresher and have less toxins in them!)

Trader Joes


Whole Foods

Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes


Toilet Fizzies

Since I began using essential oils a few years ago, I am always looking for fun things to make to help my house stay cleaner! Not long ago I stumbled across Toilet Fizzies as a way of keeping your toilet smelling fresh and clean in between cleanings. But most the recipes I found used like 10 ingredients and I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of less is more. I tried a few different ones and finally found this one! I made a few tweaks to it, but what I like the most is it is easy to make, doesn’t take much time, and kills germs with the Tea Tree Oil while smelling great thanks to the Grapefruit and Lemon!

Toilet Fizzies


1 1/3 Cup Baking Soda
1/2 Cup Citric Acid
30 Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
20 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
20 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
Food Dye (optional)

Toilet Fizzies


Mix the dry ingredients first. I personally mixed everything in a gallon sized zip lock bag.  Slowly add in the essential oils a few drops at a time. If you pour them all in at once, it will fizz a lot and you will have a hard time getting it to stick together. If the mixture is too dry after adding all the oils, you can put a tad bit of water in. Once you are done mixing, put the mixture into silicone molds. You can let them sit out and dry for 24 hours, or bake in the oven on low heat 200, for about 1-2 hours. Pop them out once they are firm and store in a bag or a Mason Jar is my favorite! Drop them in the toilet for a fresh smell in between cleanings!

Toilet Fizzies


The BIG List Of Jobs

After a lot of requests, discussion, and partnership…..we are excited to announce we are putting together a BIG list of work from home jobs! This will be similar to our Seasonal Shopping Catalogs that we do, BUT it’s only jobs, not products for sale! We have also partnered with companies that are NOT direct sales so this catalog of work from home jobs will be VERY diverse and literally have something for everyone!

theDirect Sales Directory. (17)

The BIG List Of Work From Home Jobs

How it will work is you can choose just to list your company name, website, and email address or you can share in a full page ad all about you, your job, and how it has changed your life! (We are asking only people to participate who plan to stay with your company for YEARS, and not those who company jump. This catalog will hopefully have every work from home job out there listed in it so going back and removing/adding people would be a lot of work and extra expense on our part.)

The goal will be to have ONE giant catalog of all different types of jobs and send it out in our newsletters, on our partnered blogs and websites, on our fan page, group, and multiple other sites! Our own fans total close to 200,000 these days so it will be GREAT exposure! And we add a few new HUNDRED fans every week!


Here are some examples of what the catalog pages will look like based on which job listing size ad you want:


Full Page Ad:

Includes Pictures (1-3), Biography about your and your job, and contact information!

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Half Page Ad:

Includes one small picture, a sentence or two of text, and your contact info!

Text Only Ad:

Includes your company name, one sentence, and your contact info!


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Spots TAKEN:

Currently all spots are OPEN! We will only allow ONE rep per company!


Grab your spot now, or email with any questions!


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