Stay On Track

Life is crazy busy. Do you ever sit down and think “Wow, where did the day go”…or the month…or a year! I know I do!! It’s a struggle to stay on track! It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to have my first child, and now he is almost 7 and I have 2 more kids!! The months I was pregnant with him seemed to drag on, but since then it’s been non stop on the go!

Stay On Track

For most Mom’s, life is hectic so its hard to stay on track with your goals. Whether they are fitness related, business related, health related…it’s hard!! You set these awesome goals, and before you know it time has passed and you are no closer to hitting them. So what do you do? Well, for starters, don’t beat yourself up! Even the most put together Mom has trouble staying on track! I’m great about working my business, but you better believe I always have a huge pile of laundry at my house that needs to get done.


Comparing yourself to someone else is the worse thing to do. Instead focus on you and your personal goals as everyone has different issues in their life and different ideas as to how to stay on track. Here are a few of mine that I find work great!

Stay On Track

  1. Have an accountability partner. When someone else knows your goals, its proven to help you stick to them better! Have a friend that can help keep you on track and that can point out when you might be falling off. Be partners and do the same for them to help you both succeed!
  2. Write Down Your Goals Long Term and Short Term. Being able to see your goals each day helps you remember why you are working so hard to achieve them. It also helps make your goals a prioirty and gives you something to work for now, and for the future.
  3. Have A Plan. I write out my plan each month and that really helps me with staying on track. I mark down what needs to get done and when, then I cross it off. I love crossing things off my list, it really helps me feel accomplished!
  4. Participate in Training’s. This is huge!! No matter what your goals are, it helps to learn from people who have been where you are, and have had success! Training yourself in your business, your hobby, or just how to do daily things better can really help you accomplish more and easier.
  5. Give Yourself A High Five. It’s hard being a Mom! It’s also hard having goals and making time for you. Remember to celebrate your success and enjoy it. You don’t want to dread working on your goals so keep it fun, take time off here and there, and celebrate when you get something hard, finished.

Work From Home Jobs For Moms

78% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck. One in 3 people have no money in their savings accounts. 10-12% of a COUPLES income goes to child care.

Work From Home Jobs For Moms

These are some scary numbers!! It shows that people need an income, but when they work outside of the home, they lose a lot to daycare. Not to mention less time with their kids and spouses. And more stress and expenses come with working outside the home. So what are Mom’s to do??

Work From Home Jobs For Moms

Work from home jobs for Moms is the answer! You can find so many different types of jobs from home. Things such as customer service jobs, data, entry, transcribing, referral marketing, selling products, the list goes on and on! Many Mom’s chose the route of selling products, as its just something easy to do!! After all, your income can be way higher than minimum wage, which is what most other jobs pay. The downside to selling products is it takes time, hard work, and consistency. Most people want a paycheck 5 minutes after they sign up and it doesn’t work that way.

Work from home jobs for moms are a great way to still bring in a paycheck, without having to rush around to a 9 to 5 and put your kids in daycare. That hard part is fining the type that will work best for you. For example, if you have young kids at home, a customer service job where you are on the phone would not be a good fit. But maybe a VIRTUAL customer service job would be. If you have great typing skills, you could transcribe documents. If you have experience in data entry or accounting, you can find jobs along those lines too.


You have tons of great ways you can work from home, you just have to look hard, try a few things, and never give up!


Here are 30 jobs you can do from home without selling products.

If you would prefer to be your own boss, and make a higher income, check out our Work From Home Directory.


Customer Service JobsWork From Home Jobs For Moms



1-800 Flowers

Live Ops


American Express


Cloud Source

ACD Direct



Date Entry Jobs

Great American Opportunities






Virtual Customer Service


Live Sales Staff

Capital Typing




Computer Jobs







Writing Jobs


Blogging Pro


Capital Typing





Call Me Extreme Mom

Do you ever feel like you go to the extremes as a Mom? Call me extreme Mom….cause I do it all the time haha. Like, making sure your kids have nice clothes, while you are wearing pants from before they were born. Or making them a healthy balanced meal with organic foods while you munch on leftovers. And being over protective even about the things YOU personally did as a kid. Any other Mom’s like this??? I am!!! When it comes to the health, happiness, and well being of my kids, I go to the extremes. I just couldn’t imagine not as my love for them is so great, I want the best for them always!

Call Me Extreme Mom

Call Me Extreme Mom

Recently I started seeing a new doctor, and when I told her my reason for switching (she isn’t covered by insurance so very expensive) doctors was because of my kids, she asked why. I know as a Mom, I want to be the BEST version of myself possible. When I am sick all the time, I’m not the Mom I want to be. Of course I know having an autoimmune disease is not my fault or something I can control, but I want to do everything possible to be as healthy as I can for my kids.

So when we discussed a strict meal plan that I dislike with passion, I agreed to do it. It’s called the autoimmune protocol diet (details with links below) and it’s specifically for people with autoimmune diseases. It helps to remove inflammation in your body by taking out foods that may irritate you. It’s a very strict diet! No coffee, no eggs, no white potatoes, no rice, no peppers….along those lines. And we all know I love my coffee!! I guarantee I would be less sad about the meal plan if they gave me coffee haha. I have 3 kids under the age of 6, I need caffeine!!

Call Me Extreme Mom

I’ve done the plan before and that was why I had a poor attitude (and still do a bit haha) as I knew for me, I didn’t enjoy it. Some people do it and have amazing results and stay on it for months and years. Not me!! I did it for 6 weeks and hated it, plus felt worse during it. One of the main reasons that is, I did not prepare. I didn’t have enough recipes, or snacks on hand so I would be hungry a lot. I also ate way too many fruits and veggies which I found upset my stomach really bad. I was probably the only person ever to gain weight on that meal plan haha. Thus when it was suggested, I was not the least bit excited.


Again I’ll do it though because I’m willing to go to the extremes for my kids. I know this plan may not help me, but it also might make me feel loads better! I’ll have the energy to take my kids on fun activities on the weekend! I’ll be able to spend more time with my husband in the evening before falling asleep. I’ll be a better friend to those I’ve been too tired to keep up with. All those things push me to give it a try again.

Call Me Extreme Mom

And to take a gazillion supplements a day.
And get vitamin injections.
And say good bye to all my favorite foods.
And change my favorite workout routine.

When It comes to being the best Mom I can be, I will happily go to the extreme!!! So call me extreme Mom if that’s what it takes to get healthier.

Remember if you have a chronic illness and are NOT getting the help and support you need, it may be time to change doctors. My previous doctor is great, but since she did not specialize in autoimmune diseases, she didn’t know how to help when my condition kept getting worse. Look for a functional medicine doctor, or naturopath. Usually they do not accept insurance but they will work very hard to use natural approaches to get you feeling better quickly!! And feeling better is what we all want!

Great Resources To Check Out:Call Me Extreme Mom

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The AIP Facebook Group (great for recipes, support, tips)


Mom Life

Mom Life…always on the go, always something on your mind, always someone needing you. I got asked the other day why I never take “me time” and the honest truth was I don’t have time…but I also have changed so much that what I use to enjoy, I no longer do!!

Mom Life

Mom life can be very hard!! We give all we have to our kids and then at the end of the day, what is left? One thing I have learned in the years of being a Mom, is make sure you take time for YOU! I am guilty of this. I turn down date nights, girls nights, alone time etc because my kids need me. If I do have plans, it never fails someone gets sick or my husband gets called into work. Before I know it, a whole year has gone past since my last “Me Day”. Before long you are drained physically and mentally and lose a bit of who you are in being “Mom”….how do you find that balance???

mom life

To be honest I have no clue haha. I’m a very clingy Mom. The only time my kids have a babysitter is if it’s a close family member. In fact, only 3 family members have ever watched my kids! So many of the things I use to do, I gave up since having kids. Instead of girls night out, we do girls night in haha. Instead of getting my nails done, I do them myself. I think I might finally find that balance when my kids are in college…but that’s ok! Each Mom is different and just because we don’t do girls night out, doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying life. And for those that do girls night out, you rock!


As a Mom you have to find what works for you, not lose the balance, and not lose yourself. For me personally, I enjoy walks so even though one of my kids is always with my, that is still my “Me” time. It might not be the traditional expectation of a “Me” day but it works for me! I know some Mom’s who go to the gym daily, and that is their time. I know others who get their hair done weekly, and that is their time. I know one Mom who drops her kids with a babysitter to grocery shop as that is her time. Whichever way you can, find time for YOU!

mom life

A glass of wine and a good book at night, that works too! Don’t stretch yourself too thin Momma’s as we need to be healthy and happy to take care of our families!! Mom life is hard, but also truly one of the most rewarding jobs. Gone are my day of french manicures and accessories but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!


Monday Musings January 16th

As a Mom, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to go with the flow. Before having kids, I was the type that planned out everything in detail. When I was in college, I had a spreadsheet with which classes I was taking at which time to get me finished with school fastest!! When I was planning my wedding, I had everything I needed to do and by when, written out. Even when “planning” for kids….or our third as that is the only one we planned haha….I had a specific time when I wanted to happen. Of course it didn’t work like that at all haha. Being a Mom has taught me although I may plan, I need to be flexible with the changes!

monday musings

This past weekend I had BIG plans for things I needed to get done, and surprise, NONE of it did! Instead I went with the flow and ended up having a better weekend than I had planned! Learning to let go of control, and focus on what we can do makes all the difference in your attitude!! I got some much needed time with my Dad, and it’s so nice to have a parent you can empty your heart to and always listens and offers any tips they can…without trying to tell you how to live your life! As an adult, I have the hardest time with others tell me what they think I should do, or what they would have done differently. I prefer to ASK and not just have other opinions pushed on me haha. So it ended up being a wonderful weekend…and it gave me a great new blog idea to share too!!!


As a business woman, I learn to make plans, but as a Mom, I know I have to be flexible. Those two things are hard to balance sometimes and I know many other people struggle with that too. My best suggestion is make a plan, but if it does not work out, be flexible and don’t be too hard on yourself. At the start of my work week, I sit down and write out the plans for the week. I put everything down on paper, and then I go back and write the day I wish to accomplish each thing based on it’s importance. For example, I love making graphics for my blog and social media accounts, but those make me no income, don’t help my team, and aren’t a required thing. But it’s something I enjoy and you need to enjoy your work! Because of that, I move that item to Friday’s as it’s not required but it still needs to get done!

Eighteen exotic and delicious


When you write out your list of things you want to get done, it allows you to look at each item and ask “Is this a requirement, or just a want?” Focus on the items that need to get done first!! Items that make you the most money for the least amount of work. And then items that will grow your income eventually and over time. I personally also enjoy blog parties, but they are something that goes on my list if I have time….and I usually don’t haha. But someday down the road I will so I keep them on my list as I know they add new viewers to my blog. Make a plan, try to follow it, but be flexible! That is also the reason I do the required items at the start of the week as you never know what may come up. That is also why I exercise first thing in the morning. Due to my health issues, my day can turn rough at any moment but first thing in the morning ensures it gets done with no excuses later!


For this week, make yourself a plan and stick with it as best as you can possibly can!! Remember as  Mom you have to be flexible so if something happens, don’t beat yourself up! As always, just keep trying and have an amazing week!!!