Christmas Catalog

As the Holiday season approaches, our goal at Work from Home Mom’s, is to educate everyone on what a difference can be made when you shop more from Small Business Owners!  We can help you accomplish that with the Christmas Catalog!

Christmas Catalog

Christmas Catalog

Did you know that over 17 MILLION Americans work in direct sales businesses???? That’s a lot of people!!! We as Americans spend an average of $603 BILLION during the Holiday Season. Now imagine if that money was going toward the average, normal family instead of a CEO buying his 5th vacation home!


That money could be helping a family afford presents for their kids!  54% of the Holiday Buying is done online anyway, so do it through a small business owner! Use our Christmas Shopping Catalog to help you with your shopping and find a great gift for everyone on your list!!!


I encourage everyone to buy from at least one small business owner this Holiday Season, and ask your friends and family do the same!! To make it easier for you to find them, here is a great list of some of the amazing products you can get!!! Feel free to share this amazing Catalog with everyone you know! The more people who buy from small business owners, the more money goes back into our economy. A win for everyone this Holiday Season and easy to do with our Christmas Shopping Catalog!

Christmas Catalog 2018


 Please share this article with others so we can encourage more people to shop small businesses this Holiday!

Christmas Catalog


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  1. says

    Good morning!! I just saw your catalog for this season!! OMG I love this idea sooo much… I was wondering for future reference how I could possibly submit some of my work for next years catalog? I would really love the opportunity.

    Thank you and happy holidays!!
    Robin Whitaker
    My Lady Rebel

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