Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes

A few years ago I became very interested in the toxins in our products. My son had asthma and I had an autoimmune disease and the more I researched, the more alarmed I became. What I found out was scary, but the most important thing I learned is there is NOT one making sure our products are safe, it’s up to us! I learned that the UK regulates the toxins in there products and has banned over 1400 ingredients…..the US has banned less than 100. The ingredients banned in the UK are because they are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, asthma, allergies, eczema, and many other conditions. In fact, the UK is much healthier than we are because of these precautions! Another fun thing I learned was that Johnson and Johnson has a non toxic line for the UK, and a toxic one they send to the US. How bad is that?!?! Our babies are using those products!! Recently I learned that Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes!!!

Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes


Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes

For a few years now I’ve been on a non toxic kick and I won’t even tell you how many people have laughed at me. But I learned not to care! Some parents have the mindset that “everything will hurt oh so oh well” (yes someone actually said that to me) but me personally, I think when we know better, we need to do better! I don’t beat myself up for using toxic products in the past cause I didn’t know better! But now that I do, why would I put something on my child that has been PROVEN to hurt them?!?! One reason I love sharing about non toxic products is because so many people don’t know! By sharing, we are helping more people get educated and better protect their families! I’ve seen myself how well it works to switch. My son missed over 30 days of school one year as he had so many issues with his asthma. After going non toxic, he missed 2!! (I will say we also used the best kids vitamin on the market plus a REALLY good probiotic). It also reduced my headaches big time!!Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes


But don’t just take my word for it……


A few weeks ago a friend sent me a news article talking about how it had been proven that if you use cleaning products in your home for 20 years, that does the same damage to your lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day! YIKES!!! This was proven thru a scientific study, no he said/she said word of mouth but legitimate facts and proof! And the best part is news stations all over the country are now sharing it trying to get the word out! This is especially important for anyone who owns a cleaning company, has asthma, is around a lot of cleaning (daycare owners), stay at home mom’s, etc. Here is some more information on the study so you can learn about it yourself and educate your loved ones!Brunch Bowls iPhone Layout (3)

Cleaning And Lung Function

Cleaning Products As Bad For Lungs As Cigarettes 

Impact Of Cleaning Products On Your Lungs


Now that the proof is there showing toxins in our cleaning products are bad for us, it’s time to start learning about safer options! And of course sharing this with everyone you know so they too can go non toxic. Trying something new can be hard at first, but trust me, going non toxic is easy and where I shop, I actually save money each month! Feel free to contact me to learn how to go non toxic and save money. Here are a few stores I recommend that carry good non toxic lines! (Tip, look at where the products are made and stored! You want an item that is FRESH! Products that are made overseas are going to be around 12 months-24 months old before they get in your house. If they are made here in the USA, they will be much fresher and have less toxins in them!)

Trader Joes


Whole Foods

Cleaning Products Are Just As Bad As Cigarettes


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