Courage To Leave The Comfort Zone

I’m one of those people who likes my comfort zone. I don’t like change or new things. I like what I know and doing the same things each day. But over the last few months I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone in many big ways and It reminds me over and over how important it is not to settle!


Last week I flew on a plane for the first time. Crazy right?!?! But living on the east coast, anywhere I’ve gone we have always just driven! Flying on a plane was a new thing. I also went to Salt Lake City, for 4 nights without my family. Another very new thing!! The only time I’ve been away from my kids, was when I was having another kid haha. I was also going to meet people I’ve never seen in person, and get an award on stage. More new things that are GREAT, but still made me nervous!!


To start it all out, my health hasn’t been great the past few weeks. I get exhausted very easily, my stomach is super sensitive, and I catch any cold/bug that is within a mile of me! To make it even better, I got poison ivy 3 days before my trip!!! So of course there went a good night sleep when my neck was itching like crazy. In fact, I’m pretty sure the night before I left I only got maybe 2 hours of sleep. I was so nervous about all these new things, I worked myself up!! I was a hot mess….but I pushed through it!!!


Of course my first flight ever had to be the Atlanta Airport….that place is insane!!! We were running late and my husband dropped me at the wrong spot so I had to walk ages to find where to go. And then the self check in spot, I could not for the life of me figure out how to scan the email they sent me from my phone lol. I still couldn’t returning home either haha. Finally I gave up and asked for help. That airport might be crazy busy, but people were so kind in offering to help and direct me where to go. And luckily they have lots of signs! I’m a big fan of knowing exactly what I need to do so all those signs helped a ton.


13239090_10154142604075890_5169848301867984778_nFriends help too! My best friend knows how I am so she sent me a detailed list of what to do, where to go, and in what order haha. That really helped my nerves to feel more prepared. In fact, I was able to help someone else in the security line….they were surprised when I said it was my first flight haha. Once I was on the plane and we were in the air, I felt much better! It’s so crazy how the unknown can make you feel so sick! I discovered I am not a big fan of flying, especially the rocking parts, but I did it!!!


Of course me being me, I ended up super sick that night from all the nerves and lack of food, but 12 hours of sleep and some awesome friends checking and helping me made for a MUCH better next day!!! I struggled the whole time with stomach issues, exhaustion, and just going all day long…but it was worth it! My heart about beat out of my chest when it was time for my award, but it was worth it!!! I’m still exhausted three days after being back…but it was worth it!!!


Sometimes we get so stuck in our comfort zone, we avoid at all costs trying something new. This was a wonderful opportunity and I got THREE awards but I almost didn’t go because I was so nervous!! For many years I have just been a “mom” and use to putting everyone else before me, that I forget sometimes I do pretty great things and need to be celebrated haha. And I need to set an example for my kids by getting out of my comfort zone and remembering a few minutes of courage can change your life!


I know my job has changed my life, and made things a lot better for my family. But now I have the honor of turning around and helping other people do the same!! To me, that is truly amazing to know one small doze of courage is now helping so many other people. Years ago I was in drama class, chorus, on the school news…I actually enjoyed being the center of attention!! As an adult, I prefer my comfort zone and not having attention drawn to me. Getting awards made me nervous!!! But after, the emails/texts/messages of people who saw ME, just a normal Mom of 3 busy kids, reminded me that showing them I did this, encouraged them to know they could do the same.


Get out of your comfort zone…if not for yourself, then for those watching and looking for someone to inspire them!




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