Data Entry Jobs

Everyone is looking for a different type of job, because we are all different people! The same thing does not work for everyone, and that is ok! One job I find many people looking for is a data entry job. What is data entry? Most the time it is where you are sent information to be put in a spreadsheet, or to organize according to the employers preferences. It’s a job that does require a computer, good typing skills and internet connection. It’s also great in that its usually paid per assignment you do!

The downside is, these jobs are things most people can do so the earnings are low, and finding one can be very tough. Many people have their employees do the data entry, so they don’t need to outsource. If you do get hired for this type of job, make sure to hold onto it as they are few and far between!


You can also find these type of jobs on job hiring sites like and yahoo jobs! Here are a list of some companies who hire directly for data entry positions! If you know of more, make sure to tell us in the comments so we can include it!





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