Dot Dot Smile Review

Recently I got the honor of reviewing a product that I have to say, is one of the BEST ever! Not only is it a good product, but something that makes sense to sell and share with others! I always tell people, when looking for a job you can do from home, you need to find a product people are going to buy over and over again and clothes for kids is the PERFECT option! Clothes for kids is perfect in my opinion because kids are always growing and keep needing new things! Plus, as parents, I find we prefer buying stuff for our kids more than we do ourselves! So not only a perfect product in that it’s so good, but a perfect option for those looking for a job they can do from home!

Dot Dot Smile Review

Dot Dot Smile Review 

The company is called DotDotSmile and is a company that focuses on kids clothes! They carry things like cap sleeve dresses, tank dresses, ballerina dresses, leggings, shirts, shorts and more! My daughter is 6 and loves dresses, but finding ones that are good quality can be so hard! Not only are these GREAT quality, they are also super cute, long lasting (no shrinking or color fading!) and affordable! That’s a win in my book. But of course, I had to let my 6 year old put them to the test! She loved them because they are longer than most dresses we find for her so she didn’t have to wear leggings with them! She also LOVED the twirly dress, it’s name should describe why haha. She twirled around all day in it! The colors are so bright and come in many different options of dresses and other clothes. It was perfect for a day at school, playing outside and even fancy enough for Church! Mom and daughter both approved on this line of clothing!!

Dot Dot Smile Review

The dresses were a hit for sure and I highly recommend them! I also decided to do some digging on the business side to see if this would be something ANY Mom could do…and should do. Here is what I found about the company….


It was started by a husband and wife with 3 kids in 2013 who wanted to be around for their children more! I personally love that it was started by a family and not a big corporation! Their goal was to encourage their kids to keep dreaming and find their passion and thru this, they are helping other families do the same! That’s a mission I can whole heartedly support!!

Dot Dot Smile Review

To join you need a sponsor ( I recommend April) and it costs $50 per year for your website and free shipping. Your first order has to be 25 personal volume which is around $425. Not bad since most other clothing companies cost in the THOUSANDS to join! Do keep in mind there are a few extra expenses such as business cards, racks, hangers, and shipping supplies but from what I found on google, you can get all that for pretty cheap (not to mention its all a tax write off!!) You can just sell the clothes to make an income, or chose to sponsor others too!


In my personal opinion after researching work from home jobs for the past 6+ years…..this is a good option! The clothes are high quality and something most parents would enjoy buying for their kids since they last! It’s also a unique company! I don’t know any other work from home company that carries such high quality and wonderful prints so the competition is VERY low! It’s also still a new company so you do not have an over saturated market where you would have to compete for sales all the time! And it’s something you could easily get more customers for by doing vendor events, home parties, online parties or just word of mouth! I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a fun job and enjoy clothes! Here is more about April and why she picked this job! Make sure to get in contact with her for any questions, to shop, or to start this business!

Dot Dot Smile Review



12987200_10208088543548243_7977836371338327323_n “My why….is pretty simple really! I’m a SAHM mom of 4 boys – yup a boy mom selling twirly dresses! I found DotDotSmile by accident while researching something fun to do for myself while contributing to my family financially. It’s turned into a blessing and a fun adventure for me both personally and professionally! I love being able to help support my family again and I get to buy all the pretty little girls things I will never get a chance to buy! The best part, however, is seeing the smiles and confidence these dresses bring to my little customers! I’ve enjoyed owning my own business, setting my own hours, growing professionally through a new opportunity and supporting my family with DotDotSmile!”

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