Moms In Love With Fitness

After welcoming my 3rd child into the world, I was forced to realize my workout time was going to be greatly reduced!! So I started talking with other busy people and realized the need was out there for an affordable workout plan that didn’t make you spend hours in the gym. And that is how my M.I.L.F. program was formed!!11179964_971884666178333_5999074988170488931_n
This program is comprised of 3 different month’s of workouts all of which are 30 minutes and are done 3 days a week. Cardio is totally optional with this plan!!! Why it works is because you are doing strength training which builds your muscles, boosts your metabolism, and helps weight loss to be easier.
To make it even better, the program also comes with 2 months of meal plans to help you stay on track along with lots of healthy and delicious recipes!!!
And there is more:12004777_1046069358759863_2111839139492701640_n
*Free 3 Day Detox

*Additional Core Exercise Routine
*12 Week’s Of Workouts
*60 Day’s of Meal Plan
*Healthy Recipes
*Instructions on Setting Calorie Goals


Reviews On The Program:

“All I can say is I love this program. The workouts are short
and quick but leave you sore.  The nutrition is so easy and the recipes
are delicious. Both my kids love the protein pancakes better then normal
pancakes and will eat more then I do.  And the avocado chicken salad is on
my menu plan every week now.  And the detox in the beginning has you eat
so much clean and simple food but I ended up not being hungry at all and I even
lost weight.”
“This program was such a big help for me. I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t lose
until Dana taught me to eat more and lift weights. It’s great for anyone who needs help!”
“I’ve tried to lose weight in the past through lots of diets but always gained it back.
This program taught me to find foods I enjoy and not diet. Plus the workouts were short
but provided great results.”10985042_1004601976239935_3141245569255321237_n
“I’ve been overweight for years but don’t ever have time to exercise and am a very picky eater.
Having the meal plans to follow really helped me plus the workouts were shorter so I could fit them
into my busy day. It also helped to have desserts that were healthy so I didn’t get bored. Great program!
“Mom’s in love with fitness is an amazing program not
only do the workouts rock and make you sweat the meal plan is awesome
it’s super healthy but it doesn’t feel that way eat healthy and you
don’t starve yourself in this meal plan I was one of the lucky ones that
got to be a tester”
“Weight loss has been an issue of mine for years. I hate diets as they make me binge eat and I’m just plain miserable. I love this plan as it was real food, and I lost weight without feeling deprived! I’ve been able to keep it off too, which never happens. Thank you for teaching me about how to lose weight for life.”
“I always thought to lose weight you had to eat egg whites, grilled chicken and salad all day long. YUCK!!! Dana showed me that wasn’t true and I got to have dessert which is my favorite meal of the day. The workouts were hard but it was only 3 days a week which was very doable for a Mom that works full time. I lost 20lbs just in my first month. Its crazy that eating real food helps you lose weight faster and keep it off. Best program!”
“I’ve worked with Dana as my personal trainer for a few years and I love that she gets what women need, especially Mom’s. I think because she herself has lost a lot of weight, and kept it off, she knows better than anyone who depressing, hard, exhausting, of a struggle it is. Plus, I love food so she has shown me ways to keep that love of food and still be able to lose weight! I’ve had personal trainers for over 10 years, but none with the compassion, kindness and understanding as her. You truly need someone who has been where you are, to show you how to get to the finish line!”