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One problem many people encounter when looking to work from home is the time involved. In my experience, most people want to work from home to have MORE time and to be with their families. The problem is that many set income jobs require you to work set hours each day. I don’t know about you, but working 8 hrs and having to keep my kids quite and away from me that whole time just wouldn’t work for me at all. That would basically be the same as me working outside the home! So what to do???

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Get Paid To Write

Jobs with flexible hours are the solution!!! Now the great thing about these jobs is YOU set your hours, work when you want, and work as little or as much as you want. The downside, you have to WORK to make money. You have to devote the same amount of time as you would with any job, but you pick when that is. For me, I get up before my kids, and stay up later than them. I also work during their nap time. I average less than 20 hrs a week most weeks but that’s what works for me. Im also established in what I do so for that work I make a full time income.


The most common flexible hours income provider is by owning your own business and sharing products you love. Another popular option is writing/transcribing/data entry jobs. Now these are hard to find and most times you do need experience or a degree in transcribing. When you find a good one, make sure to hold onto it and they are hard to get. This is pretty much the job everyone emails me looking for. A job where you enter information on the computer a few hours a day and get paid. It’s a good deal for busy Moms! Here are a few companies to check out for these types of positions:



Quicktate employees transcribe voicemails, memos, legal files, medical files, letters and other audio files. Some files are 2-3 minutes long, others are hours long. Employees must use proper spelling and punctuation, must follow instructions, quickly type what you hear, have your own supplies. No convictions of a felony of misdemeanor on your record. Average pay is $1 for every 400 words typed.


BloggingPro Job Board

This is a great place to find writing jobs on any topic! You can find a steady stream of employers looking to hire bloggers here and if you can write on multiple topics, you can bring in a steady income.



Register to transcribe documents and files with one of the largest online transcribing agencies. Pay is by the hours and ranges from $10-$20 and hour depending on your typing speed. Jobs are not always available so you work when something comes in. Must have a computer, internet, and a good understanding of the English language.



If you visit the freelance section of this site, you can find many job options such as ones for writing, articles, blogs, marketing, etc.



Get paid to transcribe documents and videos with this family based business. Many jobs require you to work at their office, but the “real time captioning” and “transcription” jobs can be done from home.


Capital Typing

Hires independent contractors to do jobs such as transcribing, secretarial services, data entry, and online customer service.


Tigerfish Transcribing

If you are a quick typist, have a good ear for language and written English then you can get paid to transcribe from home. Must have a computer, phone, and internet service to do this job.



Work from home in the US or Canada as an independent contractor doing transcribing and typing jobs. Must have a typing speed of 65 WPM to qualify.



Earn $10 per hour transcribing files from home. Must have a good typing speed and good listening and comprehension skills. This is a FREE list that has options for making over $50 per hour blogging.










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    The minute I saw the title of your post I HAD to read it. It is so difficult to make money online but very exciting when you do! Pinned it.
    New follower / fan here. So glad you came by our Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

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    This is a wonderful list, and definitely useful for moms who want to stay home and still work! Thank you for sharing. I’m definitely keeping this for future references.

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    What great ideas, We are currently struggling with do I continue on in corporate America or stay home to be there so someone is there to drop off and pick up… I am going to save this in my files so if I take the plunge, I can search for options to make it work! I linked over from “The Inspiration Board” party where I am participating too with a cute I Love You eyechart printable and a hugs and kisses printable. Would love it if you’d stop by.

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    These are all great sites I was not familiar with, and I am so thankful you shared these with the Sat. Soiree Blog Party & Social Media Share! I hope you’ll continue to share your wisdom with us on a weekly basis. :) I’m a new follower, now!

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    This is a great resource! Love the creative places you have found. Pinned to my personal board! Thank you for sharing on Snickerdoodle, Dana! Hope to see you again!

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    Thanks for the awesome resources, Dana!

    I’ve my favorite sites that I use to get freelance assignments. Plus, I’ve my clients.
    But it’s always good to discover new places to look for more job opportunities.

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    Outstanding post for stay at home parent. If any one follow this article i think he/she will make an instant remote job with kids thanks.


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