Goodbye To My Favorite Foods

I love carbs. Bread, pasta, muffins, donuts, cake, cookies….all of that stuff! As a personal trainer, I taught myself it was ok to have those items in moderation. That way I still got my favorite foods and didn’t feel deprived, yet was able to show people how moderation is something you can do when it comes to a healthy life!

i_love_carbs_by_stupendousdan21Then the unthinkable happened. Last year I was told I needed to go gluten free!!! That was the worse news to me! I worked so hard to find balance with the foods I loved and now I was being told I could never have them again. I know, I know. There are worse things in life than losing your favorite food, but it can be a very hard adjustment at first. What I found worked best for me, was to not focus on the foods I couldn’t eat anymore, but instead find recipes of the ones I could have! Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find gluten free recipes. You can find so many great ones on there that it really helps you not feel sad about losing that delicious Red Velvet Cake.


Mixing up the foods you have helps too. It allows you to try new things and realize you have tons of great options….you just have to be creative! I switched up my meals and eat very weird now, but I had to do what works best for ME! Normally I have a protein smoothie for breakfast, eggs and bacon for “lunch”, beef jerky and nuts for a snack, and then lots of protein for dinner. Again, I’m a weird eater! I also can’t have dairy so that makes things more difficult…but not impossible!!! I take it as a challenge now. Trying to find my favorite foods, but that fit my new meal plan.

It is hard though. Especially in the beginning when you start taking items away. Or when you are with a large group of people and see everyone else enjoying your favorite foods. But instead focus on all the great things you can have! I have become a big tea drinker and love finding new unique flavors. I’ve also learned how to make a lot of different muffins using coconut flour. I won’t lie, without Pinterest and all the amazing men and women who come up with these recipes….I would cry over my lost food haha. I love food, and nothing will change that. But now I love the fact I can have foods I enjoy, that don’t make me sick, AND I can help other people struggling with food!!!



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