Growing Your Contact List

One of the most common things I hear from people is….”I don’t know anyone so I can’t be successful in direct sales.” I understand this frustration and I’m here to tell you, you CAN be successful!!! I’ve worked in direct sales for over 4 years and have replaced my husbands income along with paying off our GMC Acadia, putting up the down payment on our house, buying the appliance for our new house, buying a playground for our kids, fencing in our acre of land, buying 2 German Shepherd puppies (not my brightest idea!!!) and many other things. And you want to know a secret? Not a single one of my family members has ever helped me out….and I have a LARGE family. In fact, 98% of my family have no clue what I do, nor care haha. Point is, YOU define your success, not who you know!

finding new contacts

If you don’t have a large network of people, go out there and make one! There are tons of great ways you can find success and meet new people. Here are just a few ways to start growing your contact list….


  • Start a blog and join blog link up parties. Many of these go on every day and you can share your work on someone else’s blog, and get new followers!
  • Use Pinterest. This is the number one place people make purchases! Share articles, tips, and facts about living toxin free and link your pins back to your blog, facebook page, or private group.
  • Take social media classes! This is something I recommend highly for anyone who wants to use social media. You can find many classes for free, or trainings online. I have done many of these myself and it’s always a tip I recommend for anyone planning to use social media to build their business.
  • Go to tradeshow events. Even if you are brand new and know nothing, have a fun giveaway people can enter just by leaving their contact information. This is a great way to get tons of new contacts!
  • Join groups in your area such as Moms Meet Up, Networking Groups, or Hobby Groups
  • Follow social media and networking experts online. Many offer free trainings on how to grow your contact list Dani Johnson, Diane Hochman, and Max Steingartare three good ones.
  • Find community boards in your area to leave brochures/flyers/postcards etc. Many banks, doctors offices, parks, grocery stores etc have places you can leave them
  • Advertise in your area. Check if your town has a monthly magazine they send out, or advertising prices on your local newspaper
  • Utilize small business owners. Many small business owners are happy to help each other out and will allow you to leave information in their store.
  • Talk to every person you meet ad strive to be the nicest, most positive person they have ever met. If the conversation ends well, hand them your business card and ask them to connect with you online so yall can chat more.
  • Join groups online. Find a group for your city/county/state and get to know people in it. Ask questions, offer tips, and build relationships.
  • Start your own group in your area!
  • Make brochures online and leave them at places doctors offices, dentists, lawyers, real estate offices, veterinary offices, banks, nail salon, hair salon, tanning salon, massage therapist, spa’s, gyms (here are 87 places to leave your brochures )
  • Have post cards made and mail them to your neighbors you don’t know in your neighborhood.


More tips from experts on how to find new contacts….


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Refer a friend, get two entries


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