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Health has been a passion of mine for many years, but mostly its was just always about fitness. As a personal trainer, that was what I focused on! But over the past few years my health began to deteriorate. For me that was a hard pill to swallow! I exercised daily, ate what was considered healthy, didn’t drink, got enough sleep….but I never felt good! According to doctors, nothing was wrong! For awhile I just accepted that answer and it was depressing to feel bad but be told I was “fine”. So I began to fight back! I learned a lot about toxins and what they can do to your body. How they can build up and cause a weakened immune system, autoimmune diseases, respiratory problems, cancer, asthma, hormonal imbalances, and more!!! I sought out a doctor that would listen and I began to be an advocate for myself. Instead of sitting back and saying nothing, I argued and stood up for myself! Finally I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease….it was not one I wanted, but it helped me start heading toward health!

health and wellness toxin free

Health And Wellness

This journey has taught me so much! The more research I did the more I began to realize that TOTAL health and wellness is what we need to strive for! Eating foods with no hormones or additives. Looking for nutrient dense foods that will heal and help our bodies. Paying attention to the chemicals we put on and in our bodies. And listening to our bodies!!!! My goal now is to share with others how important total health is. We only get one body, so treating it right is very important!!!




Facts About Toxins…..


150 chemicals found in the home are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders.

[Source: Consumer Protection Agency (CPA)] 

Of the chemicals found in personal care products: 884 are toxic, 146 cause tumors, 218 cause reproductive complications, 778 cause acute toxicity, 314 cause biological mutations, 376 cause skin and eye irritations

[Source: United States House of Representatives Report, 1989]

3 groups of people are primarily affected by indoor chemical concentrations because they spend more time indoors and their immune systems are weaker. The 3 groups are: Infants and toddlers, Chronically ill, Elderly

[Source: 1988 EPA, 5-year study]

We absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin while children’s bodies absorb 40-50% more than adults

About 6% of cancer deaths per year — 34,000 deaths annually — are directly linked to occupational and environmental exposures to known, specific carcinogens.



Liquid dish soap is the leading cause of poisonings in the home for children under the age of six (over 2.1 million accidental poisonings per year). Most brands of liquid dish soap contain Formaldehyde and ammonia.

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