How To Stay Thankful

November is one of my favorite month’s of the year. I love that the leaves finally begin to change, the weather gets a tad bit cooler (sometimes, I do live in the south after all), and I can drink my coffee HOT! I especially love the practice of celebrating things I’m thankful for, both big and small and preparing for Christmas. This November though, I’ve gone thru an entire month of chaos! Literally I think I have had one “normal” day. And yet when I was having coffee with a friend, she asked how I could smile after all the chaos.

How To Stay Thankful

The truth is, sometimes it’s hard! I started this month out with the flu, then got a chest infection on top of that. My husband lost a beloved member of his family and had to go out of town for a few days (and of course during that time one of his dog’s got out and I had to trample thru briers to save him), and my daughter got a stomach bug at that time too! Then the medicine I was on gave me a horrible reaction so I was sick again plus had to go off the medicine. While being sick, I also had many obligations I still had to keep! Of course the fun stuff too of 3 Thanksgiving Lunches for my kids and 2 Thanksgiving Play’s and my family get together along with photos for the Holiday’s. That put us to fall break and I was so excited for a week of fun activities….and then my daughter woke up at 2am with a massive stomach bug. Needless to say I never went back to sleep that night, and sleep is something someone with an autoimmune disease really needs! To add to it, 2 days later I got the bug and of course the next day my husband and 2 boys got it too! From all the sickness, my oldest ended up having a severe asthma attack (first one in over 6 months so that’s good!). That brings us to today where we are approaching then end of the month and it’s been no stop chaos!!!!

How To Stay Thankful

How do I manage to write this with a smile??? Because it’s life! Stuff is going to go wrong, it’s going to be crazy, it’s going to be exhausting. But how I chose to still be thankful is by focusing on the joy! Yes it was a horrible month, but we got to spend time with family, saw the Christmas Movie The Star (super cute by the way!), had great food, and learned 3 bathroom’s aren’t enough for 5 sick people (make a joke, it helps!!) I also don’t dwell on the bad stuff for long as then we miss out on all the joyous moments. I truly believe if we look for the positive, we can find it! No matter what the situation is! I especially am thankful for my job this month as with all that craziness, most people would have to call out. But with me being my own boss, I just rearranged my schedule! I also got to watch quite a few Christmas Movies with my kiddos during our sick time and did all my Holiday Shopping Online!! See, if you look for the positive, you can ALWAYS find something to be thankful for! I encourage you this Holiday Season not to focus on what goes wrong, but instead make an effort to look at all the things that go RIGHT! Not only will it make you a happier person, it will teach your children to do the same!


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