I Can’t Be Successful Because….

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems everything is going wrong? And then it stretches into a week, a month, then a year??? You think you are alone and everyone else life is great. You see them with their happy family, being successful, and you begin to feel you just can’t figure life out. Welllllll, I’m here to tell you today to STOP beating yourself up! Did you know your thoughts directly influence your behavior? If you are telling yourself you can’t be successful, you are actually setting yourself up that way. Try switching it and saying “I can be successful”. Yes, I know that’s hard when you are having a hard day. Trust me, I know!! I’ll share with you a few tips on what I do to turn my bad mood around and be successful even when every hurdle is placed in my way and how to stop making excuses!!!

I Can’t Be Successful Because….

I Can't Be Successful Because....

First let me give you a backstory….I have 3 kids under the age of 7. My husband works 13 hour shifts at hospital at night, and goes to class on his days off. Most days it’s all Mom, all day. Which as all us Mom’s know can be very tough! Add in there I run my own business, and then the hardest part, I have an autoimmune disease! I don’t like to complain, I don’t like people to know how sick I am, I like to be a positive person. But the reality is 75% of the time I don’t feel well. I do everything the Dr’s suggest, I have great gut health (no don’t try and sell me stuff LOL), no inflammation in my body (yay for my really good vitamins), don’t eat gluten, dairy, or sugar, have done the extreme diets and payed a gazillion dollars for specialists. I’m just one of those people they can’t figure out. I’m sure it does have to do with how busy my life is BUT some things you truly can’t change haha. People ask me all the time how I am able to be successful with my busy life and being sick, and the answer is I don’t use that as an excuse!! You will never catch me saying “I can’t do that because…..” Instead I will say “I will find a way….” That right there is why I am successful!

I Can't Be Successful Because....

Our brain is a powerful tool. If we are constantly saying bad things about ourselves or our situations, we will believe them! I tell myself I have to be successful, I will not let this disease take things away from me, but I also want to set a good example for my kids! I also want to show other people that no matter what obstacles get in their way, if they keep going, they too can find success! Yes it’s hard. Yes there are days I want to scream. Yes I get discouraged. But you gotta get back up, put on your big girls shoes, and always keep moving forward! Here are some of my favorite tips to STOP telling yourself you can be successful:

  1. Read a motivational quote daily. I have them sent to my email each day!
  2. Participate in a Bible study (this might not be for you and that’s fine, but it’s my favorite way as I always hear what I need that day!)
  3.  Stop using the words “I can’t, I won’t, I’m not, It’s not working, I’m too busy” etc. Those are EXCUSES! We are all busy, stop babying yourself and just do it. (Harsh I know, but sometimes we need someone to call us out!! I use to say “I can’t go out and meet people” as I was tired….until someone suggested I meet people online and stop using that as a excuse.)
  4. Cut the negative nellies out! I surround myself with positive energy. One side effect from autoimmune diseases is depression so I’m very careful about the energy around me. It’s true that you can rub off on people and vice versa. If someone starts getting negative, help them find positive solutions! Now it’s fine to complain when you have a bad day, we all need to vent, just don’t dwell on it!
  5. Ask your friends for encouragement, prayers, support, etc on days where you really need it! Don’t curl up and hold it all in, that just makes it worse. This is one I still struggle with. I want to be seen as a strong woman and sometimes saying I’m having a bad day, makes me feel weak. That’s not the case!!!
  6. Participate in things that are fun for you! I love walking. That always lifts up my mood!
  7. Write a letter to future you. I know this sounds weird, but where do you want to be in 10 years? In the same spot you are now? Or better? I write that stuff out! It encourages me because the only way we improve, is with hard work!
  8. Ask for help! Sometimes having someone else look at our situation and offer ideas can bring new things to light! Just make sure you don’t start making excuses to them! If you tried it already, say “I’ve tried that, these were the results, what should I do differently?”
  9. Keep going!! I’ve heard it asked “I’m doing everything right, why am I not successful yet?” And the answer is you just need to keep doing it longer! Not everyone is the same, not everyone hits goals the same time, not every business is the same! Don’t compare yourself to others, just keep doing YOUR best.
  10. Find a way! I love the quote “If you can’t run, walk, if you can’t walk, crawl” That right there is one that motivates me. My journey is not the same as others. I see many running while I have to crawl….but I’m still moving forward!


Do not let the excuses control you!

Do not convenience yourself you can’t be successful!

Do not let negative thoughts in your brain!

Own your faults, call yourself out on them, and then move forward!

I Can't Be Successful Because....

Most the time when I see people not being successful the way they want, it’s simply because they are letting excuses get in there way. My best piece of advice is NO EXCUSES, just make it happen! Life is hard, but quitting is much much harder! Tell yourself this time you won’t quit and see what happens!



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