Is It Time For A Career Change?

“When do you switch jobs?”

This is a question I’ve heard many times, and it’s actually a very tough one to answer! When it comes to working from home, some things work, and some things do not! But also, you change, life changes, and circumstances change! What you once had time for and a passion for, can fade.1baad1a3ace8d4cdd01f3933e3ea6b1d


That’s when you need to ask yourself, are you wanting to switch companies because it truly is not working out, or because YOU are not doing the work? The average time to build a business is 1-2 years with you working every day! Are you doing that??


I see so many people jump from company, to company, to company and it is NOT a good thing to do! It makes you lose credibility with your followers, plus it makes people nervous to join as your business partner as they wonder if you will leave them.


If you are leaving the business because the product has changed, you have lost your passion for the company, or you truly do not enjoy working for them, then that’s ok! In fact, you should share that with your followers, as many people relate to your honesty and they will understand instead of thinking you are just looking to make a quick buck!


I personally have joined two companies, and found their products were not what I thought, so I left! I let all my customers know why I left so they could make an educated decision for themselves, plus so they were aware I truly had their best interest in mine. (Keep in mind, you don’t want to bash a company or product, if you need to let people know you left, do it in a mature fashion! And never ever ever poach customers or promoters from your old company!) There is nothing wrong with switching companies, if you do it for the right reasons and not simply trying to get rich quick, because that doesn’t exist!


If you have put in the time, the hard work, and the passion to make your business successful and it’s still not going well, then yes it may be time to look at other options!! Sometimes the items you love, just don’t sell well! Other times, your market doesn’t have the same passion you do. And sometimes, there are too many reps for the same company in your circle of friend. And one of the most popular reasons now….selling products on Facebook doesn’t work anymore!


These are all common reasons you might not be doing well, no matter how hard you try! I personally have used a product for years that I LOVE, but it doesn’t appeal to many of my friends. I promote it on the side for myself to have the discount, but I had to come to the conclusion that with the small amount of free time I had, I could not turn it into a full time income. I love the product and company and won’t leave, but I don’t have time for parties or events anymore.


Sometimes you have to have those honest talks with yourself, and see if you can put more time in, or if you truly need another option. Be 100% honest with yourself! Write down how many hours a week you are currently working, and if you can do more! Look for events to go to the find new customers, or ask local friends to host a party! Take catalogs, flyers, and business cards to local stores and ask if you can leave them. Offer your past customers a gift for referring a friend to host a party. You have lots of options on ways to grow your business, but if you are doing all these things and coming up empty, then yes it might be time to add something new. Remember though, every business takes time to build and there is no “get rich quick” job, so even if you start a new business, it will take time!!

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