Job Or Hobby

Is your business a hobby or a job? A lot of times I see people start a work from home businesses and they do it just because they love the product. That’s great! That’s when you really know you have something good! When you personally love it, people can tell and you’re selling it not just to make money but because you love and believe in the product. But a lot of times with those people the business is not a job, it’s a hobby. So what is the difference between the two? How do you turn a hobby into a business? How do you know the difference, job or hobby?

Job Or Hobby

job or hobby

It all comes down to how much time you put into your business and how serious you treat it. Do you make it a priority? Do you allow excuses to stop you from getting it done? Are you consistent with it?

A hobby you do from time to time when you can fit it in. That shows it is NOT a priority but something you do when you don’t have other commitments. Hobbies might be things you do once a week, once a month, or once every few months. There is no consistency for many hobbies.

A job, you do every day. It’s a priority. It has to be done consistently or you know you won’t get paid. It’s one your to do list every single week, no matter what!

How you treat it and how much time you devote to it is what determines if your business is a job or a hobby! It comes down to YOU! The main thing to think about when you’rjob or hobbye starting a business or for the business that you already have, is how do you treat it? Do you treat it as a job or do you treat it as a hobby? Start paying attention to how often you work. Do you consider your work something that has to get done everyday and comes first, or is it something you may or may not do this week?

Are you consistent? Can you look back over the past six months and show how much you have worked? Do you track your hours each week to make sure you are working enough? Do you put in extra work when you need to hit a certain income? Does everyone know what your job is, or do they think it’s a hobby?

Remember your business is going to pay you based on how much time and work you put into it. If it’s a hobby, and you’re probably not going to make very much money because most bobbies don’t make that big of an income. In fact most hobbies cost you money! But if it’s a job, then over time with you consistently doing it you should start seeing a full-time income…if you are putting in the hours!


So ask yourself:

  • Is my business a job or a hobby?
  • Do I wanted to pay like a job or a hobby?
  • Am I putting in the work every single week?
  • Do I need to be working more?


It comes down to putting in the time and working consistently….. so if you’re ready to start turning your hobby into a job start putting in more work!


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