Magical May

I’m still here!!! I know it’s been quiet over here lately and I promise I am working on that haha. March was crazy due to a flood in our house, and the start of some health issues for me, and then April got even worse as I fought to try and fix my health. The past week has been much better!!! I notice I have more energy, I found a GREAT doctor who listens, and I’m finding what works for me! It’s tough to deal with health conditions, but if you know me, I’m not the type to dwell on the negative.


Instead I’m very excited for MAY! It’s already one of my favorite months. I love nature and May is when so many flowers bloom! It’s also my Birthday….I turn 20-10 this year and am actually excited as things just keep getting better and better! And two of my kids have May Birthday’s so lots of family celebrations and cake! (except no cake for me until I find a paleo one haha!). During this month I’m excited to start feeling like me again, get back on track here on the blog, and work more on sharing the importance of being your own advocate when it comes to health care!!! That’s a new passion of mine!!!


So stick with me, keep coming back, and I promise you will see a lot more activity here soon! And a HUGE thank you to each person who reached out after my last post. It was hard to do, BUT hearing how many other people struggle with their health gave me the courage to keep talking about mine!!





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