Making The Hard Choice

Balancing kids, a house, a job, a spouse, life etc is hard work! Sometimes we put ourselves on the back burner because we don’t want to give anything up….yet that just wears us down even more! I am one of those people who never says “No” and will take on anything….and then I’m over worked and exhausted! An important lesson I have learned in life, sometimes you need to take a step back and focus on you!


In the spring, I started having more and more health problems. It was a relief to finally figure out what was wrong, but also a bit depressing to learn it was an autoimmune disease….for which there is no cure. I had to take a few moments and consider my options. I knew the more I worked, the worse I got, but my husband still wanted to go to Med School and that was very important for our families future. Yet I had three kids to also take care of, along with a house and running a business! I had to weigh my options and put some things I loved to the side….and that is hard!! But my number one priority is always my kids, and If I’m sick all the time, I can’t be a good Mom.


One of the biggest things I took a step back from was personal training. That was hard, and still is very hard. I struggled with me weight most my life, so finally beating that battle and getting to help others brought me great joy! But it’s also a lot of work. I found mentally and physically, I began to struggle. I would ask myself “What time of trainer am I when I’m sick all the time?” or “I am gaining weight due to my medicine, who would want an out of shape trainer?” I was doubting myself and my skills.


I decided the best bet for me, was to take a step back. I know I’m good at helping people lose weight. I know I’m good at writing workout plans and meal plans. I know I’m good at encouraging people. I know I’m good at helping them find their inner strength. But I needed time to focus on my health, and evaluate what this disease would mean for my future as a personal trainer.


Deciding to let something you love go, is one of the hardest decisions! Especially as a Mom, we give so much for our families, we want something that is strictly for us. And yet we also have to look at our health because if we give too much, nothing is left! I didn’t want to give up something I worked so hard to build, and I know when I am better I will go back to it, but for right now I had to do something hard in order to help myself heal.


It’s amazing that sometimes we make these hard decisions, and in that moment, we truly feel like an adult!



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