Mom Boss: Michelle

This week’s Mom Boss is Michelle! She is an amazing teacher, friend, and business woman! I have watched her have AMAZING results from using essential oils and her story is so inspiring!


12077439_10209155368351376_1997654165_nI went from the state of poor physical health and poor financial health to great physical health and being able to keep up with my bills and tuck a bit away each month in just over two years.

Like most businesses mine did not grow instantly overnight, but steadily over my my two years with Young Living Essential Oils. I was not initially looking for a job to work at home I was looking for a way for better health. After being told disability by several doctors I wasn’t ready to give up not providing for my family. I decided to try Essential Oils and see if they could improve my health concerns. In two weeks I began to see some drastic changes. Once I saw the success that I have I decided to jump in the business end!


I landed smack dab in the most supportive group I have ever been a part of! I could never have imagined the group of women who are behind me! As a teacher I had support but nothing like this!

The day to days of the Young Living business involves providing education, support and guidance for others wanting to know how essential oils can help them. Providing online and face to face support to customers and a team of business people has become my passion! In a time of focus on natural healing, not using toxic products in your home making the switch to essential oils makes sense! Showing people how to USE their oils daily is key for me. I am not a sell you a product and leave you in the dark on how to use them kinda person.12007224_10209155359071144_790109077_n

If you love helping people find health, happiness and have a passion for natural healthy living or are ready to make a change to a healthier lifestyle then Young Living is a business for you! Young Living has a generous compensation plan! We are the Leader in Essential oils and has been around 22 years! We own our own farms and have the highest quality oils on the planet! I am always available for oil or business related questions. Connecting with people truly fuels my soul!”



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