Mom Boss: Rachel Stoll

This week’s MOM BOSS is my sweet and beautiful friend Rachel! Read her amazing story about how a product changed her life, and she was able to turn around and change the lives of others!!!


My name is Rachel Stoll.  
I am so honored to share my story with you. I was raised Amish but ran off and got married at 16, to Tim, who is still my best friend! This year is 29 years together for us, we have 5 children and five  grands, soon to be six!!  Our oldest son is Clint, he is 26 and and then 3 daughters, Renee 25, Amy 19 and Robin 16 and then our baby Timo who is 14. :)  I have always been a stay at home Momma/now a Grandma. I home school my kids, cook yummy food every day, love sewing,and gardening. God has blessed us immeasurably!   I am busy ALL the time! :) I joined a company called Plexus Worldwide two years ago just to get so I could get my products cheaper.   Because the ploducts were amazing and my husband and I had amazing results, I began sharing my story with friends and….guess what? I started building a team!   I ranked  Emerald in Febuary 2016 and with that rank advancemeant I earned a trip for my husband and I to go to Hawaii, I earned the Plexus Lexus, and am supplementing our income which makes my husband happy!  This business has blessed us greatly. 
In my two year journey of sharing these products and building my business I learned some things that I wish I had known sooner. I learned all people including myself are beautiful and have a gift and purpose in life!  I learned and am still learning that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to do and so can you!  I discovered that empowering people to believe in themselves is very rewarding. I learned that more moms and dads lay awake at night worrying about finances then health. I believe in Health and Wellness, I believe we have natures pharmacy all around us, I belive theres something admirable to say for parents wanting to stay home and raise their kids while supporting their family from home and I truly believe Network Marketing is the future!      
  I believe these products are needed by everyone and absolutely anyone can do this business! 
My mission over the last 16 years has been researching health.
About my favorite products:
 Plexus Slim helps keep blood sugar at healthy levels,.  Insulin is the mother hormone and controls every hormone in the body and Finally there is a great way to help manage your weight. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Slim can help you feel better than ever.
Plexus Slim helps keep blood sugar at healthy levels,.  Insulin is the mother hormone and controls every hormone in the body.  
As a result of the modern lifestyle, most of our bodies are burdened with toxic waste and sluggish metabolisms. Having an excess of toxic waste can leave the body tired, achy, and bloated, with a low energy level and weakened immune system. Detoxification is a process that expels excess waste and accumulated toxins from our body. Fortunately, Plexus has developed products to help the body detoxify and cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract. –
 Bio cleanse and Probio5 help with detoxifacation.  Read the Brain Maker by David Perlmutter MD.  Totally amazing what happens when we give our body the tools it needs. 
 If you want to know more I would be happy to connect via FB, email or phone.  we have a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee no questions asked, and only a 1% return rate!    My email is or you can call/text me at 9319943745 or find me on Facebook  under my name, Rachel Stoll
My website is       I would be delighted to give you ingredient lists and answer any questions. 

Our products are most natural, none GMO and gluten free.

 I feel compassion for others hurting.  This too shall pass eventually IF we dont let our discouragement and skepticism cloud our judgment and keep us from trying what he brings to us to answer our prayers.  To think I almost said no.  
Sincerily,  Rachel 





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