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The past week you may have noticed it’s been a bit quite over here….well that’s cause my house flooded so I’ve been a bit overwhelmed haha. I woke up Friday at 2am to find a pipe had busted and most our first floor was under water. We got the water turned off and tried to clean up the water….but it was a lot! Today they came and removed our floor and our house sounds like an airport now thanks to all the dehumidifiers, but it could always be worse!!! It will be a long week, but I’m trying to find the positive! I’m thankful I woke up before it was worse, I’m thankful my husband was home from work that night, I’m thankful our home is under warranty, and I’m thankful for great family hoping in to help! It’s rough, but it can always be rougher!!


This week I am excited to introduce my beautiful friend Renee! She has a great job was so kind to share her story with us! Read it, enjoy it, and contact her for more information!


12825298_10208544860036465_1282335862_nI am a work from home mom married to my high school sweetheart with two beautiful children.

I have a bachelor of science degree in Biology and worked in corporate America for over 13 years in pharmaceutical drug development. Over the years I missed out on family time and wished for more time and a better way to earn income and be a stay at home mom.

I was introduce to the direct sales industry 4 years ago where I started a part time business with a health and wellness company. It was a door that opened and made me see an opportunity to change my families future.

When one door closes another door opens! Two years ago I lost my corporate America job with a company downsize. It was devastating but I believed it was a true sign that something better was ahead…

In December 2014, I was hand-selected by the top American model mogul, Tyra Banks and her staff at Tyra Beauty as one of the Fierce 200 to become a ‘Beautytainer’ for her cosmetics company, Tyra Beauty.

As a busy mom we don’t always have time for ourselves and quality makeup has been time consuming, complicated, and pretty intimidating. What attracted me to TYRA Beauty was the innovative, luxurious and easy-to-use products to help you look and feel beautiful in just minutes! Tyra’s approaching her beauty line differently than others (“bigger, bolder, badder”), including using independent representatives “Beautytainers” to sell her products.

12212000_10208544859996464_1327795249_nI love the freedom it gives me and it doesn’t feel like work. It’s a business you can really run how you choose, you can just focus on you and sales or invite people to join you and build a team and earn a significant amount of money. My work and family life has demonstrated and taught me the balancing necessary to conquer any goal. I have set work hours to keep me on track and treat it like a true business! If I was at a “job” I couldn’t just go and put laundry away, mop the floor, or wash the dishes, so I treat my business the same way! I used to work my business as open 24 hours every day and try to juggle it all together, it was overwhelming! My work hours are set to focus on my business and family time is just that “mommy time”. If you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business.

This business has provided me with endless opportunities with time freedom, financial freedom and Tyra Banks as my CEO. Imagine if it was you in the first 200 people, we’ve all seen the MASSIVE success of the founders of other network marketing companies. My goal is to build a community of entrepreneurs and empower the individuals involved in the business to become the CEO of their own lives and to Be Your Own Boss.

Send her an email to learn more about her job, and how you can work with her by selling TYRA Beauty products.







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