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This week’s Mom Boss is someone very dear to my, my best friend of over 10 years! I was so excited when she started a home base business as it’s such a fun way to bring more income in, easily! And she picked the PERFECT job for her! Read her story below and learn how a busy Mom of 2 who works WAY over full time, is achieving her dreams!


4ce75a31-2249-4b85-945e-90f4ad8579aa“My name is Rachel Woods and I am a Premier Designs Jewelry Consultant! What more could a girl want?! I absolutely love selling Premier Designs because not only do I get to play with jewelry all day, but I also get to help others find that sparkle in their life! Premier Designs has provided my family with so many more options.

This company is a Christian based company that has opened so many doors for both men and women. I am excited and proud to be a Premier Designs Jewelry Consultant! Did I mention I get to play with jewelry all day on top of all the benefits of being a consultant? #momboss #jewelrylady #getyoursparkleon”






Contact Rachel to find out how you can get paid to play with jewelry!!!


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