Mom Life

Mom Life…always on the go, always something on your mind, always someone needing you. I got asked the other day why I never take “me time” and the honest truth was I don’t have time…but I also have changed so much that what I use to enjoy, I no longer do!!

Mom Life

Mom life can be very hard!! We give all we have to our kids and then at the end of the day, what is left? One thing I have learned in the years of being a Mom, is make sure you take time for YOU! I am guilty of this. I turn down date nights, girls nights, alone time etc because my kids need me. If I do have plans, it never fails someone gets sick or my husband gets called into work. Before I know it, a whole year has gone past since my last “Me Day”. Before long you are drained physically and mentally and lose a bit of who you are in being “Mom”….how do you find that balance???

mom life

To be honest I have no clue haha. I’m a very clingy Mom. The only time my kids have a babysitter is if it’s a close family member. In fact, only 3 family members have ever watched my kids! So many of the things I use to do, I gave up since having kids. Instead of girls night out, we do girls night in haha. Instead of getting my nails done, I do them myself. I think I might finally find that balance when my kids are in college…but that’s ok! Each Mom is different and just because we don’t do girls night out, doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying life. And for those that do girls night out, you rock!


As a Mom you have to find what works for you, not lose the balance, and not lose yourself. For me personally, I enjoy walks so even though one of my kids is always with my, that is still my “Me” time. It might not be the traditional expectation of a “Me” day but it works for me! I know some Mom’s who go to the gym daily, and that is their time. I know others who get their hair done weekly, and that is their time. I know one Mom who drops her kids with a babysitter to grocery shop as that is her time. Whichever way you can, find time for YOU!

mom life

A glass of wine and a good book at night, that works too! Don’t stretch yourself too thin Momma’s as we need to be healthy and happy to take care of our families!! Mom life is hard, but also truly one of the most rewarding jobs. Gone are my day of french manicures and accessories but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!


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