Mom Mom Mom

I hear from people all the time that the most annoying words in their home are “Mom Mom Mom”. Being a Mom is HARD and often time my friends ask how I am such a good Mom. The truth is, I’m NOT!

Mom Mom Mommom mom mom

My kids socks don’t always match.

I call them the wrong name some days.

They don’t get dessert every night.

Grilled cheese is one of the favorite dinners in our house.

Many days they hang out in time out.

I forget to send in ice cream money.

Sometimes we do homework the morning it’s due.

Most days I’m lucky if they eat one serving of fruit or vegetables.

My kids do chores and hate it.

Our sink is usually full of dishes.

Twice a year my ENTIRE house looks perfect.

I’m the mom always wearing yoga pants.

Both my boys get their hair cut by me to say a few bucks.

I don’t buy frivolous toys at the Holidays just to have more under the tree.

My kids aren’t allowed to take electronics out of the house to bribe them to behavior, they use mom mom

I force them to play outside every day.

I make them say please and thank you.

If they misbehave in a store, we leave!! I don’t reward them with a toy to be good.

Granola bars have been a breakfast food many days.

We don’t have soda in our house.

I forget to rsvp to parties and events.

Toys are all over my house.

Occasionally I forget to sign school papers or send in the needed supplies.

mom mom mom

I am not a perfect Mom. My kids say “Mom Mom Mom” a gazillion times a day. But everyday I try. I love my kids more than anything and put their needs above my home. They are healthy, happy, and loved. At the end of the day, that is all that truly matters!


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