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I would love to help you be a Work From Home Mom! As a blogger and researching of work from home jobs for 8 years, I finally found the PERFECT option that actually works!  No matter what your background is, if you are a hard worker and coach-able, then you can have success!!!! I’ve worked with many women who have never had success, until they started working with my team!!! We teach you how to earn a income working from home! Are you ready to be a work from home Mom?

  • No Selling Products
  • No Online Parties
  • No Sales Quotas
  • No Inventory


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A Little About Me


Mom's Making Six Figures

Welcome!! My name is Dana and I’m a Mom of 3 beautiful kids and I work from home!! I have a Bachelors Degree in Science with a focus on health along with certifications in sports nutrition and personal training! I was a workaholic with big career goals….and then I had kids. Suddenly I didn’t want to spend all day at work. I wanted to be there for them and never miss a moment of their lives….yet we still needed an income! I began to dabble in direct sales along with blogging about working from home and saving money! My blogging presence grew over time
and I was featured in multiple articles, podcasts, websites, radio interviews, and more!!! I was able to share my tips on working from home, saving money, and balancing life. This worked great for me, plus was a fun way to make a little income here and there on-top of my personal training business.

In the Fall of 2015, things changed.  For years we had just been getting by, living paycheck to paycheck and using my earnings to pay off debt. But that Fall,  my husband and I decided the BEST option for our future was for him to get his Masters Degree. Great plan for the future….but it meant hard work!! In order for him to return to school, I needed to become the sole income provider. And Fast! Of course things don’t go as planned for my family and right at that time I was diagnosed with some pretty serious, and lifelong health conditions.

I was nervous, scared, and stressed for what the future would hold. We were praying for guidance and I applied to work at the gym down the street…which meant putting my two younger kids in daycare. Plus what scared me the most was my health. I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the fast pace that is required at most gyms! And then I found a job that changed my life! I honestly was NOT interested in working from home. I had researched so many work from home companies over the past few years, and what I saw was NOT good!! I did not want to spam my friends, sell products, or do constant parties. I decided that being a work from home Mom was NOT for me!

And then I met a wonderful lady from Mom’s Making Six Figures! Not only was it an answer to prayers, but I found a job that fit perfectly with everything I believed in!!! After 8 years of reviewing jobs and pretty much every company out there, this was the ONLY one where I knew I could accomplish my goals!



Mom’s Making Six Figures

Mom's Making Six Figures

Moms Making Six Figures markets and advertises for an online US Based Manufacturer (like Costco Or Sam’s Club) that has been around over 30 years, makes their products here in the USA, and focuses on non toxic products that are affordable. What a fun job to help set up shopping accounts! It seemed like the perfect job to me as every person grocery shops and most would prefer to save time and money when they do that! I know I would plus my kids health is always number 1 on my list!

What stood out to me the most was the TEAM! Never had I seen so many people, earning a GREAT income and working from home. This taught me the business works, and they could teach me to be successful! It is so rewarding to be surrounded by a group of women, all working for the same goal….more time with our families! Coming from a Multi Level Marketing background, I knew how important a good team is! Many times in this business, it can make or break you! You need someone having success, to show you exactly how to do the same! And that was what I found. Two amazing mentors who both worked full time from home without selling products and spamming their friends!

But it was not just a few women having success, it was TONS!!! Over 30! Doctors, nurses, lawyers, realtors, teachers, so many had replaced their income and now got to work from home! These ladies all had amazing stories and they knew first hand how to balance this business with being a parent. They knew our kids must always come first, and they teach how to incorporate your job into your life! They believe in you, but also give you the steps to be successful….you just have to do the work!




Mom's Making Six Figures




How Is This Different?

For many people, multi level marketing jobs are hard because you are asking people to buy products they don’t NEED! But everyone needs to wash their clothes, clean their bathrooms, and brush their teeth. And most people prefer to save money when they do that! By shopping online with a US Based Manufacturer, you do just that! The best part is you save money. Most grocery stores buy from a manufacturers then raise their prices. Our customers can buy directly from the manufacturer so they save money and get a better product. In fact, we give customers FREE products every month along with offering coupons, extra savings, and online deals at over 650 other stores (Best Buy, Target, Kohls, etc)!


With this job, you have NO inventory to maintain, NO sales quotas to meet, RESIDUAL Income, NO websites, NO selling….so NO RISK!


We also have a very large group of women who help each other out, provide training and support, and all the tools you need to be successful! Just like with any job, you need to be TRAINED to find success, and we provide that!

Mom's Making Six Figures


Can You Be Successful?

YES! I hit the ground running from the moment I started as I knew I had big goals, and a short time frame before my husband started college. In 3 months, my income was over what I made working a full time job in Management! Just from working at home, helping people save money, and re-directing where they shop!!!! Yes you have to put in the work! Some nights I was up hours past my bedtime, but being able to provide for my family while being home is worth it!!!! My 5th month paycheck was double what my husband makes, and he works in the healthcare industry! Anyone can have this success, you just have to be willing to work hard! Now, 3 years later. We have paid off all debt and my husband is able to JUST be in school thanks to my income! It’s work, like any job. But I’m able to be home, around for me kids, work on my schedule!!!




If you are looking for a job where you don’t sell products, but instead help people save money and live a healthier life, then this might be a great opportunity for you!! As you can tell from this page, I know a lot about the work from home industry and THIS is by far the best opportunity you will find! Now is the time to be a work from home Mom!





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