Monday Musings From A Tired Mom

You know that moment when you feel you have too much on your plate to handle? Your chest gets tight, you feel like you are going to bust, your hands begin to shake, your heart races….that’s been me the past few weeks, and I’m here to tell you, you aren’t alone!!

Getting overwhelmed happens to everyone, but when you are a parent of multiple kids, it’s even more common!! On Feb 28th, my husband had his appendix out in an emergency surgery. Four days later, he began running a high fever and was back in the hospital. Five days after that, the fever came back and relax was admitted to the hospital for four days!! Needless to say, I was stressed over him, but also having to do everything for everyone, all by myself!
Monday Musings From A Tired Mom
With 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, my job, a house, kid activities….the to do list kept pilling up on me!! My kids are ages 2-6 and while they don’t need diapers changed, they are too young to understand the serious situation or Mommy needing help.

I took a lot of deep breaths!
I did my devotional every morning!
I stopped and counted to 10 when I lost my cool!
I focused on the HAVE TO not the WANT TO!
I found shoulders to lean on and give advice.
I prayed a lot!
And most importantly, I reminded myself not to get upset as I was doing the best I could!!

One morning during all the chaos, my kids lunches didn’t make it into their lunch boxes…it was in the fridge and their lunch boxes were empty in their backpacks!! Not going to lie, I cried haha. I felt so bad my kids didn’t have lunch and I worried I didn’t notice it in time!! It was something that could happen at anytime but It happened while I was being a single parent so it felt like a failure to me! When I talked to the school, they said it happens DAILY!! Phew!! I felt so much better knowing I wasn’t the only mom to do that!

All Mom’s struggle at sometime! But we need to remember to not beat ourselves up! Feeling overwhelmed happens, instead finds ways to make things simpler! Handle what you have to, and leave the rest! Your kids won’t remember the pile of dishes, but they will remember that extra snuggle and book time.


And you Mom, go enjoy a glass of wine and a bubble bath because we need to take care of ourselves in order to care for our families!


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