Monday Musings January 16th

As a Mom, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to go with the flow. Before having kids, I was the type that planned out everything in detail. When I was in college, I had a spreadsheet with which classes I was taking at which time to get me finished with school fastest!! When I was planning my wedding, I had everything I needed to do and by when, written out. Even when “planning” for kids….or our third as that is the only one we planned haha….I had a specific time when I wanted to happen. Of course it didn’t work like that at all haha. Being a Mom has taught me although I may plan, I need to be flexible with the changes!

monday musings

This past weekend I had BIG plans for things I needed to get done, and surprise, NONE of it did! Instead I went with the flow and ended up having a better weekend than I had planned! Learning to let go of control, and focus on what we can do makes all the difference in your attitude!! I got some much needed time with my Dad, and it’s so nice to have a parent you can empty your heart to and always listens and offers any tips they can…without trying to tell you how to live your life! As an adult, I have the hardest time with others tell me what they think I should do, or what they would have done differently. I prefer to ASK and not just have other opinions pushed on me haha. So it ended up being a wonderful weekend…and it gave me a great new blog idea to share too!!!


As a business woman, I learn to make plans, but as a Mom, I know I have to be flexible. Those two things are hard to balance sometimes and I know many other people struggle with that too. My best suggestion is make a plan, but if it does not work out, be flexible and don’t be too hard on yourself. At the start of my work week, I sit down and write out the plans for the week. I put everything down on paper, and then I go back and write the day I wish to accomplish each thing based on it’s importance. For example, I love making graphics for my blog and social media accounts, but those make me no income, don’t help my team, and aren’t a required thing. But it’s something I enjoy and you need to enjoy your work! Because of that, I move that item to Friday’s as it’s not required but it still needs to get done!

Eighteen exotic and delicious


When you write out your list of things you want to get done, it allows you to look at each item and ask “Is this a requirement, or just a want?” Focus on the items that need to get done first!! Items that make you the most money for the least amount of work. And then items that will grow your income eventually and over time. I personally also enjoy blog parties, but they are something that goes on my list if I have time….and I usually don’t haha. But someday down the road I will so I keep them on my list as I know they add new viewers to my blog. Make a plan, try to follow it, but be flexible! That is also the reason I do the required items at the start of the week as you never know what may come up. That is also why I exercise first thing in the morning. Due to my health issues, my day can turn rough at any moment but first thing in the morning ensures it gets done with no excuses later!


For this week, make yourself a plan and stick with it as best as you can possibly can!! Remember as  Mom you have to be flexible so if something happens, don’t beat yourself up! As always, just keep trying and have an amazing week!!!




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