Monday Musings November 2nd

Life can be crazy sometimes can’t it?!?! A few months ago I started “Monday Musings” where we chat about popular topics from the past week, but with homeschooling, moving, and getting back into a schedule….it fell off!!!! But here we go again!!! Cause you know, at first you don’t succeed, try again haha!!!

monday musings


This week I have gotten a lot of emails about legit jobs vs ones that are scams. It can be really hard to tell the difference, so always do your research! The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start, but you can also google the company name plus the word “reviews” to learn more.  This article also gives you more tips.

Remember to never give out personal information unless you are POSITIVE the company is not a scam!

There are MANY great companies out there so don’t be scared to look! Just be safe!!!


Christmas is coming and the biggest time for most direct sales companies. Our online event launches November 9th so please attend and support other small business owners. I highly encourage everyone to buy from at least one small business owner this year! If you need suggestions on gifts, our Christmas Catalog is also a great place to look!!




No! it is never too early to get ready for tax time!!! You need to stay organized and make sure to always keep track of what you spend vs what you earn. I keep a detailed spreadsheet plus every receipt just to be on the safe side. If you are going to hire someone to do your taxes, make sure to start looking into that now!


Featured Business of The Week!11078190_1093354360682081_3658394774086938190_n

Perfectly Posh With Christie! I’ve known Christie a few years now and she is an amazing Mom and Business Woman!!! She teaches people how to have fun with their business and enjoy what they are doing. Her creativity and passion for her products has launched her team into all types of amazing opportunities! Go visit her page on facebook and send her a message. You will absolutely love talking with her as much as I do!!!


Perfectly Posh With Christie






This week I’m working on “5 Tips for Sharing Your Business Successfully on Social Media” AND “How To Grow Your Blog” AND “Why You Should Blog”. If you have something you would like to learn more about, send a request to

Have a wonderful Monday!!!



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